Hi there, I’m Alex,

Welcome to my blog Martinis & Slippers. I live in Melbourne, Australia with my beautiful family & an angry Burmese cat.

I first discovered my love for most things mid-century when I was about 12yrs old. I saw my very first Chevy and was in love. I had cassette tapes with Buddy Holly & Ritchie Valens that I would hide before my friends visited me – the fear they would tease me because I liked ‘old fashioned’ music.

I disguised my passion through my late teens, 20’s and even through my 30’s. My first attempt to do something different with my hair in my early 20’s was met with disaster. I was laughed at so I promptly stuck my hair in a ponytail & unfortunately pushed that passion of mine deep down.

After marrying my amazing Husband, having two children and hitting my mid thirties I had a break through.


Laugh, scowl, point your finger – I really don’t give a shit what other people think. How I felt about myself & my acceptance of what made me tick & made me happy became so much more important.

So I started the transition to what you see today. I coloured my hair, styling it a little different, pencil skirts, circle skirts, gorgeous dresses, cat eye eyeliner etc. I even started taking sewing lessons so I could make my own mid-century reproduction clothes.

Here I am today. So much happier & comfortable in my own skin kinda woman. My only regret is that I just wish I had the courage & confidence to have done this years ago.

As for my love of cocktails – I just love the art of mixing a variety of spirits to create amazing looking & tasting drinks. I’m am no expert at mixing but I am at drinking them!

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