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Stupid Thieves!

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This is a boring (well there is a story about theft!!) non vintage, non clothing, non brooch, non cocktail post!!! You have been warned.


Yup…all those expenses, sales and record keeping that are very essential to any business and I have been doing it manually. YUP…old school.

I spent the weekend recovering from some minor surgery and managed to convince myself to make the time – Monday to be specific, to sit and enter all those numbers into a spreadsheet and make it more presentable to my accountant.

On Monday I made the perfect coffee, sat at the table, opened my laptop and she turned on and then shut down. Hmmm.

I thought maybe it had gone into a deep sleep or maybe the battery was flat. Plugged her in and tried to fire her back up. Nuthin.

So I got IT (also known as my gorgeous Husband!!) on the phone and we tried a few more things and nothing was working (see my very glamorous pic) so I took it to a local authorised Mac fix it place. Sweet. Actually I was freaking out a bit, thankfully all my data was backed up but MY MAC!!!!! I use my Mac every day. EVERY. FREAKING. DAY.


The next day I get the message that the graphics chip looks like it’s shot and that they would contact Apple to check for a replacement.

Then today I get the call…the Mac fix it shop was ROBBED AND THE FUCKERS STOLE MY COMPUTER. SCUMBAG FUCKING THIEVES STOLE MY DEAD MAC (ahhhhhhhh hahahahahahahahahahha). They also stole a hell of a lot more from the store but THEY STOLE A FUCKING SICK/DYING/DEAD MAC and will need $900 to replace the graphics chip to get it up and running again.

Seriously…who robs a repair store and steals stuff that needs to be repaired? is there something I am not seeing here? Do I assume it’s a stupid meth head? Ex-employee stealing for parts? Random scumbags?


I laugh and I sigh. That was my computer. I loved it. I didn’t want to change it and it did the work I wanted it to do and to be honest I wasn’t ready to let it go but I suppose the universe did it’s thing and now it’s gone. I wait to hear back from the shop about insurance and replacements but…my mac 🙁

TL;DR mac died, took it to get fixed, mac dr was robbed, borrowing current mac, hoping for new mac asap.



Oh…some other exciting news…I WON A DRESS. Pics to come!!

Winter is here

I hate Winter. I loathe it. I have blogged about my hate for Winter a few years back and yeah I know I shouldn’t dwell on the negative stuff but…maaaaan I hate the cold.

My whole wardrobe changes, everyone is sick (I’ve just spent the weekend in bed sick with some funky bug), the heater is on all the time, I can’t dry clothes on the line outside because it takes days to dry, whinge whine & add more carry on here.

So..instead let me turn my attention to my fab Summer wardrobe. I just get all jealous when I see pics on Instagram of my fellow gorgeous vintage loving gals in the northern parts of the world with sleeveless this and short sleeved that. I lust for the warm air and it just makes me so happy for them but then I look out the window and brrrrrrr.

Oh well…June the start of Winter in Australia. 3 months (maybe 4 months) of this shit and then we hit spring and my flowers will bloom and the earth will warm up and the days will grow longer and warmer air temperatures..ahhhhh.

Skirt handmade by me. The fabric has a Christmas tree theme.


Dress by Retrospec’d, Cropped cardi from OpShop and Jukebox Brooch by Martinis and Slippers


 Skirt from The Oblong Box Shop, Cropped cardi OpShop find and Martinis and Slippers Retro TV Brooch
(and my sweet little baby who wanted to join in)


Dress by PinupGirl Clothing, Opshop cardi and Martinis and Slippers Pink Martini cocktail brooch


 Dress by Vivien of Holloway, Target AU pink cardigan, Donut brooch by For The Love Of Vintage and Ice Cream brooch by Saturday Lollipop


Victory Rolls & a little shirt waist dress made by me!!


Helping out on the last day of kinder so I wore my handmade Christmas skirt.


Yaaaaaay!! The pools on a hot Summer afternoon.


Spooky tunnel pic. I really do have a rockabilly psycho killer thing happening here!!


Dress PinupGirl Clothing & milk & cookie brooch by Martinis and Slippers


Christmas Day – it was warm that day because NO CARDI!!! Reindeer brooch by Deer Arrow


My new Retrospec’d dress I got for Christmas


I tried a new setting pattern (That I can’t bloody well remember) and my hair was so on fucking point I declared it the best it will ever be


Away on the border of Victoria & New South Wales for New Years Eve…it was very hot.


Found my party hat for our NYE Luau Party


My gorgeous gals Betty & Wilma


I went for a swim and got my hair wet. Never get the hair wet…never


This Instagram pic won me some water balloons for the kids. I was drinking strawberry margaritas out of a pineapple mug


I made this dress. It’s a Gertie pattern by Butterick B6019. I have made two of these dresses now


Dress by Retrospec’d and jumper because I was going out at night. Cat Eye Sunglasses brooch by Martinis and Slippers


My handmade Atomic dress with my Bass saddle shoes and Jukebox brooch by Martinis and Slippers


Another awesome Retrospec’d dress with a cute cat eye sunglasses brooch by Martinis and Slippers


PinupGirl Clothing dress with my Ukelele brooch by Martinis and Slippers


The most adorable little girl in the world


My Gertie Shirtwaist dress. The pattern is in her first book. Glittery Poodle brooch by Martinis and Slippers


PinupGirl Clothing dress, OpShop cardi and Margarita cocktail glass by Martinis and Slippers


Skirt by The Oblong Box Shop, pink top by H&R, OpShop cardi & my Little UFO Brooch by Martinis and Slippers


Pinup Girl Clothing dress, old old old OpShop Cardi and Ice Cream Brooch by Martinis and Slippers


Dress handmade by me from a Gertie Pattern B6019, Ukelele & Hurricane Cocktail brooch by Martinis and Slippers


Day at the beach with my red umbrella for shade. My beautiful family in the background


Last day of Summer spent holding a market stall.


Well that was my Summer 2015/2016, for those readers in the northern hemisphere I hope you really enjoy the sunshine and warm air. I have the heater on and a persistent cough. Hmmm



Oooh fancy new brooches!!

Oh my gosh…I have been busy. Between kids, helping out at kinder & school and arranging Miss 4 turning 5’s birthday party and the usual guff around the house I have been trying *TRYING* to get some new brooch designs under my belt.


I swear these babies just took forever. I have the ideas, I do a really really rough sketch and then illustrate it pulled apart and visualise my concept in 3D and visualise all the bits that are needed to create it and then I have to put all that stuff in my head and the rough ideas on paper into a vector format and then…..fix it and fix it again and re-fix it and then alter it and stuff around with it some more and then finally get it ok and THEN lay out the artwork in all it’s bits so that everything once cut onto acrylic or bamboo all fits together.


My dress for those playing at home is made my Retrospec’d and amazing AUSSIE dressmaker (yes I am barefoot…I was tired!!)

The artwork gets quoted, I pay and cross my fingers and toes that it will all work. Can you imagine paying $$$ to get something created that *MAY* or *MAY NOT* work.

Stress…some more grey hairs to add to my glorious head of hair and when I open the box…shit can be really good or really bad. I hold my breath, I find the bits that fit here and there and IT ALL WORKS….!!! I was literally punching the air because all this worked. All my stress, late nights and stupid dreams (can we talk about that the dreams..once I used to get some pretty prophetic & awesome dreams and now…BROOCHES AND HOW THEY SHOULD FIT TOGETHER!!!!!) and it works.


I can honestly say that I am thrilled with how these have turned out and I hope you like them too, they are available on my online store



Exciting news!!

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_Alex_Mees_Square_updateSo I have some rather exciting news.

An article was posted on the Australia Post website on Tuesday 9th March 2016 and yeah….

Ok, so maybe I should try that again.

Martinis and Slippers Brooches

Yes, I did know that this article was being written and yes I did get my Husband to get his photography equipment out and snap up some pics that could be used to accompany the article but with pretty much everything I see, do, experience I don’t get crazy excited until it’s happening. So when I got the email saying that the article had gone live and I clicked on it and there is was. I did squeal – well it was a kind of AAAAHHHHHHH OH MY GAWD.

So here it is in all it’s glory, this is my exciting news!! I hope you like it!

Reaching a niche audience online: Martinis and Slippers



Rat’s Tatts & PinUps Market Stall

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Ok, so I am still new to having a market stall and I am still all nervy about being there in front of people buying my brooches and talking directly to them about how they are made, but it’s something that I have to face head on and to be honest after putting Martinis & Slippers out there and contacting the event organisers and going through the motions of doing this stall at the Rat’s Tatts & PinUps event I was actually really looking forward to doing it.

We arrived relatively early and I had my Husband and kids as my special helpers and we quickly set up the marquee and table and my display and then it was time to add all my fabulous brooches oh and some earrings that I have just added to my range.

I also managed to buy a PayPal Here device so just in case someone wanted to buy & pay via credit card it wouldn’t be an issue (during my first market last year and lady that bought from me suggested that perhaps if I had had a credit card reading device she would have spent more!!).

Once we were set up it was then that my nerves started! Yeah..great…thanks!!

The stress that comes until you get that first sale…oh my faaaar out. I seriously started to have that stupidly annoying – actually it’s fucking annoying voice that goes…no one likes your brooches, what are you doing, why are you here. I shut that shit down quick smart and just focussed on having a good time, getting experience, the exposure and of course that first sale.

Once it happened the weight was off my shoulders and I could relax and actually start enjoying the day. Oh and did I mention that there were some cars!!!!

I’ll have one of you…



and one of you…


you can come home with me too.


You my dear are my dream car…1957 Chevy Bel Air (although I would have white wall tires).


If you know me you know that my love affair with 1957 Chevys started when I was just a little girl. I got my fix this past Sunday and I have no shame in telling you that I was squealing with delight EVERY time one of those babies passed me by. However…it wasn’t just the 57’s it was everything…all of them…almost every pre ’65 car had my drooling and my view from my ‘job’ was just spectacular. I seriously had that moment when I stopped and saw everything around me for what it was…THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD. I’m here…I am doing it. I have the best job in the world. I was working, selling my designs and ideas and working with my family around me while I got to watch some of the most beautiful cars in the world.

I see you baby…bugger off out of my shot taxi.


It’s like staring at the cool kids arriving to school.




Yeah…I need this car too.


Just perfect.


This was my view…if I faced forward I saw this car and if I turned around I got to see the parade of the most gorgeous cars on the planet. Really hard day at work for me…sob sob. It’s ok…I’ll deal.


This precious beast was parked near me just before we finished up. I believe it won a trophy. The rear passenger windows were totally blacked out. Illegal but cool…..Swooooooooon.



Then I had to come home and tidy up – reality!

I was aching all over, my feet were so bloody sore (I really struggle with the idea of sitting down when people are passing my stall – I just, I yeah…so I stand and then complain later..ha!

So I sold some brooches, I would have liked to have sold more but it’s still early days with my little business and I suppose the more people who know my brand, see my brand and see my brooches the more people will hopefully want to wear it too!



When brooches go wrong

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So I have this dress.


It has cute little deck chairs all over it.


When I wear it I don’t really have a brooch that goes with it.

So naturally I thought to myself, I need to make a brooch to go with it and wouldn’t it be cute to have a deck chair brooch to go with my deck chair dress.

Deck Chair brooch was born.

When I did the artwork it was perfect…EXCEPT for that time when I rushed to get my artwork out to be laser cut and didn’t select my line work correctly and when I got my brooches back, half were perfect and half were not perfect.

See the outline of the frame of the deck chair…the one of the left has it missing and the one on the right has it.


FUCK. This costs money and I can’t have 6 brooches that are worthless sitting on my desk. So I figured I might be able to work around my own mistake.




Anyway, that’s not going to happen. I won’t produce or sell half rate shitty work so, I have 6 brooches instead of 12.

That’s cool, the problem is…do I paint the frame of the deck chair with the brown paint like my dodgy trial version or do I leave it. I actually like the look of the painted version and that it defines the frame of the deck chair (ignore the lack of outline on the dodgy trial version).

Unsure if I should paint in the deck chair frame with brown paint.


So if you have a better idea let me know!



Alien Invasion

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AlienInvasionMartinis and Slippers had a bit of an alien invasion recently and these gorgeous…I mean very scary aliens have been added to my brooch collection and they are available from my

I have a bit of soft spot for them…probably because I haven’t been abducted by them (as far as I know!) but I used to love watching spooky Mulder & Scully on The X-Files in the 90’s and playing on the paranoia of visitors from outer space that became part of the culture during the late 40’s at Roswell so I created my very own range of Alien brooches.


My Little Alien I have called Roswell…of course I have no idea what an alien looks like so I just based him on what ‘eye witnesses’ reported and that so called autopsy photograph, although I think that alien was more grey than green but my alien my choice of colour!

Of course what alien would travel across the galaxy without their UFO. So Roswell also has his very own Little UFO brooch. The brooch has an acrylic mirror finish and Roswell peering out of his window. I sketched this UFO on a scrap of paper while waiting to pick up my Son from school last year and I think it’s perfect.

I assembled these during the Dec/Jan holiday break and one night I had left the Xmas lights on in my office (my work space is shared with the kids playroom) and went to my desk to find something and I found something alright…my aliens were glowing!!! It was such an awesome effect that I took a pic and shared it on my Instagram account.


Last night the premiere of The X-Files was on TV…old school free to air on a Sunday night so I had to watch and I had instant flash backs (maybe I was abducted by aliens??) to the mid 90’s when I watched the very first episode of The X-Files (back then Australian capital cities had 5 free to air tv channels and NO pay tv!!). So in honour of this awesome event I wore my very own Roswell out for the day.


I hope you got to catch The X-Files…I quite enjoyed the first episode, although the ads gave me the shits and the constant pop up ads when the show was on…grrrr, far out no wonder people don’t watch much tv, are mostly online or stick to watching whole seasons on Netflix. The next episode is scheduled for 9pm tonight and I just know I will end up missing an episode because of the stupid scheduling of the show.



Christmas is coming

My very own handmade Christmas Tree skirt – I drafted the pattern, cut & sewed on a Sunday arvo.



I know…everyone is all urrrrrggggghhhhh about Christmas but if you know me you know that I totally LOVE Christmas time. There is a period of about two weeks which feels like it’s the party to celebrate the end of a full & busy year. It’s the twinkly lights (ooh how I love the fairy lights) and decorations, most people are on holidays and it’s warm (’s Australia!!!) and and and.

Our tree when it was alive and producing valuable oxygen and before we cut it down so we could stick tinsel on it.


Everyone can bitch all they like but I really enjoy sitting down with friends and family at this time and having a drink and nice food to eat. I love decorating the tree and the excitement from my kids when Finnegan the Elf returns to our house (link to all his previous antics over the years…esp handy to all those people who want their elf to get a few ideas!!).


The kids version of what a tree looks like when it’s decorated..cough
(insert my O.C.D. right here – yes the tree has been fixed since this pic was taken)


This year has been bittersweet for me, The good stuff…I turned 40 and started my very own business which I am enjoying so much. It’s so exciting packing the orders and posting them, an amazing sense of achievement for me. I also have a stockist and Martinis and Slippers are now listed on Vintage Pip’s website (more to come in other blog post on that!!).

A few of my Christmas brooches (they are for sale online right now)



The shitty stuff…My beloved cat Indy died in June. My beautiful 9 year old Burmese boy was my first ‘grown up’ pet and we got him before the kids and after our first year living in our newly purchased home. I still find myself crying because he isn’t around for cuddles and for a long time going to bed a night was a challenge without my little mouse to hug.

I referred to him as my ‘new fur’ in this pic. We hugged like this all the time…silly moushy.


Because some cats like to roll around the jumpaline!



It’s all those little rituals that I miss – his annoying & constant meowing after I would finish a shower – all because he wanted to put his cat funk all over me again. Him licking/bathing himself at 3am right near my face and waking me up and I would have to yell STOP IT INDY and then he would stop for 5 seconds and then continue cleaning himself…sigh. Breakfast v1, v2, v3 and then him sleeping on my side of the bed for the whole day.

This is how we would snuggle at night.




We plan on getting a new pet but not for a few more months, it’s a slow process that we aren’t rushing into. We know what pet we want next and I really can’t wait until that time comes.

Onwards and upwards!

I also had my very first market stall. I was shitting myself the whole day…it was waaaaaay outside of my comfort zone and I knew I could do it but…akhgakljfhsdlfgjhsadfkhsdfjshadd.

Cheeky trial run at home!



I did a trial run the weekend before and everything looked pretty good and setting up was quick and then I learnt that I can also be an awesome mute!! ha ha…I had my friend Fleur, who suggested I do the market in the first place with me the whole time and she was just bloody brilliant. I was certainly a lot more confident & comfortable with her around to help.

Here is my table BEFORE shot.

MASMarket01The AFTER shot…all set up!


My goal for the market was to:
1. learn the ropes – how to do a market stall etc.
2. Sell 5 brooches.

I did it!!!



I am happy to say that I sold double that and in a 3 hour period at a school twilight market with not many retro, vintage, rockabilly people there I was very happy with that result. I plan on doing another market but not until early next year and probably at a classic car show…because I like looking at classic cars!!!




Martinis and Slippers Online Store


IS OPEN….!!! (click here)

What an extremely busy few weeks we have had. Well it’s been months but certainly the past 2 weeks have been crazy busy.

First was my rash decision to just let the world know of my intentions to open an online store on Instagram. I originally had intended to open the Martinis and Slippers online store early October, I needed my packaging printing done and was terribly let down and consequently delayed by 2 weeks, which just threw all my plans out the window. I was hoping to have a stall at a local market last week but yeah…those 2 weeks really stuffed me. I could have still done the market but with 2 days to prep…I’m crazy but not that crazy!!!!

Novelty Retro TV Brooch

So while the packaging was being printed I was working on a bunch of brooches, some of which were royally screwed up. I fixed them/still fixing them but they just weren’t perfect enough for me to sell.

Cocktail Brooch

I was also putting together the artwork for new brooches and coming up with new concepts. Some ideas hit me at the strangest times. School pick up was one of those times and I all I had in my handbag to write on was an invoice & a pen that works when it wants to. That idea is awesome (and is still sitting in my handbag) and I hope to produce it someday soon.

Novelty Vintage Cat Eye Brooch

Then the big one…THE MARTINIS AND SLIPPERS ONLINE STORE. We spent countless hours working on the photography for the brooches, coming up with names for each of the brooches, writing the blurbs for each brooch, working out the costs, researching postage, getting insurance and then we weren’t happy with the online store we had so we made some changes and finally here we are. What a huge difference it has made and I really hope that you love the brooches as much as I do.

Vintage Inspired Cat Eye Brooch

So to celebrate the opening on my new Martinis and Slippers online store, we are offering 10% off all purchases until midnight Saturday 31st October (Melbourne, Australia time). To get the benefit of the discount please use the OCTOBERSALE code at the checkout.

Novelty Cat Eye Brooches

At this stage my store is only open to Australia residents but we are working on opening it to all international purchases – stay tuned for news on this.

You can link to the Martinis and Slippers online store via the SHOP link at the top of this page OR you can click on this Martinis and Slippers Store link and head right over to take a look and make a purchase!



Coming Soon

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Ooh this week has been FULL ON!


I decided to stop procrastinating and just let the world know that Martinis and Slippers are now creating gorgeous vintage inspired brooches.


On Wednesday morning I created a sneaky teaser post on Instagram and the response online was awesome. I will admit I was petrified…this is a huge step for me and is something I have been working on for quite some time. Lots of testing and many failures and finally I got to a point where I had something that I would spend my money on.


Stay tuned…my online store is soooooo close to being ready. Once we are ready to roll I will let everyone know and hopefully everyone loves my brooches as much as I do.





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