Campari & OJ

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I got an awesome Birthday gift from my Husband this year. A very large scale framed print of a vintage poster. A Campari vintage poster! We went down to the store & picked it out and right after headed to a cafe for lunch and what do you know…Campari & OJ on the drinks menu.

As if I am going to order something else!!!


I ordered the Campari & OJ and it was perfect! So perfect that I bought a bottle of Campari the very next day & coincidently the weather was bloody perfect so we had a bbq & a ‘ahem’ few Campari & OJs.


So yeah that’s what will be heavily featured on our Spring/Summer drinks menu this year. It’s easy to make and really, you don’t need to measure how much Campari you need. The drink I made below has 30mls of Campari and then topped with orange juice. If you do it slowly you get that red Campari at the bottom and the OJ sitting on top of it and then you can add a stirrer to the glass to mix it all up.


Campari & Orange Juice
Serves 1

30ml Campari
Orange Juice – with pulp and freshly squeezed if you can get it, otherwise get something that has no preservatives in it.

In a highball glass add ice cubes and then add the 30mls of Campari and then slowly top with OJ. Add stirrer or straw and enjoy on a warm spring day while you stand around the bbq.




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