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IS OPEN….!!! (click here)

What an extremely busy few weeks we have had. Well it’s been months but certainly the past 2 weeks have been crazy busy.

First was my rash decision to just let the world know of my intentions to open an online store on Instagram. I originally had intended to open the Martinis and Slippers online store early October, I needed my packaging printing done and was terribly let down and consequently delayed by 2 weeks, which just threw all my plans out the window. I was hoping to have a stall at a local market last week but yeah…those 2 weeks really stuffed me. I could have still done the market but with 2 days to prep…I’m crazy but not that crazy!!!!

Novelty Retro TV Brooch

So while the packaging was being printed I was working on a bunch of brooches, some of which were royally screwed up. I fixed them/still fixing them but they just weren’t perfect enough for me to sell.

Cocktail Brooch

I was also putting together the artwork for new brooches and coming up with new concepts. Some ideas hit me at the strangest times. School pick up was one of those times and I all I had in my handbag to write on was an invoice & a pen that works when it wants to. That idea is awesome (and is still sitting in my handbag) and I hope to produce it someday soon.

Novelty Vintage Cat Eye Brooch

Then the big one…THE MARTINIS AND SLIPPERS ONLINE STORE. We spent countless hours working on the photography for the brooches, coming up with names for each of the brooches, writing the blurbs for each brooch, working out the costs, researching postage, getting insurance and then we weren’t happy with the online store we had so we made some changes and finally here we are. What a huge difference it has made and I really hope that you love the brooches as much as I do.

Vintage Inspired Cat Eye Brooch

So to celebrate the opening on my new Martinis and Slippers online store, we are offering 10% off all purchases until midnight Saturday 31st October (Melbourne, Australia time). To get the benefit of the discount please use the OCTOBERSALE code at the checkout.

Novelty Cat Eye Brooches

At this stage my store is only open to Australia residents but we are working on opening it to all international purchases – stay tuned for news on this.

You can link to the Martinis and Slippers online store via the SHOP link at the top of this page OR you can click on this Martinis and Slippers Store link and head right over to take a look and make a purchase!



Trick or Treating in Melbourne

I was a little more organised this year and had my darling husband put together a DL flyer that I could print up x 3 to an A4 sheet and then cut down to size  I bought 150 balloons from Spotlight and yes spent a bit of time sticking the orange balloons to the flyers with sticky tape. My friend Fleur and I took our kids on a very warm afternoon & delivered the flyers to let our neighbours know that we would be Trick or Treating on Halloween.
In September my son had chosen Darth Vader as his costume so for his birthday we got him a light sabre. He already had the costume so I didn’t have  to worry much about that. My daughter had chosen Queen Elsa (like pretty much every little girl under the age of 12). Then a bombshell…my son changed his mind on the Monday morning before Halloween. he didn’t want to go as Darth Vader, instead he wanted to go as a Vampire. Great!!!
I went back to Savers and for $14.99 I picked up a cape (with a red satin collar), vest, medallion, bow tie & white gloves. we did a makeup trial with a few photos & i spent about 5 minutes doing his make up & he looked awesome. My daughter THE NIGHT BEFORE HALLOWEEN says that she wants to be a witch. Sorry little chicken it’s too late to change.
 My costume wasn’t really a costume, actually it probably would be a costume to someone, I just picked out a poodle skirt from my wardrobe & went as a zombie cheerleader. In retrospect maybe I should have tried to organise a Princess Anna costume for myself & gotten an Olaf or Christoph for Oliver. Surely a grown woman walking around with a costume like that is scary??
So Friday 31st October in Melbourne was warm…31 degrees warm (87.8 fahrenheit) so yeah, not exactly layers of clothing & walking around the streets type of weather. We headed over to our friends house and started from there & worked / walked our way back towards home.
Oliver ‘The Vampire’ & his best friend Ruben ‘The Grim Reaper’
Me & Fleur rockin’ the red coloured hair.
 I really wasn’t sure what the reaction to my flyer would be like but it was awesome. Quite a few houses for us to trick or treat at, the kids received an impressive stash of lollies, to the point of me having to unload their buckets so they could fit more lollies inside.
This ‘wrestler’ was one of the Dads walking around with his kids. Undies on the outside!!!
Kids from our local school heading towards us. All the kids were so excited.
How clever were these Chupa Chups disguised as spiders.
One of the houses we went to was amazing. Two ladies inside cackled like witches and posed for photos & made delicious shortbread witches fingers. The kids were actually a bit scared and we had to tell them that they weren’t real witches.
Fabulous Witches – these ladies made my evening!
We got back home before the sun set & I managed to offload quite a few of the lollies that we had ready for trick or treaters. The kids had a very late night & were up to their eyeballs full of sugar. This is some of what Oliver had received.
All up it was a great night and I felt slightly off the next day (a few strawberry margaritas & walking around in such warm weather will do that to you).
This was the giant spider I had on my front door. Some of my friends children were very scared of him.
This was the lousy decorating at the front of my house. The web looked awesome when I first put it up, a freaky spring storm that had rain coming sideways wrecked the webs. I tried to fix it but it just made it look crappier. Up close there were black bats hung with fishing line.
Our carved pumpkin & even a headstone with some dead flowers!
If you celebrate Halloween, I hope you had a great time. I am positive we will do it all again next year. Anyway, all the Halloween decorations have been removed now & we can start getting ready for Christmas!

Campari & OJ

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I got an awesome Birthday gift from my Husband this year. A very large scale framed print of a vintage poster. A Campari vintage poster! We went down to the store & picked it out and right after headed to a cafe for lunch and what do you know…Campari & OJ on the drinks menu.

As if I am going to order something else!!!


I ordered the Campari & OJ and it was perfect! So perfect that I bought a bottle of Campari the very next day & coincidently the weather was bloody perfect so we had a bbq & a ‘ahem’ few Campari & OJs.


So yeah that’s what will be heavily featured on our Spring/Summer drinks menu this year. It’s easy to make and really, you don’t need to measure how much Campari you need. The drink I made below has 30mls of Campari and then topped with orange juice. If you do it slowly you get that red Campari at the bottom and the OJ sitting on top of it and then you can add a stirrer to the glass to mix it all up.


Campari & Orange Juice
Serves 1

30ml Campari
Orange Juice – with pulp and freshly squeezed if you can get it, otherwise get something that has no preservatives in it.

In a highball glass add ice cubes and then add the 30mls of Campari and then slowly top with OJ. Add stirrer or straw and enjoy on a warm spring day while you stand around the bbq.




My trip to Mauritius

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This is a huge post with heaps of pics of a recent trip that I took with my children. We went to the absolutely stunning island of Mauritius for a 3 week holiday. My Grandmother lives there & was about to celebrate her 80th Birthday so I thought it would be the perfect time to visit.

The flight was great, I actually was freaking out that my youngest would misbehave on the flight but she was a delight to travel with. They were both quiet on the flight and while sitting on the tarmac prior to take-off she asked “are we there yet” and “have we left earth” and “are we flying now”.

Flying Virgin to Perth

My daughter watching Tangled.

Air Mauritius

Our first flight left Melbourne & headed over to Perth roughly a 4hr flight. Then we transferred through to the international terminal to wait for our next flight from Perth to Mauritius which is about 8hrs. We left Melbourne at 7.30am and arrived in Mauritius at 7pm (ish) which I believe was about 1am Melbourne time. A very long day but we got to end it with some amazing Mauritian food.

Mauritian Food

Dhall Puri – My Number 1 favourite food of all time. Best bought on the street with all the yummy fillings.

Mauritian food

The 3 weeks was taken up spending time visiting family and driving around Mauritius to visit various beaches, the Botanical Gardens In Pamplemousses, waterfalls and even a tea plantation. Oh and we did the markets in Port Louis which was a bit unnerving to begin but a great experience.

The house we stayed out was 3 stories high with a pool & great views!

Flic en Flac

I saw this flower and was all…ohhh it’s beautiful & the colour is so rich.


Then saw the stem and was all…OMG…OMFG…thorn overkill.


We stayed in a private house in Flic en Flac that we booked for our whole family and despite being Winter the weather was amazing so the kids actually got to have a swim in the pool. My Brother insisted on buying fireworks so we were all treated to our very own fireworks show for a few nights in a row. A fantastic experience for my kids.

This small beach is up near the north of Mauritius.


I was wrapped that I was in one of my Summer dress in the middle of Winter. Amazing weather.


Inside the markets at Rose Hill.

Mauritius Rose Hill

Inside a fabric store at Rose Hill. I bought 6 metres of fabric for $300 rupees – About $10.00 AUS.

Mauritius Rose Hill

We also visited Chamarel which is where the 7 Coloured Sands is located. We walked around and took some pics of the coloured sand. Years and years ago you used to be able to walk on the sands (in the 80’s) and people would get bottles and jars and collect the sand to take home. Obviously now they don’t allow you to do that so that the area is preserved for future generations but it did get me wondering what all those people did with their 1 litre coke bottles full of sand. They sell test tubes filled with the coloured sand but I believe it’s not actually ‘THE’ coloured sands from Charmarel but instead it’s normal sand with coloured chalk. There were also some very big/old Tortoises that live at the 7 Sands and the kids were fascinated in them.

Waterfall at Chamarel. Moments before this pic was taken Arielle had a huge spew – car sickness.

Mauritius Chamarel

Mauritius Chamarel

Miss A was also taken to the Dr that morning because she had an ear infection – the antibiotics were just starting to kick in.

Mauritius 7 Sands

My wind swept hair.

Mauritius 7 Sands

There was a small kiosk selling food, it was too early for lunch so I got the kids cupcakes.
As I was ordering them I found out they were Pina Colada flavoured & came with tiny umbrellas on them! I doubt they were alcoholic.


The kids checking out the Tortoises.

Mauritius Tortoise

Across the road from the entrance to the 7 Sands is a new tourist destination ‘The Curious Corner of Chamarel which was a bit of fun for the kids –  we got some great pics. Over the sound system they were playing  Diana Ross ‘Upside Down’ & Lionel Ritchie ‘Dancing on the Ceiling’.

Mauritius Curious Corner


Mauritius Curious Corner


Mauritius Curious Corner

This was fun, posing for pics in a dodgy elevator!

Mauritius Curious Corner

My brother who is over 6ft tall is in this picture with my Son.

Mauritius Curious Corner

Miss A is bigger than Sir O.

Mauritius Curious Corner

One of the nights we went for dinner at The Beach Shack in Flic en Flac. We arrived with 15mins to spare before the end of Happy Hour. They didn’t give us menus or serve us until at least 20mins after sitting. Hmmm.

Mauritius Flic en Flac

Ok…so I ordered my cocktail.  I chose the ‘Wiki Waki Woo’. It’s their signature drink. I was keen to try it and I took a pic of what I got and tasted it but umm yeah. Until about half way through the drink my future Sister in Law comments that her drink doesn’t taste right. YUP…they have given her my drink & me her drink. I wasn’t impressed and they were so slack with service that I never actually got a chance to order it again and actually find out if it was any good. Meh.

Mauritius Flic en Flac My most favourite beach in the whole world Flic en Flac. It’s becoming too commercialised now so I think the beach I loved from my previous visits to Mauritius is soon to be gone.

Mauritius Flic en Flac

The kids on Flic en Flac.

Mauritius Flic en Flac

A family selfie on Flic en Flac.

Flic en Flac

A trip to Le Caudan Waterfront & they had this cute display of umbrellas.

Mauritius Le Caudan

We had lunch at the Sunset Cafe. They had a great little kids menu that came with a burger, chips, drink & ice cream. My Daughter ordered an apple juice. Let me tell you I was so freakin excited that it was a real life freshly squeezed apple juice. The real deal and she was drinking it & kept saying it was yummy. No over processed crappy sugar water but REAL apple juice.

Sunset Cafe Mauritius

Then I got super excited…I ordered a cocktail ‘Le Pirate’ and guess what REAL FREAKIN JUICE. It totally took this drink to a whole other level. It was amazing and I should have ordered another but with heaps of shopping to do & the heat…yeah. Brilliant cocktail.

Sunset Cafe Mauritius

Heading towards the markets in Port Louis.

Mauritius Port Louis

We went to visit the Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens and again the weather was perfect. I would have loved to have walked around all the interior of this lovely colonial building.

Mauritius Botanical Garden

The giant water lillies. They were still opening up, so didn’t look so giant.


How amazing is this tree. It reminds me of Medusa or dreadlocks on a Rastafarian.


Walking along the path with the shade from the amazingly tall palms.


My babies!


My brother playing with fireworks. This is one of those things we do when we go to Mauritius. Usually it’s at Christmas time so every store is selling fireworks. I am sure eventually this will be something that will become regulated.


We had huge fireworks to play with. I must have grown up since I was last in Mauritius because I stayed far away from them. I used to be the ring leader, with the most amount of crackers and lighting them at stupid times.


Trou aux Cerf is located in Curepipe – it’s an extinct volcano. My kids heard we were going to a volcano & my Son asked where was the lava. Ahhh…


Swimming…in Winter…in Mauritius…because it’s too warm!!


We had tea at the Bois Cheri Tea Factory. We also had amazing crepes with banana & caramel. yum!


Selfie with the view from Bois Cheri Tea Factory.

Mauritius Bois Cheri

I still can’t get over this tea pot. If it seriously is from 1645 then I am just stoked that it was just sitting there in the museum at Bois Cheri, inside a protective little glass box. I want!!


We visited Alexandra Falls and this was the view (My Uncle taking it all in!).


Quick stop for coffee and I had to get some Napolitaines. I LOVE these biscuits. RS12.00 is about $0.45 AUS.


The most amazing tree at St Felix beach.


More of St Felix.


The beach has heaps of these really sharp bits of coral.


On a clear day this beach would be amazing.


I took this picture as we were heading home in the car. Looking North towards Le Morne (I think!).


Setting sun over Flic en Flac & the sugar cane fields (that sadly are disappearing to make room for apartments).


My two were wrecked from all that travelling & sight seeing.


I celebrated my Birthday while we were in Mauritius. We took another trip to the markets in Rose Hill. I picked up more fabric & got these rip off Ray Bans for the kids. They were happy.


We had Nandos for lunch and I got this non-alcholic cocktail. It was pomegranate syrup & lemonade and was actually quite nice.


The day before  we left my Aunt & Uncle took us to a place somewhere between Rose Hill & Quatre Bournes to have “boulette” or dumplings or if you are my 3 yr old “dumperlings”. Of course once we got there she didn’t want “dumperlings” she wanted noodles.


Farewell lovely Mauritius. Our last day in paradise and still the weather was amazing.


The view towards Flic en Flac from my Aunt’s apartment in Phoenix.


Of course a trip to Mauritius isn’t complete without a bowl of fish soup. This was amazing. I had two bowls and over ate and then felt uncomfortable for the rest of the evening…which meant our flight home. Still…it was worth it.


Coming home was hard, our flight didn’t leave Mauritius until 10.55pm and I woke up earlier that day at 6.30am so a full day awake and then we boarded our flight which landed in Perth local time 9.30am – about 4am Mauritius time and I had about 1 maybe 2 hours of sleep on the flight and then had to stay awake ALL day until we arrived in Melbourne at 7.30pm (1pm Mauritius time) so I was a little bit cookoo by the end of the flight. I think I might have crashed out for 30 mins on the Perth-Melb flight – I also may have high fived the guys at the domestic terminal that check your hand luggage just before the area where the gates are.

Anyway…that’s it for international holidays for this year and possibly for the foreseeable future. I am desperate to get my kitchen / laundry / bathroom updated so it’s time to start saving for that!!




How to make Alex’s Appletini


I made an appletini for the first time years ago. I wanted something sweet and different and no limes or lemons or coffee or creamy drinks. So I found a cocktail recipe online for an appletini and thought…yeah that’s it!

So trying to find an apple flavoured liquor in my local bottle shop..pfft. Yeah right. I had to drive to a liquor superstore and yesssss they had DeKuyper’s Sour Apple Pucker.

How cute is my new old silver drinks tray.
I picked it up at Waverley Antique Bazaar
(if you haven’t been there GO there!! so much awesome stuff)

AlexsAppletini03It worked and it was great and then I forgot all about it. That was about 4ish years ago.

That urge hit me when I was at the same store buying Cachaça for my Cairpirinha recently so I picked up a bottle.

When I decided that I wanted an apple martini it was already 8pm and I found a recipe online that I could use but…ahhh I didn’t have any apple juice or apple cider. Improvise time.

Below is my recipe and it rocked. We may or may not had 3 of these each and it was very very easy to drink. I used Bickfords Cloudy Apple cordial – yeah..ok WTH am I doing with apple cordial in the pantry but I saw it and had to try it and I am glad I did.

The magic ingredient I think is the San Pellegrino – sparkling San Pellegrino. This was my mistake that ended up being a big win! I opened the bottle and then realized that I had an already open bottle of soda water but decided to use the San Pellegrino anyway and BAM…awesome cocktail.

AlexsAppletini01Alex’s Appletini

Serves 2

60 mls Bickfords Cloudy Apple Cordial (available in some supermarkets)
120mls San Pellegrino
60mls DeKuyper Sour Apple Pucker
30mls Vodka

Mix or shake the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and then pour into a martini glass. Add a thin slice of apple that has been cut side ways – so you get the cute little star in the middle of the slice of apple.

Drink responsibly and enjoy



How to make a Caipirinha.

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It’s cocktail time!!!

So there is this football game or something happening in Brazil at the moment…ahhh it’s the WORLD FREAKIN CUP. So Australia isn’t soccer mad as most of the world is but it’s cool that we had an Aussie team have a crack and the other even cooler thing. It’s being held in BRAZIL!!!!

My Husband and I went to Brazil a few years ago and had the best time, although it was very whirlwind – we were in Rio de Janeiro for 3 days (I think!!) and we did visit Cristo Redempto (Christ the Redeemer for the rest of us) as well as Sugarloaf Mountain and waaaay up that mountain on a gondola ride I got to have my very first Caipirinha.

The evening we went it was cloudy – warm but cloudy.


A Capipirinha that was a serious punch in the guts. No mucking around, no ‘tourist’ version that was weak and light on the alcohol this was a full on WELCOME TO BRAZIL BITCHES type of cocktail. Sadly I don’t have an actual picture of one of the drinks but the memory remains!!

I had one – urged on by the cheers from our fellow travelling friends. Then I had my second and I may have touched a third but decided to stop while I was ahead.

Caipirinhas are made with Cachaça a very delicious almost rum like spirit that is make from Brazillian cane sugar. Holy moly this stuff rocks but it’s also really bloody pricey in Australia (like everything else).


A 750ml bottle of cachaca is around $50 – $60. I am pretty sure this stuff sells for cheap over there.

I make my Caipirihinas a bit different to the proper way. I am not a huge fan of muddled drinks (use a muddler or the end of a rolling pin to squeeze the limes in the glass with the sugar) although I won’t say no if offered one!

Instead below is my version of a Caipirinha. Enjoy!

Frozen Caipirinha

Serves 1

60mls Cachaça
2 Tbs raw sugar
Zest & juice from 1 lime
Good handful & a half of ice


Add the sugar to a blender. Use a zester to zest the lime directly into the blender, juice the lime & add that to the blender, then add the Cachaça. Blend until it’s all combined and you can hear that there are no more big chucks of ice. Pour into a margarita glass & enjoy. On a side note you can add 1 tbs of sugar if it’s too sweet. You can also reduce the amount of Cachaça to 30mls.

I hope you enjoy my version of a Caipirinha & also enjoy watching the World Cup! (My Aussie team is out so I am going to follow Brazil!!).




Bula from Fiji


My Husband and I recently celebrated our 10thwedding anniversary. We had decided on our honeymoon all those years ago that when we hit 10yrs we would have that 5 star spare no expense holiday to celebrate and that it would be just the two of us.

So we did it and we chose to go to Fiji. A decision we did not regret.

We stayed at the Intercontinental Golf Resort & Spa and stayed in a club room – which meant we had our very own infinity edge plunge pool.

Oh and we flew business class on Air Fiji!!

The only regret for us…we didn’t bring our kids. I know…child free holiday, not having to worry about naps & bed times and making sandwiches every other minute but yeah, we really missed our little people and have vowed to return to Fiji and take them with us.

The flight over was only 4.5hrs (but add the time it takes to pack, get to the airport, check your luggage in, go through immigration, wait for your flight to board, take off, fly, land, get your luggage, customs, immigration, transfers to your accommodation (phew) you are looking at about 10hrs of travelling (from Melbourne, AUS). But…it’s totally worth it.

The view from our room. It was about 6.30am when we arrived & although it’s overcast with drizzle it was very humid.

Intercontinental Fiji club roomThe Cleopatra bath that is located outside the room.

cleopatra bath intercontinental golf resortJust arrived in Fiji selfie.


It rained the day we arrived but it’s so warm that it didn’t really matter.We pretty much chilled out for the day and at 3.30pm we headed to the club room for high tea and we ordered tea and got our little plates of goodies. Every day from 3.30pm they serve high tea in the club room, from memory there was only 1 day that we skipped the high tea because we had a special dinner planned later in the evening.

High tea with a selection of goodies (we ate the sandwiches & then I remembered to take a pic).

High tea club room intercontinental golf resortLater at 5.30pm we were back at the club room for cocktail hour. There were about 6 complimentary cocktails to choose from and over the course of the week we tried them all. They also served us hot and cold canapés which we needed because we were hungry, although what would happen over the week was we would do the high tea and then the cocktails and all those little snacks would fill us and then come dinner we couldn’t finish whatever we had ordered.

 intercontinental golf resort cocktailsMy first cocktail in Fiji was the Natadola Beach – very very nice cocktail.

Natadola Beach CocktailMy Husbands first cocktail was a Mojito and he said is was “Fucking Excellent”. lol

Mojito Cocktail Intercontinental Golf ResortOur cold canapés – Salmon & cucumber on pancakes, Banana smoothie, Soba noodles, Beef & avocado salsa on mini toast.

Intercontinental golf resort cold canapesHot canapés – BBQ Beef skewers, Tempura Okra, Meatballs with sweet chilli sauce, Fried fish (which we think was chicken?) Fish-chicken meh we’re on holidays!!

Intercontinental golf resort Hot canapesMy Husbands 2nd cocktail was the Club View Martini

ClubViewMartini Intercontinental Golf ResortMy 2nd cocktail was the Club Exotic Martini.

ClubExoticMartini Intercontinental golf resortThe most stunning sunset to enjoy while drinking our cocktails.

Fiji sunsetStill a bit of light in the sky while we waited for our dinner at Toba Bar & Grill.

Toba Bar & GrillStill not finished with the drinks, I ordered a Nova Breeze – it really wasn’t my thing.

Nova Breeze cocktailSo I had to order another drink, this time it was a Pina Colada. I think I described it on the night as coconut oil in a drink version. Ha.

Pina Colada FijiWe got to spend heaps of time just hanging out poolside and because the ocean was a short stroll from where we were sitting I got to have a swim in the ocean…a first in about 10yrs. Australia is surrounded by water but we are so far south that it’s like bloody ice water so I NEVER go in. When we have gone up north near Cairns there are stingers in the water and the odd crocodile doing laps near the beach – yeah so I NEVER enter the water up there. So to finally walk into the sea and the water is the perfect temperature and it’s clear – so clear that I could see fish…FISH swimming up close to me.

The view we woke up to on our 2nd day! Spectacular and it was so warm outside.

Intercontinental golf resort club room


Fiji sunshineThe main pool and the ocean – the Pacific Ocean with all it’s ‘warm like bath water’ goodness.

Fiji Pacific Ocean


Intercontinental golf resort main poolI believe the resort was built on land that used to grow sugar cane. These are the railway tracks that would move the cane when it was picked.

Intercontinental Golf Resort & SpaSneaky sneaky…is that water or Vodka & Gin? hmmm.

Fiji WaterMy Darling Husband enjoying a swim in our private infinity edge plunge pool.

Infinity Edge Pool FijiI posted this pic on Instagram, there are bollards all around the resort and this one reminded me of Elvis. There was another that looked like Angus Young from ACDC.

Elvis in Fiji

In case you are wondering, yes I did my hair, makeup and dressed the way I always do every day. I got heaps of compliments which is always nice! The only time I changed was when I was returning from a swim & I would have my Mauritius sarong on.

On one of the nights we decided to go to the resorts ‘fine dining’ restaurant Tobu and had a wonderful dinner – we were there for about 2hrs but it really felt like about 30mins – good company & food I suppose! No pics because it was so dark, only a little tea light on our table.

A shot of the Mai Tai I ordered at the Navo Restaurant.

Mai Tai Cocktail FijiI also got the benefit of a massage or two. The first massage I had was on a nice day so I was a little reluctant to have to go indoors and have a massage but of course once I was in there I didn’t complain. They ask you to arrive 30mins before your treatment and I wondered why they asked you to be there so early – well that’s because they have this steam room that you sit in for 5-7mins, rinse off then go into a spa bath for another 5-7 mins and then you go into a cold room – it’s very cold, with a basin filled with crushed ice to rub over your body and then the ice shower. It’s cold and I did it on both visits but kinda ran through like a scaredy cat. Finally they get you to change into your robe and head into a waiting room where you are served a herbal tea – lemongrass, ginger & vanilla bean & a slice. The first massage my slice was an oatmeal & honey slice. The second slice was a sesame & honey slice. No pics but use your imagination…!

My massages were fantastic and I just wished I could have them go on an on but I have to pay for them so yeah…just 60mins both times.

During my second massage a huge…huge ass thunderstorm passed overhead and there was heaps of thunder and rain. It was awesome and really relaxing but to be honest I would have loved to have sat outside our room watching that storm roll in. A few times we got to see some amazing lightening shows courtesy of mother nature out in the Pacific Ocean, but still it was hot & steamy so a bit of rain didn’t ruin our holiday at all.

There is a storm brewing out over the Pacific Ocean. Still very hot & humid.

Stormy Pacific Ocean FijiThe sunset after that epic storm – every sunset was just sensational.

Fiji SunsetCocktail hour – Caprioska & Club View Martini

Fiji CocktailsNatadola Beach Cocktail & Club View Martini

Natadola Beach cocktail

Fiji sunsetCold Canapés – Seared tuna, Beef soba noodles, Mushroom soup, Creamy crab toasts & Gruyere cheese & almonds.

Intercontinental golf resort & spa cold canapes club roomHot Canapés – Lamb skewers, Eggplant fritters, Tandoori prawns & Chicken wontons.

Intercontinental golf resort & spa hot canapes club roomLast drinks. A selfie from the Club room during cocktail hour and watching the most amazing sunset & cloud formations.

Fiji selfiePost storm sunset clouds. Just breathtaking!

Fiji clouds sunsetI think this pic was taken day 3 or 4 at Cocktail hour another Mojito & the green cocktail was the  Toba Float.

Toba Float cocktailPoolside selfie. This was taken the day we were leaving.

Fiji selfiePic taken from the car as we were travelling back to Nadi Airport.

FijiIt was hard to leave our luxury holiday but we were both keen to see our babies and give them all the goodies we bought for them. It will be a few years before we get a chance to go back & I am sure our kids will really love it.




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How to make grown up milkshakes

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How cute are these little milk bottles!


I remember a very very long time ago we used to have 1 litre versions of these bottles and I was given the special job of putting the empty milk bottles outside our front door along with some money to pay for the next lot of milk. Then when the ‘milko’ would arrive I would collect the new bottles of milk that had coloured foil lids on them. I loathed the cream on that would settle at the top. If that landed on my cereal all hell would break loose!

So cruising around the shops before Christmas (yeah…I know a bit slack on the posts esp as this is from BEFORE Christmas!) and saw these little bottles. I was in one of those el cheapo stores that sell everything. From memory the bottles were $2.50 each. So I bought four of them with the intention of using them for serving cocktails in.

Obviously having had these type of bottles in my youth with wholesome fresh full cream milk in them I decided it was only natural to totally corrupt the purity of that memory and put milk based cocktails into the bottles for serving.

So I made adult only versions of chocolate & strawberry milkshakes and they were delicious. Making batches of these and serving them at a party would be great. After the party you could use these cute bottles as vases all grouped together.

chocolate milk cocktail

Harbour Tunnel recipe – taken from Legend Cocktails book

Serves 2
60mls Kahlua
60mls Crème de Cacao
60mls Baileys
240mls Milk
Milo – sprinkled on top

In a blender, combine the Kahlua, Crème de Cacao, Baileys, Milk, Cream & Ice. Give it a good whizz and pour into your glass or cute milk bottle and sprinkle the milo on top!

Milo for those outside of Australia (not sure if they sell it overseas) is a chocolate & malt flavoured powder that you mix with milk). If you can’t use Milo you could use Nesquick.

Strawberry milk cocktail

Angel – taken from Family Circle Fantastic Cocktails
Serves 2
60mls Baileys
40mls Cointreau
40mls Strawberry Liqueur
60mls Pineapple juice
30ml Cream
8 Strawberries

In a blender, combine the Baileys, Cointreau, Strawberry liqueur, pineapple juice, cream (From memory when I made this cocktail I didn’t have cream so used milk and the drink still tasted nice!.) strawberries and ice. Blend them well until the strawberries are pureed and pour into your glass and serve. You could garnish it with some strawberries.

I also picked up these cute striped straws which are sold everywhere now. Of course these drinks are for grown-ups only so please don’t be tempted to treat your kids to a fancy chocolate or strawberry milkshake.



How to make a Long Island Iced Tea

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My first post for 2014, I know it’s a bit late but I have been busy doing NOTHING!!!

We have just finished school holidays in Australia. The kids are back at school and my oldest child has just started his very first year of school and I am so freakin excited for him. I thought I might cry but nah!!!

So, I have a few cocktail posts leftover from last year and I have to get through those before I can start adding newer stuff. I got super lazy & sick towards the end of last year and we have had some pretty hot weather in Melbourne (hmm sit in front of a computer or go out and enjoy life? hmmm I choose outside thanks!!) AND we also went away for a few days to an amazing part of my stunning country up on the border of Victoria & New South Wales, right on the mighty Murray River!

Ok so the infamous Long Island Ice Tea. Made right this drink CAN be amazing. I have had heaps of dodgy LIITs and a few that totally got me drunk – I mean…really really drunk (like…took me days to feel human again type of drunk – hey I was in my mid 20’s!!).


I had all the ingredients in my possession so thought why not. I never have cola in the house, we don’t drink it and if I buy a bottle it’s usually because I am hosting a party and want it on hand incase a guest asks for it. Sooo I had a bottle leftover from a party had to get rid of it so decided to whip up a Long Island Iced Tea.

My version was ok. It wasn’t mind blowing but I think that might be because I am not a huge fan of cola. I also made a few other cocktails at the same time so I was probably comparing the LIIT to the other drinks I made.


Long Island Iced Tea – Serves 2

30ml Light Rum
30ml Vodka
30ml Gin (mmm Bombay Sapphire, how I love thee!!!)
30ml Cointreau
30ml Tequila
Dash of lemon juice

In a tall glass add ice, rum, vodka, gin, cointreau, tequila. Top with the lemon juice & cola. Garnish it with a slice of lemon and wake up tomorrow morning with a shocking hangover!


How to make a Fruit Tingle Cocktail

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Fruit Tingles Cocktail

I used to love Fruit Tingle lollies when I was a kid. Back in the old days your parents needed to fill up with petrol and shock horror…WOULD LEAVE THE KIDS IN THE CAR and you would take your seatbelt off and yell out the window….”CAN YOU PLEASE GET US A PACK OF FRUIT TINGLES PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE?”.

A pack of Fruit Tingles for those who can’t remember or have no idea what I am going on about.

Fruit Tingles

That behaviour was enough to scare any bad guys from stealing us or the car and if we were lucky we would get a pack of Fruit Tingles to share.

About 4 years ago on a very hot Summers day I flicked open one of my cocktail books and did the ‘hmmmm’ and did a mental checklist of what I had and tried to pair it with ingredients listed for each cocktail and there it was. Fruit Tingle, amazingly I actually had a tin of Golden Circle Pineapple juice stashed at the back of my pantry that my Mother In Law had given to me when she was downsizing.

This is the cocktail book I sourced my Fruit Tingle recipe from.

Family Circle Cocktail Book

So I mixed all my ingredients and was secretly thinking ‘man this shit better work because it’s a lot of stuffing around and I hate wasting alcohol on stupid drinks’ and as I whizzed it all in the blender still convinced that this was going to be horrible I checked the consistency, poured it into my fancy cocktail glass, stuck my straw in had a sip and actually did the “OHHH MAH GAWD THIS TASTES EXACTLY THE WAY I REMEMBER FRUIT TINGLES TASTED”.

Fruit Tingle cocktail

I quickly poured my Husband a glass and he agreed. Now, this is a sweet cocktail. It’s a party cocktail and it has the potential to make you very drunk because it is very easy to drink. Please go easy and please have some finger food on hand to snack on.

Fruit Tingle

Serves 1 – double ingredients to serve 2

30ml Midori
30ml Cointreau
30ml Blue Curaçao
90ml Pineapple Juice
Dash lemon juice
Dash grenadine (you can buy this from the bottle shop / liquor store)

In a blender, add about 4-5 ice cubes per person (depends on the size of your cubes you can adjust as required), Midori, Cointreau, Blue Curaçao, pineapple juice, lemon juice and grenadine. Blend all ingredients until all combined and the ice isn’t big and chunky. Strain into a glass – I used my Pina Colada glass and garnish with a pretty paper umbrella or nothing – it’s up to you.

If you ate Fruit Tingles as a kid then you have to try this cocktail at least once – just for that grown up flash back to your youth!