How to make an Anabolic Steroid Shot

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Ahh it’s a cocktail shot so if you found this post and you think you can DIY your own drugs..DON’T. Just eat shitloads of lean protein, workout & lift weights like a demon and every once in a while let your hair down and make one of these cheeky drinks.

Finally…another cocktail post. I have been a bit distracted lately & haven’t given much time to mixing cocktails but I am back into it again. I made a list of all the bottles of alcohol & mixers that I have and then went through all my cocktail books trying to piece together what drinks I could make based on what I already have in my stash.

The list was huge and I could expand it even more if I picked up a bottle of Baileys – soooo many drinks can be made with Baileys so that is next on my ‘to buy’ list.

In the meantime I made this cheeky shooter. Anabolic Steroid. This does take a little patience but the effect is amazing – probably something you do before people arrive because if you have had a few drinks and you’re feeling those few drinks you will probably struggle to get those layers happening…maybe.

Anabolic Steroid Cocktail

I don’t measure, I kinda just guess as I pour but you want to try and get equal amounts of Blue Curaçao,  Midori & Cointreau. You want to layer it in that order AND do it slowly. The best way I have found is to hold a spoon against the side of the shot glass and allow the alcohol to gentle pour onto the back of the spoon into the glass.The Blue Curaçao goes in first so you don’t need to do the ‘back of the spoon’ trick. Fill it about one third of the way up the glass. Next get your Midori, if it helps, rather than pour from the bottle you can pour some Midori into the Midori lid and then pour that onto the back of the spoon really really really slowly. It might look like it’s mixing but if you look from the side you can see there is a difference between the blue & green.

So again, another third of the glass is filled and then finally you want to do the same with the Cointreau. Slowly filling the shot glass until you get to the top.

These are fantastic to make for guests on arrival to your cocktail party or bbq or whatever! I have so many layer shot glass recipes but I NEED Baileys!! It features in so many drinks. Next time!!

Then throw that shot back. I quite like it although I wouldn’t be having one after another – waaaay to much effort for something that goes down so fast!




Tequila 2 ways

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My children & I have been sick over the past few weeks so making cocktails really wasn’t high on my list of priorities (I was way too busy disinfecting my house!!). So this week I am going to do Tequila 2 ways to make up for it.

I bought a bottle of tequila – check out that label!!! I know that the rule is ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ but really…I can’t help it. Who hasn’t gone to the liquor store and their purpose is to buy a bottle of wine for dinner and you have no idea what to get so you head over to the Cabernet Savignon section (cause that’s a safe choice, you’ve had it before and it kinda goes with most meals) and then just picked the best looking label. For us novices, sometimes that’s how it is.

Espolon Tequila

So I normally buy Jose Cuvero tequila and if I get blanco / white / clear tequila I have the standard shot of tequila with a wedge of lemon and some salt. If I have gold tequila then I mix it up a bit and have a wedge of orange with cinnamon mixed with caster sugar. So…what’s your choice sweet or savoury?

Cinnamon Tequila Shots

I served this a few years ago to family that were in Australia visiting for a wedding and they were all used to the standard lemon/salt/shot so when I served the orange/cinnamon sugar/shot version they actually liked it. One of them said it was like having your main and then your dessert.

Gold Tequila Shot

Shot glasses
Gold tequila
Ground Cinnamon
Caster sugar (super fine sugar)


Cut oranges into wedges, remove any seeds.

Mix 2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon into 4 tablespoons of caster sugar – lick your finger and dip it into the cinnamon sugar and check that it’s ok, you may be easy on the cinnamon or be like me and want shizen loads of cinnamon.

Fill shot glasses with gold tequila, lick your hand and sprinkle the cinnamon sugar over the freshly licked spot on your hand. Grab your wedge of orange and you should know the rest but just in case – lick the cinnamon sugar off your hand, swallow the shot of tequila and suck on the orange.

It’s different and a bit of fun. Enjoy

My next choice was to use the tequila for one of my favourite cocktails the Tequila Sunrise. This is super easy and you can make it as strong or as weak as you like. You can pick up a bottle of Grenadine from any bottle shop / liquor store and it’s handy to have in your liquor cabinet.

Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise

50mls Tequila
Orange juice
Dash of Grenadine
Maraschino cherry to garnish
Slice of orange to garnish


Add ice to a high ball glass.

Measure 50mls of Tequila, add tequila to your high ball glass

Top with orange juice and add a dash of grenadine (the grenadine will sink down to the bottom, creating that sunset effect).

Garnish the glass with your cherry and slice of orange. Add your straw and enjoy.
Tequila sunrise is great when you want a cocktail but you don’t want to stuff around with shakers and measuring some of this and some of that. You don’t have to put 50mls of tequila, you can have half that or ahem…double it!!


How to get a hangover

I recently celebrated my Birthday. It was mid-week so we did a small cake & dinner with the kids and then for the weekend my Husband organised a night at a hotel in the city as well as dinner. I wasn’t told what hotel or where dinner was going to be…. just when.

My lovely parents were happy to have the kids for a sleepover and once we dropped them off we were on our way.

I didn’t find out until we arrived to the hotel that we were staying at the Park Hyatt in Melbourne, in fact the hotel is right next door to the church we got Married in so considering we did nothing for our Wedding Anniversary in April it was kinda nice to be so close to a special part of our lives.

The Park Hyatt Melbourne.

Park Hyatt MelbourneThe church we were married in almost 10 years ago!

Lutheran Church Melbourne

So we got all dolled up for dinner and I had no idea where we were going so I wore heels. High heels. High heels that I have worn only on two other occasions and heels that really bloody hurt. We had to walk. So yeah…dinner was at 6pm so we walked veeeeery veeeeery slooooooowly to arrive at Grossi Florentino!

Grossi Florentino Grill


We had a Bellini to start which was a little too easy to drink.

Bellini at Grossi Florentino.

Grossi Florentino Bellini

I couldn’t take pics of our food because the lighting was quite dark in the spot we were seated. Our entrée was delicious – pork & fennel sausages & bruschetta to share.

For our mains my Husband ordered a steak with a side of roasted potatoes. I got the mussels with kalamata olives and a tomato broth. I scoffed my dinner and I thought I might be hungry later but I was ok. I also ordered extra bread to soak up that broth.

My darling Husbands in his gorgeous suit & pochette from P. Johnston Tailors.

P Johnson Suit & Pochette

We both drank a glass of Malbec with our dinner. I used to be a huge red wine drink but I had horrible hangovers when I do drink it.

Finally dessert, we weren’t going to get anything, then we were, then we weren’t and then our waitress suggested the donuts. So we got a serve of the donuts to share and good heavens it was amazing. So I was carrying some pretty heavy duty carb bloatage (is that a word?..if not I just invented it…that word is mine!).

I also had a dessert wine which I cannot for the life of me remember the name of but it was amazing. Yum yum!!

Ok, so dinner is over we decided to head over to Lily Blacks for cocktails. Because we had our dinner so early (they have times for dining and the first session started at 6pm) Lily Blacks was pretty empty – a few small groups of people having a drink and we actually preferred it that way. We got our drinks straight away, got a booth to sit at and could talk & hear each other. WIN WIN & WIN.

Lily Blacks Cocktail menu.

Lily Blacks Cocktail Menu

So the first cocktail for the night was Sinnerman – rum, housemade fig & cinnamon bitters, almond & lemon. It was served in a wine glass and this was really refreshing. I enjoyed it and was a little too easy to drink. My Husband had a G&T.


Lily Blacks SinnermanSinnerman.

Lily Blacks SinnermanGin & Tonic.

Gin & Tonic

Then it happened. I spied a certain cocktail that I wanted to try in the wild. A non Alex version of an Old Fashioned. It even had it’s own special page, dedicated to variations of Old Fashions so we had to give it a go. Both versions were rum based. Carl got the Cherry & Kola Bitters version and I got the Fig & Cinnamon Bitters version.

Lily Blacks Old Fashioned cocktail menu.

Lily Blacks Old Fashioned


Old Fashioned -two ways.

Lily Blacks Old Fashioned

Hmmm. Nice big ass rock of ice in my glass, huge rind of orange that gave both of our cocktails that amazing citrus overtone but no cherry. Nothing. I was sad but I still drank my cocktail. We both agreed of the two, my cocktail tasted a bit better but amazingly we both agreed that my version using Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum was better….Yay Yay. My version just has an added level of depth to it. A nice finish on your palette to be all fancy.

Once we finished our drinks we decided to head over to Liverpool Street where Double Happiness is located. I wanted to try one more cocktail and then we could head back to the hotel so I could relieve my poor aching feet. My Husband walked and I hobbled to Double Happiness and again a few patrons but we got a spot to sit and grabbed a menu to pick our drink drink.

Double Happiness cocktail menu.

Double Happiness Cocktail MenuDouble Happiness – My Husband ordering our drinks.

Double Happiness Melbourne

I ordered Mr Foo which was made up of Chilli vodka, coriander, fresh lime and dry ginger. I liked this cocktail – a bit of an acquired taste. It’s spicy and I actually joked that the only thing missing from this drink was a bit of soy, some noodles, veges and maybe some chicken. I use lime, ginger, chilli & coriander when I make stir-fry. If only I had been brave enough to turn it into a cocktail – sans the food bits.

Hundred Flower Movement & Mr Foo.

Double Happiness Cocktails

My Husband ordered the Hundred Flower Movement with sake, rose syrup, lemon and peach bitters. My Husbands choice was delicious. I could have had about ten of these. I love it when they are easy to drink (doesn’t everyone!).

For our second choice, My Husband decided to have another Hundred Flower Movement and I went with Communist Manifesto with tequila, tamarind, lime, mandarin & Szechuan salt. The edge of the glass was rimmed with the Szechuan salt and this drink was dominated by the mandarin and was fabulous to drink. I really liked this one.

Hundred Flower Movement & Communist Manifesto.

Double Happiness Cocktails

Finally it was time to head back to our hotel. No more drinking because it’s expensive and yeah…no one would want to get a horrible hangover tomorrow…would they!!!

The Windsor Hotel with it’s amazing coloured light display.

The Windsor Hotel Melbourne

To top off my amazing night – a documentary on Elizabeth Taylor and her precious jewels. I was captivated and couldn’t believe the history behind La Peregrina Pearl that she was gifted. Oooh to have a collection like that!!!

My plan was to sleep in until at least 9am. With 2 pre-school aged kids they go to bed quite early in the evening and wake at 7am. I go to bed late and wake early. Instead of my lovely sleep in I woke up at 5am with the worst hangover ever. Needless to say every little bit of water I drank was purged from my body and I felt like crap for the rest of the day.

Bleugh…this is what a hangover looks like. I am wearing a gorgeous black vintage shirt dress with a pink cropped cardi by Revival both eBay purchases.

Vintage Shirt DressI felt truly horrible taking this pic and couldn’t even be bothered fixing my cardi.

Erstwilder Brooch

It was about 11.30am before I could keep anything down and the first thing I had was a coffee. That took the edge off my headache and a bacon, egg & cheese toasty from Argos Loves Company in Fitzroy to help my poor tummy.

So all up I had a fantastic Birthday this year, not to mention the amazing first day of Spring Melbourne had. Sunshine, warm air and just a slight breeze (that picked up a bit later in the day).

I love life (even with a shitty hangover!!).



Lime & rum cocktail

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Spiced rum…

Spiced rum & coke. Is that a cocktail? Nah no way.

Spiced rum…

Ahhh spiced rum & ?!?!?!

Ooh Long Island Ice Tea but I need eleventy billion other alcoholic drinks to mix with.

Dark spiced rum &…

Spiced dark rum and.


Oh bugger. I have nothing.


I should probably make something up but that could end in disaster AND I would have wasted precious spiced rum.


Ok. Maybe I could swap it out for another dark spirit like bourbon. I am in no rush to EVER drink Southern Comfort (first alcoholic drink I got drunk & vomited on. NEVER AGAIN EVERRR) so surely I could replace that vile demon drink with the pirates choice of liquor???




Ok, I did a bit of searching online and found a Lime & rum cocktail – it’s a little like a caipirinha but changing the cachaça for dark rum & adding some soda water? Meh anyway I decided to give it a go.


It was ok, not my first choice but still a quick and easy cocktail to make and would be great made up in a big batch in a jug for a party. I love limes in cocktails but I am not a fan of muddled limes. I just find that heaps of the lime gets wasted and stuck at the bottom of the cocktail shaker after being smashed to bits – there is still good juice in there and of course if you smash it too much it splashes out and makes a mess.


If I make this again instead of muddling the limes I will zest & juice the limes and add that to the shaker, add the other ingredients and perhaps use slices or wedges of limes in the glass. I also found the sugar didn’t quite dissolve so there was a pile of sugar sitting in the bottom of my cocktail shaker.

Lime & rum cocktail – can be found here

Back on the hunt for another spiced rum cocktail.


Luna 1878 Melbourne’s winter night markets

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I found a post on my facebook feed stating that Melbourne was having a night market called Luna 1878. A NIGHT MARKET IN MELBOURNE IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER. Ahhh ok.

So I dug around (click links really…no digging as if I would dig in this stupid cold weather!!) and found out that Winter markets were being held in Melbourne on Wednesday nights for the month of August.

Ok, so why not check it out. Brilliant idea!

It was a nice day so I figured I would pick my son from kinder and then we could make our way into the city, maybe go visit my Husband at his office so the kids to see the view of Melbourne from way up high and then we would go to the Queen Victoria Markets where the markets are being held.

It rained.

It rained a lot.

It poured with rain and the traffic was shocking.

It took over an hour to get to Collins street from our home and we sat on Hoddle Street for a lifetime after driving on the Eastern Freeway in the pouring rain with one fabulous driver that figured lots of rain meant they could drive 60kms on the freeway that most people are doing 100/90kms (the rain was falling but visibility was still ok). An accident just waiting to happen.

Vent over. We get to the city and it’s raining. Still.

Melbourne Australia

We took the kids up to level 45 so they could see the view and by this stage it’s dark so all the lights were on way down below and it was great. They loved it. They could see the trains pulling into Flinders Street Station and cars on all the various roads.

Melbourne Australia

Soon enough we pulled the kids from the windows and headed back to the car & on our way to QVM. We found parking and headed towards the markets and it was great. Despite the crappy weather (well…what do you expect in the middle of winter) it was well protected so I didn’t feel the cold.

They had big open fire pits for people to sit around and get warm.

Luna 1878 Melbourne

The smells of food was amazing, there were so many amazing choices and I would pick something and go…”yep, eating that” only to change my mind about 10 seconds later.

The Soup Factory.
Luna 1878 Melbourne

How yum do these stacks of cob loaves look @The Soup Factory.

Luna 1878 MelbourneSeñor BBQ – was going to get this…

Luna 1878 Melbourne

Ok, changed my mind…having a Philly Cheesesteak instead…

Luna 1878 Melbourne

Oh hang on…Filipino BBQ

Luna 1878 MelbourneMy Son wanted a burger so we got him a slider with a meatball from The Meatball Company and I got one as well.

Luna 1878 MelbourneThe Meatball Company – check out those pans & all those meatballs

Luna 1878 Melbourne

While we were waiting Miss A & I took a selfie.

Nightmarkets11These are the meatball sliders with fries that we settled on.

Luna 1878 Melbourne

Luna 1878 Melbourne

We had to get dessert of course – can’t remember the name of the guy doing the pancakes & I didn’t take any pics but these pancakes were delicious & fluffy and moreish. Covered with chocolate custard & ricotta it was perfect to eat & share with each other.

Luna 1878 Melbourne

Then the fighting started. My Son would have a drink then my Daughter wanted a drink and backwards and forwards it went before we called it a night and decided on another quick lap before leaving.

They had these pallet type tables set up to eat on as well as tables & bench seats.

Luna 1878 MelbourneNice Moroccan style lamps that were scattered throughout the markets & would change colours.

Luna 1878 Melbourne

Vintage Garage were there – why didn’t I see this when we arrived. Meltdowns are in progress, you can stop them once they start at this hour so I didn’t get a chance to browse their goodies.

Luna 1878 Melbourne

What’s this….COCKTAILS!!!!!!!!

Luna 1878 Melbourne

My super vision kicked in and the writing was on the wall (so to speak!!).

Luna 1878 Melbourne

Oh well, just have to grab one to taste and it was ok. Heaps of ice and on a cold rainy night it just didn’t work. I still drank it. While my daughter screamed because she wanted some and I didn’t give her any.

Green Apple Mojito

Luna 1878 Melbourne

So we had to hunt down a non-alcoholic drink. We bought one and wowser…$5.00.


More fighting & screaming & crying. She thought it was all for her, he wanted some, she didn’t want to share. Sigh.

Luna 1878 Melbourne

We went home.

Oh did I mention the silent disco….yeah…ahhh…I think you get headphones and then you can dance, without bothering the neighbours.


Excuse me while I silently giggle.

Overall it was fun – something to do in the middle of Winter on a school night. I am a Summer girl so the Suzuki Summer Markets are my first choice – it’s hot, icy drinks rock, there is still light at 9pm. I could go on but will save it for Summer time.

Night night my beautiful boy <3.





The ‘new’ Old Fashioned.

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Ahhh a new cocktail for me to try. This one is called Old Fashioned and well…given the way I dress & do my hair I guess it’s only fitting that I should add this to the list of cocktails to try.

Below is a YouTube video of a ‘mixologist’ called Jack Daniels…no joke…that’s his name…cool huh!

So I followed his instructions and…taa daaaaaaaaaa.

Most recipes of I have for this cocktail say to use Whiskey or any dark spirits and in the video above Jack Daniels uses Cognac. I used dark rum, because…well…I really wanted to try this Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum (how cute is the hula girl illustration on the bottle!!!) – so already I have totally changed the cocktail but…this is my baby, MY old fashioned.

Sailor Jerry Spice Rum

Sugar syrup – I posted the recipe here. Equal parts sugar & water on the heat to boil then simmer for 5 mins. Allow to cool.

Garnish with orange twist and maraschino cherries (ooh and cocktail with a cherry in it I love!).

Old Fashioned Cocktail

This drink is so freakin easy to make and you can use whisky, rum or bourbon and you have a quick easy cocktail to make. It was so good that we had 2 of them, I think using the spiced rum just gave it some depth – without sounding too cheesy.

This video is on the River Island blog – here is a link to River Island Style Insider Blog and here is a link River Island if you want to check out their clothing range.



Birthday dinner

My Husband recently celebrated his birthday and chose to go out for dinner to our vey favourite Japanese Restaurant The New Yamagata Restaurant in Doncaster East.

We have a pre-schooler & toddler so we arrived early – 6pm so we could order, feed the ferrets & get out before they become over tired (sigh…how I long for the nights when you could eat dinner at 9pm!!).

I always order a Japanese Slipper when we eat here and I studied this version, especially after my stuffed up Japanese Slipper last week. This version is much sweeter than mine and I think….huge think…it’s sweetened with lemonade and not lemon juice. Although there are no bubbles on the inside of the glass, you get that distinct tingle on your tongue? Who knows either way it’s nice and sweet and a little too easy to drink.

Japanese Slipper cocktail

The second way too easy to drink cocktail I had was the Strawberry Margarita. Ahhh another very sweet cocktail with chunks of real strawberry in it and a bit of crushed ice. It was delicious and both of these cocktails were only $10.00.

Strawberry Margarita Cocktail

Finally with my dinner I stopped with the cocktails and went traditional and had the house Sake – served warm. My parents were with us and Mum tried some sake and pulled the ‘yukky’ face. She sipped it rather than throw it back (scull it – whatever you call it).

Japanese Sake Warm

We ordered the Yamagata special – sushi boat. Who doesn’t love a sushi boat, unfortunately we half devoured it before I got a chance to take some pics. Yum. The kids were keen to get stuck into all that sushi & sashimi.

Japanese Sushi Boat

Oh and it’s incredibly immature of me but I…snigger snigger I can’t help myself I look for mistakes on menus. Stupid things like misspelled words…ahhh typos. So, yeah…I know it’s stupid and childish but it kept me laughing.

Finally, something for the Vagetarians of the world. tee hee.

Menu typo

My Husband gots some bits & pieces for his camera so I jumped at the chance to have some pics of the outfit I wore. My Hell Bunny Vixen ‘Melanie’ bolero dress. I bought this on sale (can’t remember where from) a while ago and a combination of Winter & limited places to wear it out means this is the very first time I wore it out.

Also took my very cute vintage beaded purse out for the first time.

Hell Bunny Vixen Melanie Bolero Dress

I teamed it with a cropped cardi that I bought before Winter from Target and one of my op shop finds, the snowdrop brooch.

Hell Bunny Vixen Melanie Bolero DressI was watching the cat when this pic was taken.

Hell Bunny Vixen Melanie Bolero DressThe Hell Bunny Vixen ‘Melanie’ Bolero dress without my cardi.

Hell Bunny Vixen Melanie Bolero DressGetting tired and the giggles start.

Hell Bunny Vixen Melanie Bolero DressI was talking to the cat, he yawned at me.

Hell Bunny Vixen Melanie Bolero Dress

Oh and because it is cold I took The Alpaca out again. I can’t stop going on about how much I love this coat. The only reason I have for liking Winter is this coat…ahhh The Alpaca!!!

Collar down on The Alpaca.

Swing Coat AlpacaCollar up and this coat really is the best!

Swing Coat Alpaca


Dinner at San Telmo

We had member of my family come to Melbourne from interstate this week and decided that another dinner was on the cards. We chose San Telmo for dinner and oh…what’s this…they serve cocktails…nooooo. What a surprise!!

I have eaten at Sal Telmo before & really enjoyed it. I love empanadas and love alfajores so as long as I get a serve of both then I am happy.

What to have…what to have!!!

San Telmo cocktails

When we arrived I checked out their cocktail menu and ordered the Malvinas Island Ice Tea. I really enjoyed this cocktail, you see on my way into the city it just so happened that Liverpool FC were in Melbourne. So the city was packed (the MCG had 95,000 people watching the friendly game between Liverpool FC and Melbourne Victory) so I had to park the car in a carpark on Little Collins Street, walk to Collins Street then walk to Lonsdale Street and then to Meyers Place which is kinda near Little Collins Street. My point is with all that walking (in heels!!!!) I was tired and hot so my Malvinas Island Ice Tea was the perfect drink to start with.

Malvinas Island Ice Tea (see my cute vintage glass beaded purse!!)

San Telmo cocktails

I drank it a little too quickly. To top things off I had a visit to the Dentist earlier in the day so was in pain & absolutely had to take a panadeine for pain relief, so adding a cheeky cocktail or three helped totally knock out that pain.

Once we were seated at our table I ordered a La Cumparsita. This cocktail blew my mind. Amazing. I had a sip and wished it was served in this glass to the brim. WOW. It was all coffee and caramel and ohhhhhh. So easy to drink and I would have ordered another but I planned on going to sleep later.

La Cumparsita – AHHHmazing cocktail.

San Telmo cocktails

I decided on a final cocktail. Pisco Sour, again another classic cocktail that I can tick off my list of ‘cocktails to try’. This was so nice and a drink that would great in the warmer months.

Pisco Sour – another very tasty cocktail

San Telmo cocktails

Overall I loved all the cocktails that I tried tonight, they are pricey but most cocktails are these days. I can appreciate the effort that goes into making them but I just wish I could have that La Cumparsita cocktail filled in a huge glass!!!

Mmmm Alfajore. Ohh Dulce de leche

San Telmo dessertsMousse de Chocolate

San Telmo dessertsTarta de queso (Cheesecake with poached seasonal fruit & honeycomb)

San Telmo desserts





Japanese Slipper

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I missed my chance to make a cocktail on Friday night so ummed and ahhhed as to what exactly I should make on Saturday night.

I have Midori & I have Cointreau and I was certain that I had Triple Sec but no. Doesn’t matter I usually use Triple Sec as a substitute for Cointreau so it works both ways.

Japanese slippers are delicious – when made properly. I have made some really shitty Japanese Slippers and tonight’s is probably top of that list. Why…well I didn’t read the ingredients list properly and went and added an extra ingredient. Sure if I was making an Illusion my additional ingredient would have been fine but I was being all precious and wanted to use my maraschino cherries as a garnish so stayed with the Japanese Slipper.

Sigh. So below is the CORRECT recipe for a Japanese Slipper. What I did was add Vodka – 60mls of vodka and it completely stuffed my cocktail up. I can drink it but it’s got that antifreeze aftertaste. lol.

Why I can’t get this cocktail right is beyond me. Next week is my Husbands birthday. We are going to a restaurant that makes the best Japanese Slippers and coincidentally it’s a Japanese restaurant. I always have 2 of them when I visit and I think I should leave it up to the experts to make this drink for me.

If you want to get drunk super quick, make my version. If you want to enjoy a Japanese Slipper, follow the recipe below.

Recipe is taken from the Midori website.

Japanese Slipper

Japanese Slipper

Serves 2

60ml Midori
60ml Triple Sec (I used Cointreau)
60ml Lemon juic
2 Maraschino cherries for garnish


Combine the Midori, Triple Sec and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker. Add ice and shake. Pour into martini glasses and serve.

Enjoy (or if you ever have the misfortune of me making one of these for you – I’m sorry!! Lol).

Japanese Slipper




Farewell my friends

About 3 or 4 weeks ago I was sent an invitation to farewell some friends of ours before they make the big move up North. The theme for their party was The Great Gatsby. I will admit that I freaked out initially but figured this would be a great opportunity to do something different with my hair & to try out an outfit that isn’t 40’s or 50’s.

So my hunt began. I already had a black beaded body hugging gown that is about 20yrs old. I actually wore this dress to my cousins wedding in Mauritius in 1997 (I think?) and it was a bit big on me then and I was pretty chuffed to say that the straps were a bit loose on the night of the party – BUT I did have one wardrobe malfunction.

Next on my list was a fur stole. I recalled seeing one in a local vintage 2nd hand clothing store and I actually grabbed the kids and rushed back to the store but missed out. Gone gone & gone. So I tried ebay and managed to pick up a 1950’s Cornelius Fur from Sydney and was wrapped that it only cost me $41.00.

I found these fabulous shoes, no idea on the date but they look granny enough to fit into that 1920’s style and as a bonus I can wear them with my 50’s wardrobe. Low heel, made in Australia, full leather AND they only cost me $20 from a stall at Waverley Antique Bazaar.


The last piece to my 1920’s wardrobe puzzle was the hair and makeup. I did a fingerwave trial on my hair based on this amazingly easy to understand & follow YouTube tutorial and it worked perfectly. Actually I didn’t really like it when I first did it but after 1 hour I realised that the problem was I wasn’t really digging the 20’s and I was much more comfortable with my 50’s hairstyles so I figured with the whole outfit together it will work.

It did work, I was really happy with the final outcome.


The party was held at Madame Brussells on Bourke Street, Melbourne and we had a private function room where we drank delicious cocktails – martinis (with 3 olives…YES!!) and sidecars (I have to try this one at home.) I had a fantastic night and it was great to catch up with great friends and have a laugh. Everyone made a great effort to dress up – lots of bow tie action from the guys. I love a dress up.

Martini with 3 olives.


Gatsby04Filling up the glasses for the guests.

Gatsby07Yum Sidecars were delicious. A little too easy to drink!

Gatsby08Yeah yeah a selfie – I had to do it.

Gatsby05Close up of the bling on ‘Bernard’ my vintage fur stole (I stole the name from 80’s movie Weekend at Bernie’s – they carry a dead guy around their shoulders all weekend – Bernard is dead & was on my shoulders – get it..huh huh!! lol)

Gatsby14I really would love a backlit cabinet like this for all my fancy bottles & glasses.

Gatsby09Some of the Melbourne skyline – it was pouring with rain but this was the view for the smokers.

Gatsby12One of my friends ordered a cocktail called the Zombie – he had 2 of them!

Gatsby11I ordered a Moscow Mule. It was ok.


I will admit that I felt a bit out-of-sorts not being in my usual garb and I did receive many wonderful compliments – even from people who weren’t guests at the party, so it was nice to get that recognition but I was so happy to wash my hair the next day and get my 1950’s back on.

Oh and as for the wardrobe malfunction I mentioned earlier – ZIPPER FAIL. Yep..sitting outside with the smokers I felt a bit…cold and reached back to find my zipper had split open. Lucky it wasn’t broken so I got my Husband to unzip me and zip me back up. Yeah, I was paranoid for the rest of the night.