Bula from Fiji


My Husband and I recently celebrated our 10thwedding anniversary. We had decided on our honeymoon all those years ago that when we hit 10yrs we would have that 5 star spare no expense holiday to celebrate and that it would be just the two of us.

So we did it and we chose to go to Fiji. A decision we did not regret.

We stayed at the Intercontinental Golf Resort & Spa and stayed in a club room – which meant we had our very own infinity edge plunge pool.

Oh and we flew business class on Air Fiji!!

The only regret for us…we didn’t bring our kids. I know…child free holiday, not having to worry about naps & bed times and making sandwiches every other minute but yeah, we really missed our little people and have vowed to return to Fiji and take them with us.

The flight over was only 4.5hrs (but add the time it takes to pack, get to the airport, check your luggage in, go through immigration, wait for your flight to board, take off, fly, land, get your luggage, customs, immigration, transfers to your accommodation (phew) you are looking at about 10hrs of travelling (from Melbourne, AUS). But…it’s totally worth it.

The view from our room. It was about 6.30am when we arrived & although it’s overcast with drizzle it was very humid.

Intercontinental Fiji club roomThe Cleopatra bath that is located outside the room.

cleopatra bath intercontinental golf resortJust arrived in Fiji selfie.


It rained the day we arrived but it’s so warm that it didn’t really matter.We pretty much chilled out for the day and at 3.30pm we headed to the club room for high tea and we ordered tea and got our little plates of goodies. Every day from 3.30pm they serve high tea in the club room, from memory there was only 1 day that we skipped the high tea because we had a special dinner planned later in the evening.

High tea with a selection of goodies (we ate the sandwiches & then I remembered to take a pic).

High tea club room intercontinental golf resortLater at 5.30pm we were back at the club room for cocktail hour. There were about 6 complimentary cocktails to choose from and over the course of the week we tried them all. They also served us hot and cold canapés which we needed because we were hungry, although what would happen over the week was we would do the high tea and then the cocktails and all those little snacks would fill us and then come dinner we couldn’t finish whatever we had ordered.

 intercontinental golf resort cocktailsMy first cocktail in Fiji was the Natadola Beach – very very nice cocktail.

Natadola Beach CocktailMy Husbands first cocktail was a Mojito and he said is was “Fucking Excellent”. lol

Mojito Cocktail Intercontinental Golf ResortOur cold canapés – Salmon & cucumber on pancakes, Banana smoothie, Soba noodles, Beef & avocado salsa on mini toast.

Intercontinental golf resort cold canapesHot canapés – BBQ Beef skewers, Tempura Okra, Meatballs with sweet chilli sauce, Fried fish (which we think was chicken?) Fish-chicken meh we’re on holidays!!

Intercontinental golf resort Hot canapesMy Husbands 2nd cocktail was the Club View Martini

ClubViewMartini Intercontinental Golf ResortMy 2nd cocktail was the Club Exotic Martini.

ClubExoticMartini Intercontinental golf resortThe most stunning sunset to enjoy while drinking our cocktails.

Fiji sunsetStill a bit of light in the sky while we waited for our dinner at Toba Bar & Grill.

Toba Bar & GrillStill not finished with the drinks, I ordered a Nova Breeze – it really wasn’t my thing.

Nova Breeze cocktailSo I had to order another drink, this time it was a Pina Colada. I think I described it on the night as coconut oil in a drink version. Ha.

Pina Colada FijiWe got to spend heaps of time just hanging out poolside and because the ocean was a short stroll from where we were sitting I got to have a swim in the ocean…a first in about 10yrs. Australia is surrounded by water but we are so far south that it’s like bloody ice water so I NEVER go in. When we have gone up north near Cairns there are stingers in the water and the odd crocodile doing laps near the beach – yeah so I NEVER enter the water up there. So to finally walk into the sea and the water is the perfect temperature and it’s clear – so clear that I could see fish…FISH swimming up close to me.

The view we woke up to on our 2nd day! Spectacular and it was so warm outside.

Intercontinental golf resort club room


Fiji sunshineThe main pool and the ocean – the Pacific Ocean with all it’s ‘warm like bath water’ goodness.

Fiji Pacific Ocean


Intercontinental golf resort main poolI believe the resort was built on land that used to grow sugar cane. These are the railway tracks that would move the cane when it was picked.

Intercontinental Golf Resort & SpaSneaky sneaky…is that water or Vodka & Gin? hmmm.

Fiji WaterMy Darling Husband enjoying a swim in our private infinity edge plunge pool.

Infinity Edge Pool FijiI posted this pic on Instagram, there are bollards all around the resort and this one reminded me of Elvis. There was another that looked like Angus Young from ACDC.

Elvis in Fiji

In case you are wondering, yes I did my hair, makeup and dressed the way I always do every day. I got heaps of compliments which is always nice! The only time I changed was when I was returning from a swim & I would have my Mauritius sarong on.

On one of the nights we decided to go to the resorts ‘fine dining’ restaurant Tobu and had a wonderful dinner – we were there for about 2hrs but it really felt like about 30mins – good company & food I suppose! No pics because it was so dark, only a little tea light on our table.

A shot of the Mai Tai I ordered at the Navo Restaurant.

Mai Tai Cocktail FijiI also got the benefit of a massage or two. The first massage I had was on a nice day so I was a little reluctant to have to go indoors and have a massage but of course once I was in there I didn’t complain. They ask you to arrive 30mins before your treatment and I wondered why they asked you to be there so early – well that’s because they have this steam room that you sit in for 5-7mins, rinse off then go into a spa bath for another 5-7 mins and then you go into a cold room – it’s very cold, with a basin filled with crushed ice to rub over your body and then the ice shower. It’s cold and I did it on both visits but kinda ran through like a scaredy cat. Finally they get you to change into your robe and head into a waiting room where you are served a herbal tea – lemongrass, ginger & vanilla bean & a slice. The first massage my slice was an oatmeal & honey slice. The second slice was a sesame & honey slice. No pics but use your imagination…!

My massages were fantastic and I just wished I could have them go on an on but I have to pay for them so yeah…just 60mins both times.

During my second massage a huge…huge ass thunderstorm passed overhead and there was heaps of thunder and rain. It was awesome and really relaxing but to be honest I would have loved to have sat outside our room watching that storm roll in. A few times we got to see some amazing lightening shows courtesy of mother nature out in the Pacific Ocean, but still it was hot & steamy so a bit of rain didn’t ruin our holiday at all.

There is a storm brewing out over the Pacific Ocean. Still very hot & humid.

Stormy Pacific Ocean FijiThe sunset after that epic storm – every sunset was just sensational.

Fiji SunsetCocktail hour – Caprioska & Club View Martini

Fiji CocktailsNatadola Beach Cocktail & Club View Martini

Natadola Beach cocktail

Fiji sunsetCold Canapés – Seared tuna, Beef soba noodles, Mushroom soup, Creamy crab toasts & Gruyere cheese & almonds.

Intercontinental golf resort & spa cold canapes club roomHot Canapés – Lamb skewers, Eggplant fritters, Tandoori prawns & Chicken wontons.

Intercontinental golf resort & spa hot canapes club roomLast drinks. A selfie from the Club room during cocktail hour and watching the most amazing sunset & cloud formations.

Fiji selfiePost storm sunset clouds. Just breathtaking!

Fiji clouds sunsetI think this pic was taken day 3 or 4 at Cocktail hour another Mojito & the green cocktail was the  Toba Float.

Toba Float cocktailPoolside selfie. This was taken the day we were leaving.

Fiji selfiePic taken from the car as we were travelling back to Nadi Airport.

FijiIt was hard to leave our luxury holiday but we were both keen to see our babies and give them all the goodies we bought for them. It will be a few years before we get a chance to go back & I am sure our kids will really love it.




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I got my hair cut!!

I cut my hair!!

I did it!

I finally gathered up all the bits of courage I had laying around and stuffed them into my purse and got my hair cut.

Long story short, I have had MANY bad haircuts. A mixture of trusting new hairdressers and letting them do what they wanted or thought was best for me, as well as my own lack of knowledge when it came to styling my hair and therefore not being able to accurately describe what it was that I wanted.

So I let my hair grow and grow and grow. With minor trims here and there but never anything over the top. I think my last big hair cut was about 11yrs ago & that was THE worst cut. I eventually got over it and found a great local hairdresser who was responsible for my colour as well as the odd trims & layer cuts.

The BEFORE shot

Alex Middy Cut Before

My hair was looong!
Alex Middy Cut BEFORE

In the meantime I found my confidence and discovered I actually have some skillz when it comes to setting my hair in vintage styles. THEN I found the words to describe the cut I wanted THE MIDDY.

My life has changed. Amazing that one good or bad hairstyle can have such a huge impact on how you feel about yourself. Right now, I ROCK the world. I simply adore my hair and I will admit that I am incredibly pedantic when it comes to doing wet set pin curls and the stylist today wasn’t as precious I am and the curls are still amazing.


The AFTER shot!!!!! (so many exclamation marks…I must be happy!)

Alex Middy Cut AFTER

I am looking forward to trying all my different setting patterns that I have learnt over the years as well as seeing the difference between foam roller wet sets and pin curl wet sets. Either way, the next few weeks will be loads of fun.

I did insist that the front length still be long enough that I could continue doing victory rolls, faux bumper bangs as well as faux Bettie Page bangs, so my Middy may not be a ‘true’ Middy, it still suits my needs.

The colour – ahhh how great is covering all those grey hairs. My red is red. I asked for red and I got red, actually it’s a mix of two different reds (and pink based red & an orange based red) made by ‘Special Effects’. It’s vibrant and I am hoping I can stick to one wash a week to keep its vibrancy as long as possible.

For those who want to know I got my hair cut & coloured at Wildilocks in West Melbourne, VIC.
My black button down shirt is a Savers find
My 3/4 sleeve black cropped cardi an op shop find
My red & white polkadot circle skirt is hand made by ME!!
Vintage Pearls are a purchase from the ‘Round She Goes’ vintage market



Outfit of the day


I love this skirt. It’s called the Jenny Cherry Skirt & I got it from MisKonduct for my Birthday this year. I would love to make a skirt like this but I fear the cost would be outrageous, there is just so much fabric and I don’t need to wear a pettiskirt under it because it foofs out all on it’s own.

The red Marilyn top I am wearing underneath my cardi was also bought from MisKonduct.


You can’t go wrong with cherries!

Jenny Cherry Skirt

I teamed it with a plain black cropped cardi and a fab brooch I picked up from Savers (which has just opened near me) from memory the brooch cost $3.99. I wore this outfit to do my grocery shopping, it was a bit cold the day I took this pic so I have an ugly pair of panty hose on but they are so robust – I actually chuck them in the wash sans washing bag and they survive!

Peek through my Victory Roll.

Victory Roll

 Side view of my Victory Roll.

Martinis & SlippersCan you believe my 5yr old Son took the shot below!!! Very talented young man!!

Martinis & Slippers



365 Days of Vintage Hair Styling

It’s a retrospective hair post!

Bettie Page Bangs

I have been quietly celebrating a small achievement of mine. As of the 6th October 2013 I officially wore my hair in a vintage style everyday for 365 days. YUP!! 12 whole months, 365 days of styling my hair with a vintage style. Some styles have been fairly elaborate and have taken me a few goes to get right. Some styles take me less than 5 minutes to do and have people saying “you must spend so much time doing your hair”.

Vintage hair

Even the days that I spent vomiting with gastro and had endless showers and laying in bed convinced that I was dying, I STILL managed to have some form of a vintage style (so grateful that day that it was my Bettie Page faux bangs!).

Vintage hair

I do this for me. I do these hairstyles because I like them. I do them because sometimes it really is a bit of a challenge and I do them because up until about 2 years ago I had no idea how to style my hair in the cool styles I do now. My vintage repertoire consisted only of a girls version of a pompadour – a style that I have been using since I was about 14yrs old.

Victory rolls

So if you want to try a new hairstyle or do something different to your hair. Make yourself a drink, get onto YouTube and search for hairstyles that interest you. Watch a tutorial, get the tools you need and get into the bathroom and try it.

Suicide rolls

I still have a long way to go and so much more to learn and will eventually have to bite the bullet and go all the way and have a Middy Cut done – I love my long hair but wet set pin curls or foam rollers take forever and my hair is thick so I need eleventy billion years to get it totally dry.

Victory Rolls

It’s amazing how many people acknowledge my hair or the clothes I wear. I receive a compliment from a complete stranger at least once a week, which as you can imagine is an amazing boost to your confidence. People always smile at me and are always keen to stop me to have a chat. I also get recognised immediately – whereas years ago people could never remember if they had met me before. There is no mistaking now!!

Victory rolls

Anyway…some pics that I managed to take of my hair over the past 12 months.

My gorgeous Son and I – I’m wearing one of my Hell Bunny dresses.

Bettie Page Bangs

My Vicious Venus dress. A very flattering dress.

Victory Rolls


Bettie Page Bangs


Bettie Page Faux Bangs


victory rolls

Below is the before shot – about to take out my foam rollers.

Hair rollers

This is during the brush out – my hair looked like so much fun so I had to take a pic.

Vintage hair styling

Wearing my Sourpuss Cherry cardi.

Victory rolls


Victory rolls


Rosie the Riveter

My Retrospec’d dress.

Victory rolls

Below is my first trial of doing finger waves and I still can’t believe it worked first go.

Finger waves


Bettie Page Faux Bangs

A cold day at the snow and I was grateful for my 1960s vintage swing coat.

Victory roll

Cute snowflake brooch.

Vintage hair styling

My 1920s finger waves with my fabulous vintage fur stole that I named Bernard.

1920s hairstyle

Below I had no makeup and a fab vintage necklace that I picked up from the ‘Round She Goes’ Market.

Rosie the Riveter


Suicide roll

This style below is a post visit to the hair salon to get my colour done.

Vintage curls


Bettie page faux bangs

My gorgeous Daughter & I.

Victory rolls


vintage hair

Wearing a gorgeous 1950s dress I picked up from Bess Georgette.

Vintage hair

I have an obsession with cardigans, this pink sequinned cardi is one of my favs but it’s very fragile so it’s not worn anymore

suicide roll

Red and white striped cropped jumper from ‘Friends of Couture’.

1940s hairstyle

Another amazing vintage cardi, this one has amazing flowers made out of beads.

1940s hairstyle

One of my favourite vintage reproduction dresses from Vicious Venus.

Bettie Page faux bangs

Faux pearl & hand sewn floral cardigan bought from a local vintage store.

Rosie the Riveter


Victory Rolls

This cropped 3/4 sleeve 1950s sequinned jacket has been in my wardrobe for 2yrs, waiting for the right moment to be worn. I adore this jacket!

Victory rolls


foam hair rollers

Me wearing my very own handmade 1944 blouse.

Victory rolls

On Halloween I wore black and green – a 1930-1940s vintage Swarovski & emerald green rhinestones necklace with my very overdone green eyeshadow.

Vintage Witch




How to make & use a faux hair rat


I lost my only black faux hair rat recently. I suspect that my daughter has gotten a hold of it and hidden it somewhere, she is something of a bowerbird when it comes to other peoples belongings and yeah I imagine that I will come across it one day when I tidy her toys in her room. Until then I decided that I would make a new one.

Faux hair rats are easy to make and they add bulk & support to your hair when you need it. I have written about them before but that hair rat was the wrong colour for my hair and I did have a creepy DIY version, made with my own hair collected (harvested perhaps..lol) from my own hairbrush. The ladies used to do that in the good ol’ days and it makes sense because it would match your hair colour.

Step 1.

Buy a hair bun sponge. I got mine from one of those cheap stores that sell everything (glassware, party goods, gift wrap, toys etc). They have them in chemists & priceline but they are sooooo much dearer, make sure you get a colour that is as close to your hair colour as possible.

Hair rat

Step 2.

You need scissors, needle and thread to match the colour of your sponge.

Hair rat Step 3.

Cut the hair bun sponge. One simple cut and now you have a sausage instead of a donut. You will need to cut it to the length you prefer. I paired my black hair rat next to my old brown hair rat to ensure the new one is the right length.

faux hair rat

 Step 4.

Thread that needle and stitch your rat so it doesn’t roll open. This time I didn’t have to do it but eventually I will need to as the thread that is currently holding it together isn’t secured properly. It will start opening up at the ends and it’s easy to fix. With previous hair rats I have made the original donut shaped sponge once cut was really thick, so I had to cut the thread holding it all together, unwinding the roll until it was the right thickness and then cutting the excess off and restitching. If you plan on using a hair rat regularly then it’s worth the effort but if you can get a smaller thickness hair bun sponge in the first place this will save you time unwinding/restitiching.

faux hair rat

Step 5.

Use your hair rat!

A little bit of pre-planning is helpful here but not totally necessary if you are doing Bettie Page faux bangs. I prefer to set it the night before because it’s easier & quicker for me to do my hair the following day. I rolled my damp hair in foam rollers and sectioned a triangle section of hair at the crown of my head. I use a bit of hair serum to help smooth it out & use my newly created hair rat to roll it and use bobby pins to secure it. It’s rough and not very tidy at all but the point of this is to get that curl to help me roll it properly in the morning. I wrapped my hair in a lovely vintage red nylon scarf and kept it safe from any tossing & turning I may do while sleeping.

Bettie Page bangs

 Now, I am no expert when it comes to rolling my hair in rollers. I have only been doing this for about 2 years and I know I am getting faster at doing it. Initially it took me almost 2 hours, sectioning and trying to roll and re-roll and re-re-roll. Now it’s 45 minutes at the most. I have thick long hair and rolling the back is the hardest. I will section the sides and roll those first. Then section the back into 3 parts. The middle part is the bit I do next. It sucks and I know from behind it probably looks a right mess. Then the other two parts are rolled. Practise, practise and practise. Watch tutorials on YouTube, there are heaps and they are easy to follow and understand.

Vintage hairstylesWhile my hair was still in the rollers I started on my Bettie Page faux bangs. I take out the pins that are holding the faux hair rat and use Brylcreem to smooth my hair and make it shiny. I use a tail comb to smooth it all out and then start the roll at the ends of the hair which has some mean curl action happening and it makes it so easy to wrap around the hair rat. Then you roll and roll and roll all the way up to the forehead and using bobby pins, you pin it in place at the base of the rat & your hair roots. It takes practise and can be a bit fiddly but persevere.

Bettie Page BangsRolling, rolling and pinning. Taa daa! All done and then it’s time to move onto the next section, taking out those curlers. I don’t put hair spray on until I am done doing all my hair. Try and be careful taking the rollers out around your newly rolled bang.

Vintage hairstylesNo pics of me taking the foam rollers out but I start with taking the rollers out at the base of my head and work my way up. I unwind the curls to keep them from going all frizzy. Once they are all done I have all these cute Shirley Temple ringlets. It’s hard to see them because of the colour of my hair but they are there.

Foam rollersNow I start running my fingers through the curls to separate them. It’s fun if you have an 80’s themed party to go to…you could get to this stage and stop because my hair is a big curly bouffant. This time however it was still a little damp, even a blast with the hair dryer didn’t help.

vintage hairstylesOnce you have run your fingers through those curls you need to start brushing and brushing and yup…more brushing. This bit takes ages and there are times when I seriously want to quit and shave it all off but instead I just keep brushing. I use a paddle brush and eventually it comes into this amazing curl. You might also want to put some serum or smoothing lotion onto your hands to help with any frizz while you are brushing.

Vintage hairstylesAaaand I’m done. Now it’s hard to see because of the colour of my hair but I have a mean curl happening right at the side of my hair the other side however…

Bettie Page Faux BangsMy hair was still damp-ish so the red curls worked a treat but the rest of my hair kinds went…meh. So when it doesn’t want to work…FLOWERS!! In the past if this has happened I have ended up doing victory rolls on either side of my head but a flower it was today.

Bettie Page Faux Bangs


Ooh and I love my Erstwilder Harvey the Hot Rod Cadillac brooch!! I was going to go to a car show so I wanted to show ‘my car’ off! It rained and by the time we arrived most of the cars had left. I think they will be having another car show in February so hopefully the weather will be kind to us then.


How to get a hangover

I recently celebrated my Birthday. It was mid-week so we did a small cake & dinner with the kids and then for the weekend my Husband organised a night at a hotel in the city as well as dinner. I wasn’t told what hotel or where dinner was going to be…. just when.

My lovely parents were happy to have the kids for a sleepover and once we dropped them off we were on our way.

I didn’t find out until we arrived to the hotel that we were staying at the Park Hyatt in Melbourne, in fact the hotel is right next door to the church we got Married in so considering we did nothing for our Wedding Anniversary in April it was kinda nice to be so close to a special part of our lives.

The Park Hyatt Melbourne.

Park Hyatt MelbourneThe church we were married in almost 10 years ago!

Lutheran Church Melbourne

So we got all dolled up for dinner and I had no idea where we were going so I wore heels. High heels. High heels that I have worn only on two other occasions and heels that really bloody hurt. We had to walk. So yeah…dinner was at 6pm so we walked veeeeery veeeeery slooooooowly to arrive at Grossi Florentino!

Grossi Florentino Grill


We had a Bellini to start which was a little too easy to drink.

Bellini at Grossi Florentino.

Grossi Florentino Bellini

I couldn’t take pics of our food because the lighting was quite dark in the spot we were seated. Our entrée was delicious – pork & fennel sausages & bruschetta to share.

For our mains my Husband ordered a steak with a side of roasted potatoes. I got the mussels with kalamata olives and a tomato broth. I scoffed my dinner and I thought I might be hungry later but I was ok. I also ordered extra bread to soak up that broth.

My darling Husbands in his gorgeous suit & pochette from P. Johnston Tailors.

P Johnson Suit & Pochette

We both drank a glass of Malbec with our dinner. I used to be a huge red wine drink but I had horrible hangovers when I do drink it.

Finally dessert, we weren’t going to get anything, then we were, then we weren’t and then our waitress suggested the donuts. So we got a serve of the donuts to share and good heavens it was amazing. So I was carrying some pretty heavy duty carb bloatage (is that a word?..if not I just invented it…that word is mine!).

I also had a dessert wine which I cannot for the life of me remember the name of but it was amazing. Yum yum!!

Ok, so dinner is over we decided to head over to Lily Blacks for cocktails. Because we had our dinner so early (they have times for dining and the first session started at 6pm) Lily Blacks was pretty empty – a few small groups of people having a drink and we actually preferred it that way. We got our drinks straight away, got a booth to sit at and could talk & hear each other. WIN WIN & WIN.

Lily Blacks Cocktail menu.

Lily Blacks Cocktail Menu

So the first cocktail for the night was Sinnerman – rum, housemade fig & cinnamon bitters, almond & lemon. It was served in a wine glass and this was really refreshing. I enjoyed it and was a little too easy to drink. My Husband had a G&T.


Lily Blacks SinnermanSinnerman.

Lily Blacks SinnermanGin & Tonic.

Gin & Tonic

Then it happened. I spied a certain cocktail that I wanted to try in the wild. A non Alex version of an Old Fashioned. It even had it’s own special page, dedicated to variations of Old Fashions so we had to give it a go. Both versions were rum based. Carl got the Cherry & Kola Bitters version and I got the Fig & Cinnamon Bitters version.

Lily Blacks Old Fashioned cocktail menu.

Lily Blacks Old Fashioned


Old Fashioned -two ways.

Lily Blacks Old Fashioned

Hmmm. Nice big ass rock of ice in my glass, huge rind of orange that gave both of our cocktails that amazing citrus overtone but no cherry. Nothing. I was sad but I still drank my cocktail. We both agreed of the two, my cocktail tasted a bit better but amazingly we both agreed that my version using Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum was better….Yay Yay. My version just has an added level of depth to it. A nice finish on your palette to be all fancy.

Once we finished our drinks we decided to head over to Liverpool Street where Double Happiness is located. I wanted to try one more cocktail and then we could head back to the hotel so I could relieve my poor aching feet. My Husband walked and I hobbled to Double Happiness and again a few patrons but we got a spot to sit and grabbed a menu to pick our drink drink.

Double Happiness cocktail menu.

Double Happiness Cocktail MenuDouble Happiness – My Husband ordering our drinks.

Double Happiness Melbourne

I ordered Mr Foo which was made up of Chilli vodka, coriander, fresh lime and dry ginger. I liked this cocktail – a bit of an acquired taste. It’s spicy and I actually joked that the only thing missing from this drink was a bit of soy, some noodles, veges and maybe some chicken. I use lime, ginger, chilli & coriander when I make stir-fry. If only I had been brave enough to turn it into a cocktail – sans the food bits.

Hundred Flower Movement & Mr Foo.

Double Happiness Cocktails

My Husband ordered the Hundred Flower Movement with sake, rose syrup, lemon and peach bitters. My Husbands choice was delicious. I could have had about ten of these. I love it when they are easy to drink (doesn’t everyone!).

For our second choice, My Husband decided to have another Hundred Flower Movement and I went with Communist Manifesto with tequila, tamarind, lime, mandarin & Szechuan salt. The edge of the glass was rimmed with the Szechuan salt and this drink was dominated by the mandarin and was fabulous to drink. I really liked this one.

Hundred Flower Movement & Communist Manifesto.

Double Happiness Cocktails

Finally it was time to head back to our hotel. No more drinking because it’s expensive and yeah…no one would want to get a horrible hangover tomorrow…would they!!!

The Windsor Hotel with it’s amazing coloured light display.

The Windsor Hotel Melbourne

To top off my amazing night – a documentary on Elizabeth Taylor and her precious jewels. I was captivated and couldn’t believe the history behind La Peregrina Pearl that she was gifted. Oooh to have a collection like that!!!

My plan was to sleep in until at least 9am. With 2 pre-school aged kids they go to bed quite early in the evening and wake at 7am. I go to bed late and wake early. Instead of my lovely sleep in I woke up at 5am with the worst hangover ever. Needless to say every little bit of water I drank was purged from my body and I felt like crap for the rest of the day.

Bleugh…this is what a hangover looks like. I am wearing a gorgeous black vintage shirt dress with a pink cropped cardi by Revival both eBay purchases.

Vintage Shirt DressI felt truly horrible taking this pic and couldn’t even be bothered fixing my cardi.

Erstwilder Brooch

It was about 11.30am before I could keep anything down and the first thing I had was a coffee. That took the edge off my headache and a bacon, egg & cheese toasty from Argos Loves Company in Fitzroy to help my poor tummy.

So all up I had a fantastic Birthday this year, not to mention the amazing first day of Spring Melbourne had. Sunshine, warm air and just a slight breeze (that picked up a bit later in the day).

I love life (even with a shitty hangover!!).



Day at the snow

It doesn’t happen often when you get a totally free weekend because of cancellations & rescheduling. I had a dentist appointment that was moved to next week.  A visit to a friends house cancelled at the last minute due to family commitments and a Winter BBQ at our house cancelled because our guest of honour had to change her plans. So aside from grocery shopping we had zero plans.

I decided that we should take the kids to see snow. Their very first trip to the snow and the closest snow fields are only about 2ish hours away from our home.

Now the trip up and back was marred by my car sick Daughter but we know what to expect these days so pack about 10 changes of clothes for her and have spew bags, towels and face washers all ready for action.

She didn’t disappoint and managed her first spew after we passed through The Black Spur – ie. A fabulous drive that twists and turns itself all the way up and then down a mountain range. It was only after we had finished the Black Spur and hit a nice straight road that she started vomiting.

The Black Spur – twisty roads but amazingly beautiful scenery.


After a short break to clean up and redress (poor little chicken was freezing while we changed her into dry clean clothes) we were on our way to Lake Mountain.

It’s starting to get really foggy, this is just outside of Marysville.


We paid to get entry into the national park – $51.00au CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!!!! We were initially ok with it because…well…they have to maintain whatever it is they maintain and the previous times I have been to Lake Mountain about 5 mins after you pay (and have been driving) you start seeing snow on the sides of the road and start getting excited. This time however, no snow.



No snow.


No snow.


Still no snow.

Finally we get within 200 – 300 metres of the resort and oh gee…what’s that teeny tiny little patch of white stuff. Sigh


We did check the snow report and it said that there was snow but maybe it melted overnight? Hmmm.

It was cold. Our car beeps at us to let us know when it hits 3 degrees celcius and it was beeping away. I think when we parked it was about 2 degrees celcius. We rugged up, gloves, The Alpaca made an appearance and didn’t disappoint (Thank you my lovely warm Alpaca!!). Once we were dressed we walked up towards the chalet and wait…what’s that…could it possibly be? SNOWWWWWWWWWWW.

My children enjoying snow for the first time.


It was packed, if I had to give an estimate I would say at least eleventy billion people where there. The last time I went to Lake Mountain there were hardly any people there. The time before that we tobogganed down a small run they have set just for that purpose and there were maybe 20-30 people. No chance of running into someone.

See…eleventy billion people using the tobaggan track

Snowpic06Lake Mountain Alpine Resort


We didn’t hire anything this time around, instead we watched our kids be fascinated by snow (ok…so it was fake but still!!) and they touched it & threw it and made snowballs. I was so excited for them.

Ooh look…it’s snowing (lol) man made style.


Our next step was the obligatory visit to the café for something laden with carbohydrates and yes…hot dog, chips & drink $12.50 and we split it 4 ways so we all got a bit to eat. No pics because I was still defrosting!

Back out to see the snow and then back to the car. I had managed to do a bit of forward thinking and made some hot chocolate, put it in a thermos, bought some cups along so we sat the kids in the back of the car & we each had a hot cup of cocoa and it was perfect. I even managed to find some marshmallows before we left home and it was great.

Snowpic09Om nom nom


It started to rain – well more like sleet. I haven’t experienced it before but it felt like rain didn’t melt so it was kinda like hail but not the damaging type hail – baby hail.

Those tiny white dots are the rain frozen to ice.

Snowpic11Our lovely view while drinking our hot chocolate.


Snowpic12I had to get up close to take a pic of the real snow.

Snowpic13Compulsory snow selfie pic – oh and my beautiful Alpaca kept me so warm!




After our little hot-choc-a-thon we headed home. A huge drive for such a short stay but to be honest we (I) don’t have the appropriate snow gear so it was cold. I did slip on the snow and I was holding Miss A when it happened, my shoes were totally inappropriate. At least my feet were dry.

On our way home – with everyone else.


A great day still and I was happy that my children got to experience the snow in Australia.




1920’s Finger wave hairstyle

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I style my hair every day. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I do something with it and I always stick to styles that I can do really quick from the 1940’s & 1950’s.

I have a party coming up in the next few weeks and it is a Gatsby theme – 1920’s theme and I went “AHHHHHHH”. I have a wardrobe FULL of 40’s & 50’s style clothing but nothing from the 1920’s & I am a gun at doing 40’s & 50’s hairstyles on myself but finger waves, I have no freakin idea.

So I went straight to YouTube and did a search, checked out a few videos and made a list of the tools I needed, dashed to the shops, spent moderately well and got down to business.

This is my very first attempt at the style and I think I pretty much nailed it. I will do a few more trials before the big party just to be sure.



Ohh and a sneaky peek at ‘Bernard’ my fur stole.



Fingers crossed it works on the night…eeeek.






The Firehouse

Citrus flavoured drinks were the unexpected theme for the night with all the cocktails I ordered.

Arrrr she be havn’ er share o’ vitamin c to ward off that there scurvy!!! Arrrrr. Ok, that was pretty cheesy pirate talk.

Perhaps because it’s Winter in Australia and every other person has a cold the kind bartender thought it best that we get a top up of vitamin c in all our alcoholic beverages. Ha.

So, a night out with the girls to have a bite to eat, catch up on the goss – child free & see a dear friend of ours that was back in Melbourne for the week saw us at The Firehouse in Ringwood.

We have eaten here a few times, always enjoyed the food. The staff are fantastic & our waitress was brilliant.

Hmmm what would I like to drink tonight?


My first drink for the night was the Sherbertini. Wow. Ok…so my friend & I have arrived early our other friends were on their way so we snuck in a cheeky drink and my friend is animatedly telling me a story. My drink is in front of me & I have taken my fair share of pics. My friend has my full attention & I reach for my drink, take a sip and my face erupts into the perfect example of a sour puss – cat bum – squinty – sour face. Even though I couldn’t see it I knew it was funny. My friend squeals with laughter & my eyes water & my saliva glands go into overdrive.



What a reaction!!! I loved it. I had another sip & this time knew what to expect so the facial reaction was somewhat reduced but this drink smelt like sherbert and tasted very lemony, very tart but the sugar-rimmed edge of the glass helped cut through that tartness. A sipping drink not designed for swallowing in one gulp.

Next on the list was the Raspberry Pisco Sour. Another foamy drink courtesy of egg whites and this was really nice with the raspberry & lime flavour. As I was taking my last sips I was getting these teeny tiny bit of raspberry gems I suppose you could call them in my mouth & it was very moreish. I enjoyed it & would order 10 of them if they weren’t $17 each and made my head cloudy the next day.

Raspberry Pisco Sour.


Finally I ordered a jug – yes a jug at $22 each of the Pink Pineapple Mai Tai. My first Mai Tai and it was good. Between 4 people we all got a serve in a glass as pictured and it was nice – perfect Summery drink. I could make this & easily chip away at a jug of this at a bbq or just kicking back on a hot Summers day. Grapefruit juice was the boss in this drink, it kinda overtook the orange & pineapple juice that was also included in the cocktail.

Pink Pineapple Mai Tai being poured from the jug.

Cocktails_06Pink Pineapple Mai Tai.


After my 3 drinks I wasn’t drunk. I was happy not tipsy & I felt great. Then I did something stupid. I ordered a glass of wine. Red wine. I love red wine but I probably shouldn’t have had that glass because it made me feel a bit blurghhh. I had the wine with my main meal – the Wagyu Beef Burger that was so tasty and yes it was noticed by everyone on the table that I had been quiet since my meal arrived – too busy eating to talk!!!! Chips & a pickle on the side completed my delicious meal.

Yes – I had a cheeky bite of the pickle BEFORE taking the pic.


We shared desserts but I didn’t take any pics of that. We ordered the apple crumble and the chocolate brownie. I only tasted the brownie and omm nom nom. I love anything with salted caramel on it and well..salted caramel ice cream just made this brownie perfect. We ate it all!!

Oh and I included a cheesy selfie – my hair didn’t quite do what I wanted. I put it in hair roller but only for 5 hours or so. About 1 minute after I took the rollers out the curls dropped. Boooooo. So into a pony tail & just a simple forward victory roll.

Cocktails_02As we were leaving the restaurant they had this backlit sign near the entrance.


I hope you all had a fabulous Friday night.





Directions hair dye

I colour my hair.

Yup…that red patch on the side of my head – FAKE. I know right, it looks so natural that you can’t tell that it’s fake but it is.



You see, that side of my hair is grey. Prematurely grey. Frizzy and uncool grey. Not the cool super hero kinda grey, if only it was then I would totally embrace my grey streak of wonder but alas it’s patchy and mottled and not cool enough for me to wear sans hair dye.

So, I have visits to my hairdresser to rectify this small issue and what was initially 3 patches of coloured hair (each side and the back) on my head has progressed to 1 patch of coloured hair that extends to the hairline. I love my hair like this. It’s different and it has taken me 4yrs to get to a stage where I am genuinely happy with the way it looks.

Between visits to the hairdresser I wash my hair (as you do!!), about twice a week and of course that red patch fades fast. It goes to a washed out pink colour and although I don’t mind it, around the hairline there are the very obvious grey regrowth popping out all over the place.

To temporarily cover the fade I have been using Paintbox in Cherry Red. It comes in a tube and is easy to apply to my hair – wait 15-20mins and wash it out…All ready. However, it doesn’t have that vibrancy that I was wanting and it lasts 1 maybe two washes before I have to reapply. It’s a cheap short term fix that has suited me well in the past.


I was going to try Manic Panic but reading a Facebook rockabilly buy/sell page a person asked a question about hair colour and suddenly there were heaps of responses and quite a few people mentioned Directions hair dye. So I figured I would skip Manic Panic and buy Directions and see how it is.




I bought Poppy Red and wow, it’s red. I love the colour. I don’t have a proper hair colouring brush so HA I used one of the kids paint brushes and it worked out great. The colour comes in a little pot and isn’t drippy. I painted it on, made sure the greys were covered and covered and covered. Waiting 15mins (stalking ebay) and washed it out.

Before – faded & sad, sorry about the crappy pics but it was hard to show how faded it was with the bright bathroom lights overhead. You can see the ends don’t look so ‘red’.





After – Well…it’s supposed to look different..the next shot maybe.




AFTER…Taa daaa much better shot of the side of my head. The colour looks great in natural sunlight.




All done and the colour is brilliant. It’s bright and vibrant and I will see how many washes I can get before it starts fading. Fingers crossed I get at least 2 washes.