Winter rain and my hair



Ahhh Melbourne in Winter. Today it’s raining and it’s cold – not freezing cold but still cold.

Rain and my hair are arch enemies. The second a teeny tiny drop of water hits my hair it transforms into a frizzy monster. No amount of anti-frizz product will help and I have found the only thing that stops it is a shizen load of hair spray.

Anyway. Not realising that it would be raining in Melbourne for eleventy billion years I decided 2 nights ago to wash & set my hair in rollers so I would have glamourous curls that would last me until the weekend, which by then they would have dropped but I would still have something that resembled a vintage hairstyle.

Ahhh No. The hair gods decided that wasn’t going to happen. Well the washing bit happened, the setting hair in rollers bit happened, the shite sleep at night because my hair was in rollers bit happened. The curls looking amazing when they were released from their curly prison bit happened but the moisture in the air combined with some walking in the rain (looking for coloured hairspray + kinder drop off) just killed my gorgeous curls. Anyway, it’s all good. I can work with a bit of a wave in my hair but it’s frustrating, given the amount of time & effort that goes into making my hair work.


So this is what I looked like when I woke up. HA!! Ok I brushed my teeth & put my face on THEN took a pic!!


A top view – kinda of my sexy blue & pink rollers. The very top curl is a pin curl, otherwise I get a line running across that section of hair from the clampy bit of the hair roller.


Eeeek, the bandana is off.


Tools of the trade. Today I used my tail comb, paddle brush & good ol’ Brylcreem.

Once I took out all the foam hair rollers, beautiful ringlets.

These are the foam rollers I use. Having never used them before & wanting to know if I could actually use them I bought the cheapest foam rollers I could find. These are it! A pack of 6 for $2.00 at my local IGA. They were hanging on a rack with all the different little hair ties and accessories. I bought the pink set first and then returned & bought another 2 sets. Bargain. I will in the future invest in a hot roller set but for now these will do. Oh and the packaging…”Really Cool” lol.


A side pic of my curls. They are so bouncy and cute. Very Shirley Temple!

Then BAM the 80’s hit me face first! I use my fingers to separate the curls and yeah…this is what you get.


Ahh, that’s better. Using the paddle brush I slowly slowly slowly start brushing my hair, I use my other hand to help control and fix the curl and this is what you get. This took a lot of brushing to get to this point and sometimes it looks hopeless but just keep going.


Very movie star and I forgot to wear my glasses for that shot – no wonder there is more background then hair in the pic. LOL.


And there you have it. I pinned a red flower into my hair, hoping to brighten a dull rainy day. If you look closely you can see my 1 carrot necklace. My son made me a necklace out of beads, one of those beads is a carrot, another is a tomato and other a lemon. Apparently I have to wear the necklace forever!


Oh and note about my cardi. It’s old – unsure of it’s age, it has faux pearls stitched onto it as well as heaps of hand embroidered flowers. Bought from a local antique store for $30 (I think) it’s one of my favs – navy blue and very warm.

In the end I was happy with my set – I will admit that with my super thick hair my curls at the back didn’t quite set…too much hair in the roller and not enough drying time. I know for next time! I woke up this morning and meh hair so I did victory rolls – pics to come later.




My Friday hair

I stuffed around this morning & went into a kinda cleaning zone in the kitchen so had very limited time to do my hair & makeup.

I am in desperate need of a hair wash but will hold out until I have been to the gym & gotten all sweaty tomorrow. Then I can do a wash & set.

So in my haste decided to convert my front bangs into a victory roll with the rest of my hair into a high pony tail with a cute pink silk scarf. The curls have completely dropped from my hair so it’s kinda straight with a wonky kink to it. My front bangs are crunchy with layer upon layers of hair spray & Brylcreem but it still looks great.




I also have on one of my absolute favourite cardigans. I bought this recently at the Love Vintage Show that was held in Melbourne in May. I went to the show last year and had to visit again this year (sans children – they were bored last year!) and I had a list of things I wanted and a beaded vintage cardigan was right at the top of my list.

This one is black, a tiny bit short on my long arms and I can’t do the bottom eye/hook up but IT’S MINE. I don’t care that it doesn’t fit 100%…more like 95% it’s beautiful, it’s warm and I am guessing it’s from the 1950’s.


The inside of the cardigan is lined and is done up with the eye and hook. It’s hand beaded and the tag at the back says “Hand Beaded for Cyn Les RN 27267 70% Lamb’s Wool 20% Angora Rabbit Hair 10% Nylon. MADE IN BRITISH HONG KONG.

The detail with the beading is amazing and I love that after all these years this cardigan still looks amazing. I have some cardigans that are recent purchases (ie the last 5yrs) and they do not look as good as this.




My hairstyle today

I forgot to set my hair in curlers last night so I have a slight natural wave happening today.

I decided to go with my faux Bettie Page bangs.

The first thing I do is use a tail comb to make a triangle shape. I have no fringe and my hair is long & layered throughout so almost anyone an achieve this style.


Then I use a hair rat to roll my hair – not my real hair rat because it’s just not bulky enough to achieve what I want (oh and everyone thinks it’s gross. Ha). I also use good old Brylcreem that I purchase from the supermarket (look low down on the shelf, around the guys hair grooming section, Brylcreem is great for smoothing your hair and makes it so freakin shiny, but go easy because things can go greasy real quick!). Anyway, use the Brylcreem to smooth down any flyaways and start rolling your hair around the hair rat.

Once it’s all rolled up, you may need to fiddle with it a bit to get the hair all smooth and to the edges of the hair rat and then pin it down with bobby pins. I only use two and they are the long versions.

Long bobby pins, compared to normal length bobby pins.


Here is the hair rat next to the bobby pins


Bendy hair rat – this is made from those hair donuts that are used to make a hair bun. I picked this up real cheap from my local chemist and then cut it into two pieces and stitched them up. I will get around to making up another and taking step-by-step pics as my current hair rat is brown but my hair is coloured 2-3 shades off black so I am on the hunt for a black hair donut.


Once it’s all rolled & pinned into place you need to spray it with hair spray – a good holding spray is all you need. It will take a bit of practice getting it right and pinning in properly. Some days I can achieve this look in under 5 mins. Today it took me at least 30mins and I had to section off more hair to be able to spread it over the hair rat.


Finally, you can either pin a gorgeous flower in your hair, which I have done on many occasions or you can do what I have done and add a scarf. I have heaps of bandanas that I bought on ebay, the red one is my favourite!.


Cheers Alexx