Sewing lessons – week 1

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So I have decided that I want to start learning to sew. Ideally I would love to learn how to make my own 40’s & 50’s dresses & skirts & tops & whatever else takes my fancy.

I did sewing at school when I was in yr 7 – a long time ago! I touched on it again when I was about 16 but that was for 1 semester.

So, lesson 1 was about double checking your size based on the pattern specs and then unraveling the paper pattern, cutting the pieces your require and then overlaying that onto your fabric. Cutting the fabric and marking the darts and the little triangle bits (that’s the technical term…no…really…lol).

This is the fabric I bought. It has teeny tiny writing in French on it.

Sewing02There is even an Eiffel Tower printed over it.


Marking the darts was important for me. I have another way above my level dress that I am working on and it’s a 1958 party dress and yeah, I hit the darts bit and went…uh. Oh. Hmmm.

I know how to mark those now, so no guessing.

All pinned and ready to cut!



Sewing04This is the pattern I am making, there were about 6 to choose from and I am so grateful for a 1940’s vintage styled skirt.


Finally I got to have a go on an overlocker, takes a bit of getting used to but yeah. First lesson was great and I really enjoyed it, can’t wait for next week.