Day trip to Healesville

Day trip to Healesville



Over the Queens Birthday long weekend we decided that a nice drive to the country was in order and ideally we were looking for any Sunday markets that were on, there wasn’t much to choose from which was a shame.

Anyway, it’s still nice to get out of the house and hit the road and Healesville was the direction we headed to.

Just as you are driving into Healesville is a turn off to go to the Healesville Train Station.




Miss A, Sir O & Me!


My Son lives for trains, everything is about trains – heck before kids when I would get caught at the boom gates and the flashing lights to warn of an approaching train I would sigh and get frustrated at having to wait for. Such. A. Long. Time.

Now it’s a way of keeping him quiet. He gets all squeally when he sees the train/boom gates/flashing lights and then goes to complete silence to watch the train.

The good thing about him being so into trains is that we have been on quite a few steam engines around Victoria & train travel is so old school that it kinda feels nice to be doing something that was one of the mains forms of transportation or moving goods around Australia.

So, back to Healesville!

We got to the train station just in time and managed to board the 1 carriage diesel engine (I think it’s diesel!) that does a quick 15min one direction trip and then returns you to Healesville. It was fun. The kids loved it and we took some snacks for them to eat.


It’s a historic railway and if you have some spare time, then go ride the tourist railway in Healesville (wear something warm if it’s a really cold day!)


After our train trip we wandered about the old rail station and the kids had a ball. I was cold. I wore a fabulous wool skirt that I picked up from the Salvos for $7.00 with white canvas shoes & socks. My varsity jacket is from Dangerfield and I bought it for a bargin $30.00 on sale at Clear It on Brunswick Street – upstairs). I have a cute red scarf in my hair too.







When we were ready to leave little Miss A decided that she would sulk and walk at the slowest pace with her head down. SLOWEST. WALK. EVER!.  That tiny little person in this pic is her. Bless!








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