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_Alex_Mees_Square_updateSo I have some rather exciting news.

An article was posted on the Australia Post website on Tuesday 9th March 2016 and yeah….

Ok, so maybe I should try that again.

Martinis and Slippers Brooches

Yes, I did know that this article was being written and yes I did get my Husband to get his photography equipment out and snap up some pics that could be used to accompany the article but with pretty much everything I see, do, experience I don’t get crazy excited until it’s happening. So when I got the email saying that the article had gone live and I clicked on it and there is was. I did squeal – well it was a kind of AAAAHHHHHHH OH MY GAWD.

So here it is in all it’s glory, this is my exciting news!! I hope you like it!

Reaching a niche audience online: Martinis and Slippers



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