How to make a Caipirinha.

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It’s cocktail time!!!

So there is this football game or something happening in Brazil at the moment…ahhh it’s the WORLD FREAKIN CUP. So Australia isn’t soccer mad as most of the world is but it’s cool that we had an Aussie team have a crack and the other even cooler thing. It’s being held in BRAZIL!!!!

My Husband and I went to Brazil a few years ago and had the best time, although it was very whirlwind – we were in Rio de Janeiro for 3 days (I think!!) and we did visit Cristo Redempto (Christ the Redeemer for the rest of us) as well as Sugarloaf Mountain and waaaay up that mountain on a gondola ride I got to have my very first Caipirinha.

The evening we went it was cloudy – warm but cloudy.


A Capipirinha that was a serious punch in the guts. No mucking around, no ‘tourist’ version that was weak and light on the alcohol this was a full on WELCOME TO BRAZIL BITCHES type of cocktail. Sadly I don’t have an actual picture of one of the drinks but the memory remains!!

I had one – urged on by the cheers from our fellow travelling friends. Then I had my second and I may have touched a third but decided to stop while I was ahead.

Caipirinhas are made with Cachaça a very delicious almost rum like spirit that is make from Brazillian cane sugar. Holy moly this stuff rocks but it’s also really bloody pricey in Australia (like everything else).


A 750ml bottle of cachaca is around $50 – $60. I am pretty sure this stuff sells for cheap over there.

I make my Caipirihinas a bit different to the proper way. I am not a huge fan of muddled drinks (use a muddler or the end of a rolling pin to squeeze the limes in the glass with the sugar) although I won’t say no if offered one!

Instead below is my version of a Caipirinha. Enjoy!

Frozen Caipirinha

Serves 1

60mls Cachaça
2 Tbs raw sugar
Zest & juice from 1 lime
Good handful & a half of ice


Add the sugar to a blender. Use a zester to zest the lime directly into the blender, juice the lime & add that to the blender, then add the Cachaça. Blend until it’s all combined and you can hear that there are no more big chucks of ice. Pour into a margarita glass & enjoy. On a side note you can add 1 tbs of sugar if it’s too sweet. You can also reduce the amount of Cachaça to 30mls.

I hope you enjoy my version of a Caipirinha & also enjoy watching the World Cup! (My Aussie team is out so I am going to follow Brazil!!).




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