I’m Christmas obsessed

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When everyone else is bitching about the decorations in the shops, I am secretly squealing on the inside.

When the stores start putting up their Christmas decorations & Christmas trees in their stores I am like a little child full of excitement.

When the stores are playing Christmas music over and over…I am singing along (or I take my headphones and play my own playlist of Christmas music).

Naturally I have amassed a heap of Christmas decorations – yes I have lights on the outside of our home. Yes I play Christmas music & yes…I bake.

I bake a gingerbread house every year, I bake fruit cake, I bake christmas cookies (choc chip & cranberry!!), I roast turkey, & bake a ham. I do it and I love doing it. Although this year I am not doing the full spread – that’s another post.

Christmas Book magazine Collection

So this is a pic of my collection of Christmas baking/cook books. Heaps upon heaps of magazines all dated December & a collection from over the past 10 yrs if not more. I think I did do a cull about 8yrs ago but kept much loved recipes and condensed them into a binder.

Every year I read them all. I flick through them and get tons of inspiration from them and try new things and put on about 5kgs.

I love Christmas! and I don’t care if everyone hates on it.


Alex aka ‘Miss Candy Cane’. <<<see that….that’s my pinup girl name as mentioned at the end of this post…of course my pinup name is Christmas themed!!!

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