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I received a message from my sister in law who lives waaaay over the other side of Australia asking me to help out a friend of hers. This friend Miss Vivien Astaire is currently an entrant in the Miss Pinup Australia competition and as it turns out Miss Vivien Astaire (http://instagram.com/arsenicandoldlace)  is someone that I intently follow on Instagram, because she is not only gorgeous but has the most gorgeously styled hair.


Miss Vivien Astaire – QLD Entrant in Miss Pinup Australia

Miss Vivien Astaire

I know from other vintage gals I follow on Instagram that Miss Pinup Australia is currently holding their state final events to find that gorgeous gal (or guy..I did see that there is a guy in there somewhere!).  I think NSW is the remaining state.

Some of the names of the finalists are so well thought out, so it got me thinking what would my Pinup Girl name be. I have my ‘superhero’ name and that name is Gale Force (that’s my name everyone so back off and get your own superhero name..ok!) so I tried to think of a cool / cheeky / play on words type of name and the best I could come up with was Miss Candy Cane – another threat…back off everyone that’s my name so go find your own play on words name…or else!!.

Miss Vivien Astaire – QLD Entrant in Miss Pinup Australia.

Miss Vivien Astaire

I am a huge sucker for Christmas so Miss Candy Cane just works so well. Anyway…I could be a vintage crime fighting pin up girl…maybe…but those names are mine so bugger off…ok!

So if you have some spare time please please pretty please put in a vote for my Miss Vivien Astaire – she has some gorgeous pics on the Miss Pinup Australia site and every vote counts!!! Also check out their site – there are some amazing people pictured.

Miss Vivien Astaire – QLD Entrant in Miss Pinup Australia.

Miss Vivien Astaire

You can vote here **Miss Pinup Australia VOTE Miss Vivian Astaire!**

Best of luck to everyone competing in the Miss Pinup Australia competition!!


Alex (AKA Miss Candy Cane  & Gale Force)


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