Sewing lessons – Week 2

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Ok so after a great start to my introduction to sewing last week, I picked up where I left off ‘THE OVERLOCKER’. I used one in 1992 for about 20mins and it was fun. I love that it stitches and trims the edge of the fabric and leaves your material looking so perfect & finished.


So I had another muck around with some scrap fabric and used a different machine from the one I used last week. Last week the loops were all over the place and looked worse than amateur. So this week I made a point of using a different overlocker and what would you know – perfect. Nice loopy loops and it works out that the good machine also has cream coloured thread which works perfectly against the colours on my fabric.


So I stitched and stitched on my practice scraps and then decided to tackle my pieces of fabric for my skirt and it only took me less than 5 minutes to make a mistake. I stitched the wrong edge. YUP. You see, we overlock the edge that the zipper goes on because later on when the zip is on the skirt it will be hard to overlock it then. Anyway. Not a huge problem as the edge I overlocked will be done when the time comes to do it!

The next part of our class was darts. I have 4 of them on my skirt so it was a matter of learning how to transfer the dart on the pattern onto your fabric and then gathering those darts and stitching them. I tried it on some scrap fabric and it worked. Then tackled my real fabric and it worked again! Whew!!

See that sewn in line…that’s my very first dart!! yay yay


Next week ZIPPERS!!!



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