Sewing lessons – week 3

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Zippppppppppers!!! I nailed this baby! Ok, so it was the second time I have sewn in a zipper BUT both methods were totally different so I have now learnt two totally different ways of achieving the same outcome. The beauty of learning I suppose.

First up – sewing my back centre seam but not all the way up because….<insert heavenly music> that’s where the zipper goes.

Sewing lessonsSeams apart so you can see what was sewn.

Sewing lessonsIron the seams apart.

Sewing lessonsThis is where the zipper is pinned & sewn in – there is a bit over overlap.

Sewing lessonsPin thw zipper in place but only on one side and sew that baby in place.

Sewing lessons


Sewing lessonsThen you want to pin the other side of your zipper in place and sew that down too.

Sewing lessonsStitch the other side of the zipper in place.

Sewing lessonsZipper is all sewn in!!

Sewing lessonsThis is the overlap that covers the zipper when you are wearing it.

Sewing lessons

THEN…the next bit. Putting your two pieces together – join up to make sure they are in place and pinning them together.

Sewing lessons


Sewing lessonsPins running up along the edges that are going to be stitched together.

Sewing lessons

Sew the seams all the way down both edges and well…you have now got the makings of a skirt.

I had to try it on for sizing – sorry no pics and my teacher helped to pin it in a bit so it would fit. Pins were inserted where it has to be bought in to fit and the job next week. Altering the skirt to fit me.



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