Sewing lessons – week 4

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After a trail blazing session last week this weeks class moved at a much slower pace.

I had to mark down my alterations and EEEEK maths was involved in working out averages and halving stuff. I wrote the ‘formula’ down to ensure that my skirt was taken in at each side equally and then using a curved ruler and pen to mark out the alterations.

Sewing lessonsThat pen line is the line to sew on.

Sewing lessonsBoth the seams with the pen lines drawn on, ready for sewing.

Sewing lessons

A bit more sewing and then another try of my skirt and perfect!!! Great fit, not too tight & not too loose so on to the next step.

Sewing lessons

I had to trim the seams, overlock them (love the overlocker!!) and then iron the seams down – both the sides and the front seam.

Sewing lessons

So I kinda got excited now….on to the next bit..huh huh…uhh NO.

I had to alter the paper versions of the patterns so when I do this skirt again (which I will) the size will be perfect. So…more measuring and cutting.

Sewing lessons

Finally I got onto the interfacing. Trim the paper pattern, overlay that onto the fabric, pin in place…getting excited because…oh..sorry…class is over.

Sewing lessons


Yeah so that was my Monday night session. It felt like it was done in 5 mins and not 2 hours.

I am itching to get to the next bit.



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