Sewing lessons – week 5

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The half way point in my first ever sewing lessons as an adult and I am quite happy to admit that I really am enjoying it, I am busting to get this skirt done and just put it.

Week 5 was all about facing. I started pinning the paper pattern to the fabric last week but the class ended so this week I doubled checked that my two paper pattern pieces were in place and pinned down. I cut the pieces out and then got the interfacing out, placed my cut pattern pieces over the interfacing and cut those pieces out.

Pattern pieces overlayed on the interfacing.

Sewing classes

Once the interfacing was all cut I had to cut a nick into the sides of the facing that sits on my hips so I could distinguish which side goes where, it’s easy with my fabric because there is a very distinct front and back to it. If you had fabric that was difficult to determine ‘front’ or ‘back’ the nick/cut comes in handy when fusing the interfacing to the facing – ooh look…technical terms!! lol

Over to the ironing board where we double check that the fusing & interfacing are the right way – fabric pattern facing down (or right side down) and the interfacing with the glue sits on top of the fabric (glue side down). Calico under all the fabric to protect the ironing board. Calico on top of the fabric & interfacing to protect the iron and press away. You need heat & pressure to make the interfacing stick.

Interfacing all fused onto the facing. I trimmed those fuzzy edges.

Sewing classes

Sweet sweet overlocker! Overlock the short edges on my facing (seriously…how fricken amazing is the overlocker…person who invented the overlocker – YOU ROCK!).

Overlocking the short edges of the facing.

Sewing classesShort edges are overlocked and just need to be trimmed.

Sewing classes

Now to match all my pieces up ready to join them up.

Sewing classes

Stitch the matched up facing pieces and then you have one long piece of facing that has a long piece that sits at the front of the skirt and two smaller pieces that sit at the back of the skirt.

Stitching 15mms from the overlocked edge.

Sewing classesOooh look…some stitches.

Sewing classesIron those seams please – nice and flat – this is the BEFORE shot.

Sewing classesPew pew..never underestimate the power of the IRON. lol

Sewing classes

The interfacing needed to be added to the skirt (I was secretly jumping for joy inside…I am that much closer to finishing my skirt). I matched the seams and pinned and then sewed but…BUT had to stop where the back darts are because the zipper has to be done a special way.

Sewing classes

This is where it kinda got tricky, most of what I was shown kinda went in the space between my ears and then flew straight back out – well some of it. I managed to match seams & pin the right hand side of the zipper & facing. Stitched those no probs. Eeek my problems start with matching seams where the flap is that covers the zipper on the left hand side of the skirt.

Sewing classesThe teacher did it and I tried making notes but…I am going to have to do that about 10 times before I remember how to do it.

Sewing classes

Either way, I stitched the seams and a bit of tweaking – literally a millimetre on both sides and I managed to get the fabric to meet at the top of the skirt.

All stitched together!!

Sewing classes

Sooooo I guess next week will be the bottom hem? I heard something about hand stitching ?!?!?!?!?!?! WHAT. Sigh.




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  • Miss Fairchild
    August 16, 2013

    Well this is coming along sooooo nicely. Can’t wait to see it all finished.

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