Sewing lessons – week 6

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I was absolutely convinced that by the end of Monday’s lesson I would have completed my skirt.


Nope, didn’t happen. Although I am desperate to get this skirt finished I also understand that there is a process to follow and all the extra little unknown steps actually help to produce a more professional looking skirt.

Ok, so when I arrived into class thinking that I would be trimming some edging on my skirt – maybe iron it down and then getting straight into the hemming I was kinda right but also wrong.

First up – trimming that excess fabric in the corners of the facing and then using the iron to press it down and then stitching it so it doesn’t roll up when you are wearing it.

Ooh messy edges.

Sewing LessonsAll neat & tidy!

Sewing LessonsExtra stitching to the facing to stop it rolling out when wearing (oh and I had to iron this after stitching, with the aid of a Tailors Ham – how amazing is a Tailors Ham!!!..gotta get me one of those!).

Sewing LessonsThen the flap that covers the zipper needed to be pinned into place.

Sewing LessonsThen be stitched over to hold the flap in place.

Sewing Lessons

Then I had to find out what the seam allowance was on this skirt, checking the paper pattern it was 3.2cms so we cheated a little and made it 3cms. I had to get the measuring tape and head over to the iron and measure & iron 3cms all around the hem of the skirt so the fabric would be pressed into place.

Sewing Lessons

Next is to overlock (insert Angels playing on harps here cause I just LOVE using the overlocker) the edge of the hem.

Sewing LessonsAll nicely overlocked and ready for….HAND STITCHING……AHHHHH!

Sewing Lessons

I am kinda getting really excited now. I really really want to finish my skirt and BAM. I am told that I have to HAND STITCH my hem. Thank goodness this isn’t a circle skirt. LOL.

So never having actually been shown the correct way to do hidden stitching and always being very unimpressed with any hand stitching I have done in the past I was actually really surprised that it was actually pretty easy and shhh I actually enjoyed it.

Yup, I totally enjoyed sitting at my table and stitching with my hands and a sewing needle and getting all squinty eyed while I try and find 2 looms that my little needle could go through.

Sewing Lessons

Unfortunately class finished before I could so I will ahem…cheat and actually pick it up sometime this week and finish it while the method is still fresh in my head.

Almost finished!!! I still have 4 weeks of lessons to do so I am curious as to what I will do then – another skirt would be great!!!!


  • Miss Fairchild
    August 22, 2013

    All my vintage dresses have hand stitched hems and I was so sure that I would never use it and instead use the machine, but I now can’t help but love the look of the hand stitching. In my millinery course we have been taught both machine and hand stitching for wires and ribbon edging and I have started to absolutely loath using the machine. I find the finish is so much nicer by hand. Thankfully hats are small and don’t take long LOL.

    Can’t wait to see this finished!

    • Alex
      August 22, 2013

      I am desperate to finish and actually wear this skirt but yeah…I am pleasantly surprised how much I actually like hand stitching, I also have a few vintage dresses that are hand stitched and it really does make a difference to the finish. I think I also really enjoyed ‘getting into the zone’ it was just me, the skirt, needle & thread. Very calming!

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