Vintage Party Dress

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Last weekend we were invited to my friend’s Daughter’s 6th Birthday Party and it was a dress up party. Naturally my 3yr old went as Queen Elsa and I decided it was time to finally breakout one of my true vintage dresses. This baby I bought about 1yr ago on Ebay. It has sat patiently waiting for me to wear it somewhere special.

Post party pie pic…my cardi did fit but I neglected to fix it before taking this photo.

KIVA Creations Vintage Dress

I dug around my wedding keepsake boxes and found the tiara that I last wore on our wedding day and along with my frock dressed up as a princess.

KIVA Creations Vintage Dress

It’s a gorgeous dress and very comfortable to wear – the ever compulsory metal zip is there and it was made by KIVA Creations and is made of Nylon. All over the dress are little circle patterns made with blue, pink & silver sequins. I am so glad I bought it and I received a few compliments so I will wear it out again but eeek…it’s Vintage and I am so scared that I will wreck it or stain it.

OH and my white cardi – a Savers purchase, the pink ballet flats are from Target & my double strand glass beaded necklace is also vintage bought at the ‘Round She Goes’ market last year when it was held in Box Hill – the vintage beads matched my modern tiara. Love it when that happens!



My Friday hair

I stuffed around this morning & went into a kinda cleaning zone in the kitchen so had very limited time to do my hair & makeup.

I am in desperate need of a hair wash but will hold out until I have been to the gym & gotten all sweaty tomorrow. Then I can do a wash & set.

So in my haste decided to convert my front bangs into a victory roll with the rest of my hair into a high pony tail with a cute pink silk scarf. The curls have completely dropped from my hair so it’s kinda straight with a wonky kink to it. My front bangs are crunchy with layer upon layers of hair spray & Brylcreem but it still looks great.




I also have on one of my absolute favourite cardigans. I bought this recently at the Love Vintage Show that was held in Melbourne in May. I went to the show last year and had to visit again this year (sans children – they were bored last year!) and I had a list of things I wanted and a beaded vintage cardigan was right at the top of my list.

This one is black, a tiny bit short on my long arms and I can’t do the bottom eye/hook up but IT’S MINE. I don’t care that it doesn’t fit 100%…more like 95% it’s beautiful, it’s warm and I am guessing it’s from the 1950’s.


The inside of the cardigan is lined and is done up with the eye and hook. It’s hand beaded and the tag at the back says “Hand Beaded for Cyn Les RN 27267 70% Lamb’s Wool 20% Angora Rabbit Hair 10% Nylon. MADE IN BRITISH HONG KONG.

The detail with the beading is amazing and I love that after all these years this cardigan still looks amazing. I have some cardigans that are recent purchases (ie the last 5yrs) and they do not look as good as this.