Alien Invasion

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AlienInvasionMartinis and Slippers had a bit of an alien invasion recently and these gorgeous…I mean very scary aliens have been added to my brooch collection and they are available from my

I have a bit of soft spot for them…probably because I haven’t been abducted by them (as far as I know!) but I used to love watching spooky Mulder & Scully on The X-Files in the 90’s and playing on the paranoia of visitors from outer space that became part of the culture during the late 40’s at Roswell so I created my very own range of Alien brooches.


My Little Alien I have called Roswell…of course I have no idea what an alien looks like so I just based him on what ‘eye witnesses’ reported and that so called autopsy photograph, although I think that alien was more grey than green but my alien my choice of colour!

Of course what alien would travel across the galaxy without their UFO. So Roswell also has his very own Little UFO brooch. The brooch has an acrylic mirror finish and Roswell peering out of his window. I sketched this UFO on a scrap of paper while waiting to pick up my Son from school last year and I think it’s perfect.

I assembled these during the Dec/Jan holiday break and one night I had left the Xmas lights on in my office (my work space is shared with the kids playroom) and went to my desk to find something and I found something alright…my aliens were glowing!!! It was such an awesome effect that I took a pic and shared it on my Instagram account.


Last night the premiere of The X-Files was on TV…old school free to air on a Sunday night so I had to watch and I had instant flash backs (maybe I was abducted by aliens??) to the mid 90’s when I watched the very first episode of The X-Files (back then Australian capital cities had 5 free to air tv channels and NO pay tv!!). So in honour of this awesome event I wore my very own Roswell out for the day.


I hope you got to catch The X-Files…I quite enjoyed the first episode, although the ads gave me the shits and the constant pop up ads when the show was on…grrrr, far out no wonder people don’t watch much tv, are mostly online or stick to watching whole seasons on Netflix. The next episode is scheduled for 9pm tonight and I just know I will end up missing an episode because of the stupid scheduling of the show.