Queens Birthday Long Weekend – Op Shops!

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Melbourne celebrated the Queens Birthday long weekend over 8th-10th June.

We had no solid plans for the weekend so just kinda went with the flow, although I did want to visit a few local Op Shops.

I have had a real love/hate/love relationship with Op Shops.

Years and years ago, I was around 16yrs old – so really not that long ago…HA! My Mother & I went to an Op Shop in Box Hill, Melbourne. We caught the bus there, we didn’t own a car & my parents were on 1 income so certainly not rolling in cash and there we were in this Op Shop. I found this really cool jacket but there was no price tag on it. Mum took it up to the counter to find out the price. The lady behind the counter looked us both up and down and then said “$110”.

I was devastated. I knew Mum didn’t have that sort of cash for some old smelly 2nd hand jacket. So we put it back on the rack and caught our bus home.

I was really upset and avoided Op Shops for a very long time.I have a few Op Shops close to home and ventured into one after a very long absence and didn’t really find very much. So I tried another and my Daughter actually found a bag & so did I. Just like that my affections changed and I am in love again.

So Saturday I went and had a very lucky day. Although the usual spots didn’t really have much I found a new ‘old’ store. I have tried to visit this store in the past but it’s small and not the right place for a pram – which I had with me the last time I was out the front. This time I was child free and look what I scored.

Beaded red purse – not vintage but it’s pretty & only cost me $12.00

This baby is vintage and has a tag on the inside –
From memory I think this one cost me $16.00.

BEADED PURSES. TWO BEADED PURSES. If I could have squealed and not been seen as some freaking squealing lady with her freaky 50’s hair then I would have. Then I found a brooch – nothing special but I am trying to build up my collection and if it sparkles then I like it.

I call this one “Snowflake” and only paid $6.00


They had so much in this store and the store owner even showed me AN ORIGINAL – HAND – MADE – VINTAGE – DRESS. *deep breaths* it was amazing, it was beautiful and it was probably a size 6 or size 8..tiny. I didn’t take a pic of it because the store owner & I have only met and I thought it might be rude of me to start snapping away in her store without her really knowing that I am genuine. I might try and go back next week to see if the dress is still there and if I can post it.

I found some brooches in some of the other Op Shops – they are cute but none vintage.

This flower brooch with the black stones – some of the stones are missing but that’s ok for $10.00

This Autumn leaf brooch is adorable and only 99cents.
This lute / guitar / violin Mother of Pearl brooch only $1.99