Angry Birds Birthday Cake

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Angry Birds Birthday Cake

It’s October and that means we get to celebrate another Birthday! My Son celebrated his 6th Birthday this year and he requested an Angry Birds themed party.

We held his party at a playcentre – where the food & drinks were provided. I just needed to bring the cake. An Angry Birds cake.

I started baking on the Tuesday before the party and made 2 chocolate mud cakes. Wednesday sandwiched the 2 cakes together with a chocolate ganache centre and then I covered the cake in chocolate ganache. I was really wrapped with how the cake turned out at this stage…a very recent trip to the Cake, Bake & Sweets Show in Melbourne had me learning a few new tricks and taa daaa.


Thursday was covering the cake with fondant first with the white fondant and then secondly with the red & finally the face of ‘Red’. Sadly I didn’t take pictures of the inbetween stages…way to focussed on my goal to stop.

Angry Birds Birthday Cake

Lastly I did all the fondant figures on Friday night. I also had my Husband print out Oliver’s name with the Angry Birds font and I cut that and over layed it onto fondant and used a knife to cut the lettering. It’s not the most neatest up close but from a distance it looked awesome and Oliver was really excited to see his name in “Angry Birds writing”.

Angry Birds Birthday Cake

Angry Birds Birthday Cake

Angry Birds Cake

Now I will credit Pinterest for the ideas for the cake – that app / website is a gold mine of inspiration. I use it all the time to get ideas or just zone out.

Angry Birds Cake

It did take time to create but staggering the work over several days makes it so much easier and I always did any work on the cake at nights, only because I have kids that want to help. Ahhh yeah…lol.

If I were to change anything it would be the actual cake. It was a perfect Mud Cake but maybe using dark chocolate made it too bitter for the kids? I liked it and there is nothing worse than a cake that is sickly sweet, having said that you still need a glass of water after eating this cake.



It’s another Frozen cake

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In April it was my Daughter’s 3rd Birthday. Yes she is crazy about Frozen and yes she asked for a Frozen cake and YES I made one.

My cake making mojo decided that it was the perfect time to bugger off and so what would normally take me a few days to bake & decorate took almost 1 week. I made about 6 cakes and they were all crap. I even weighed butter for one of the cakes but didn’t realise that the scales were resting up against my blender and it was adding 300gms more…so that cake had a shite load of butter.

Fondant snowflakes (I used a plunger cookie cutter) in white

fondant snowflakesAnd in blue.

blue fondant snowflakes

I had pinned heaps of frozen themed cakes and parties on Pinterest and also in this world void of anything Frozen related managed to find a whole set of Frozen cake toppers on Ebay that had Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, Olaf, Kristoph, Prince whats-his-face and the Deer one (having watching Frozen over eleventy billion times I am surprised that both those two characters names aren’t FROZEN into my brain!).

The top layer of the cake is all covered.

Disney Frozen cakeFondant in hand I covered my cakes and also found this awesome recipe online for making a sugar version of ‘Breaking Bad’ blue meth – not the real stuff the fake stuff that they would use on the show. So I figured if I could make that and and break it into shards and stick it around the cake and on top then it has that icy thing going on.

Awesome, so I got all the bits together and the night before her party was up until 1am putting all the finishing touches to her cake.

Disney Frozen cakeUnfortunately the pics aren’t the best quality..but you get the idea.

Disney Frozen cakeIn the morning my Husband wakes me to tell me my cake is broken. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Disney Frozen cake


Disney Frozen cakeThe crystal shards at the top of the cake had bent over and then stuck to the fondant icing at the top. He didn’t want to touch it and left it for me to handle.


I tried to fix it and it made everything worse.

Disney Frozen cakeLucky for me I had a piping bag full of royal icing and so I made another quick batch of blue sugar ice crystals and cracked some new shards to add to the cake. They melted again but by that stage the party was in full swing and no one actually realised that there was a ‘cake issue’. One of my friends said she thought it was supposed to be that way.

Anyway…here is the finished cake in all it’s glory. My daughter didn’t see the cake with the characters on it until about 1hr before her party. The look on her face and her saying over and over that “this is the best party I have ever had” made my day. She is happy…and I was happy!

Disney Frozen cakeThe cake toppers are her ‘friends’ now. She plays with them and only this morning we almost lost Olaf at school drop off. YIKES!