Outfit of the day


I love this skirt. It’s called the Jenny Cherry Skirt & I got it from MisKonduct for my Birthday this year. I would love to make a skirt like this but I fear the cost would be outrageous, there is just so much fabric and I don’t need to wear a pettiskirt under it because it foofs out all on it’s own.

The red Marilyn top I am wearing underneath my cardi was also bought from MisKonduct.


You can’t go wrong with cherries!

Jenny Cherry Skirt

I teamed it with a plain black cropped cardi and a fab brooch I picked up from Savers (which has just opened near me) from memory the brooch cost $3.99. I wore this outfit to do my grocery shopping, it was a bit cold the day I took this pic so I have an ugly pair of panty hose on but they are so robust – I actually chuck them in the wash sans washing bag and they survive!

Peek through my Victory Roll.

Victory Roll

 Side view of my Victory Roll.

Martinis & SlippersCan you believe my 5yr old Son took the shot below!!! Very talented young man!!

Martinis & Slippers



The ‘new’ Old Fashioned.

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Ahhh a new cocktail for me to try. This one is called Old Fashioned and well…given the way I dress & do my hair I guess it’s only fitting that I should add this to the list of cocktails to try.

Below is a YouTube video of a ‘mixologist’ called Jack Daniels…no joke…that’s his name…cool huh!

So I followed his instructions and…taa daaaaaaaaaa.

Most recipes of I have for this cocktail say to use Whiskey or any dark spirits and in the video above Jack Daniels uses Cognac. I used dark rum, because…well…I really wanted to try this Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum (how cute is the hula girl illustration on the bottle!!!) – so already I have totally changed the cocktail but…this is my baby, MY old fashioned.

Sailor Jerry Spice Rum

Sugar syrup – I posted the recipe here. Equal parts sugar & water on the heat to boil then simmer for 5 mins. Allow to cool.

Garnish with orange twist and maraschino cherries (ooh and cocktail with a cherry in it I love!).

Old Fashioned Cocktail

This drink is so freakin easy to make and you can use whisky, rum or bourbon and you have a quick easy cocktail to make. It was so good that we had 2 of them, I think using the spiced rum just gave it some depth – without sounding too cheesy.

This video is on the River Island blog – here is a link to River Island Style Insider Blog and here is a link River Island if you want to check out their clothing range.