Stupid Thieves!

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This is a boring (well there is a story about theft!!) non vintage, non clothing, non brooch, non cocktail post!!! You have been warned.


Yup…all those expenses, sales and record keeping that are very essential to any business and I have been doing it manually. YUP…old school.

I spent the weekend recovering from some minor surgery and managed to convince myself to make the time – Monday to be specific, to sit and enter all those numbers into a spreadsheet and make it more presentable to my accountant.

On Monday I made the perfect coffee, sat at the table, opened my laptop and she turned on and then shut down. Hmmm.

I thought maybe it had gone into a deep sleep or maybe the battery was flat. Plugged her in and tried to fire her back up. Nuthin.

So I got IT (also known as my gorgeous Husband!!) on the phone and we tried a few more things and nothing was working (see my very glamorous pic) so I took it to a local authorised Mac fix it place. Sweet. Actually I was freaking out a bit, thankfully all my data was backed up but MY MAC!!!!! I use my Mac every day. EVERY. FREAKING. DAY.


The next day I get the message that the graphics chip looks like it’s shot and that they would contact Apple to check for a replacement.

Then today I get the call…the Mac fix it shop was ROBBED AND THE FUCKERS STOLE MY COMPUTER. SCUMBAG FUCKING THIEVES STOLE MY DEAD MAC (ahhhhhhhh hahahahahahahahahahha). They also stole a hell of a lot more from the store but THEY STOLE A FUCKING SICK/DYING/DEAD MAC and will need $900 to replace the graphics chip to get it up and running again.

Seriously…who robs a repair store and steals stuff that needs to be repaired? is there something I am not seeing here? Do I assume it’s a stupid meth head? Ex-employee stealing for parts? Random scumbags?


I laugh and I sigh. That was my computer. I loved it. I didn’t want to change it and it did the work I wanted it to do and to be honest I wasn’t ready to let it go but I suppose the universe did it’s thing and now it’s gone. I wait to hear back from the shop about insurance and replacements but…my mac 🙁

TL;DR mac died, took it to get fixed, mac dr was robbed, borrowing current mac, hoping for new mac asap.



Oh…some other exciting news…I WON A DRESS. Pics to come!!