When brooches go wrong

By Tuesday, February 9, 2016 2 , Permalink 0

So I have this dress.


It has cute little deck chairs all over it.


When I wear it I don’t really have a brooch that goes with it.

So naturally I thought to myself, I need to make a brooch to go with it and wouldn’t it be cute to have a deck chair brooch to go with my deck chair dress.

Deck Chair brooch was born.

When I did the artwork it was perfect…EXCEPT for that time when I rushed to get my artwork out to be laser cut and didn’t select my line work correctly and when I got my brooches back, half were perfect and half were not perfect.

See the outline of the frame of the deck chair…the one of the left has it missing and the one on the right has it.


FUCK. This costs money and I can’t have 6 brooches that are worthless sitting on my desk. So I figured I might be able to work around my own mistake.




Anyway, that’s not going to happen. I won’t produce or sell half rate shitty work so, I have 6 brooches instead of 12.

That’s cool, the problem is…do I paint the frame of the deck chair with the brown paint like my dodgy trial version or do I leave it. I actually like the look of the painted version and that it defines the frame of the deck chair (ignore the lack of outline on the dodgy trial version).

Unsure if I should paint in the deck chair frame with brown paint.


So if you have a better idea let me know!