Bula from Fiji


My Husband and I recently celebrated our 10thwedding anniversary. We had decided on our honeymoon all those years ago that when we hit 10yrs we would have that 5 star spare no expense holiday to celebrate and that it would be just the two of us.

So we did it and we chose to go to Fiji. A decision we did not regret.

We stayed at the Intercontinental Golf Resort & Spa and stayed in a club room – which meant we had our very own infinity edge plunge pool.

Oh and we flew business class on Air Fiji!!

The only regret for us…we didn’t bring our kids. I know…child free holiday, not having to worry about naps & bed times and making sandwiches every other minute but yeah, we really missed our little people and have vowed to return to Fiji and take them with us.

The flight over was only 4.5hrs (but add the time it takes to pack, get to the airport, check your luggage in, go through immigration, wait for your flight to board, take off, fly, land, get your luggage, customs, immigration, transfers to your accommodation (phew) you are looking at about 10hrs of travelling (from Melbourne, AUS). But…it’s totally worth it.

The view from our room. It was about 6.30am when we arrived & although it’s overcast with drizzle it was very humid.

Intercontinental Fiji club roomThe Cleopatra bath that is located outside the room.

cleopatra bath intercontinental golf resortJust arrived in Fiji selfie.


It rained the day we arrived but it’s so warm that it didn’t really matter.We pretty much chilled out for the day and at 3.30pm we headed to the club room for high tea and we ordered tea and got our little plates of goodies. Every day from 3.30pm they serve high tea in the club room, from memory there was only 1 day that we skipped the high tea because we had a special dinner planned later in the evening.

High tea with a selection of goodies (we ate the sandwiches & then I remembered to take a pic).

High tea club room intercontinental golf resortLater at 5.30pm we were back at the club room for cocktail hour. There were about 6 complimentary cocktails to choose from and over the course of the week we tried them all. They also served us hot and cold canapés which we needed because we were hungry, although what would happen over the week was we would do the high tea and then the cocktails and all those little snacks would fill us and then come dinner we couldn’t finish whatever we had ordered.

 intercontinental golf resort cocktailsMy first cocktail in Fiji was the Natadola Beach – very very nice cocktail.

Natadola Beach CocktailMy Husbands first cocktail was a Mojito and he said is was “Fucking Excellent”. lol

Mojito Cocktail Intercontinental Golf ResortOur cold canapés – Salmon & cucumber on pancakes, Banana smoothie, Soba noodles, Beef & avocado salsa on mini toast.

Intercontinental golf resort cold canapesHot canapés – BBQ Beef skewers, Tempura Okra, Meatballs with sweet chilli sauce, Fried fish (which we think was chicken?) Fish-chicken meh we’re on holidays!!

Intercontinental golf resort Hot canapesMy Husbands 2nd cocktail was the Club View Martini

ClubViewMartini Intercontinental Golf ResortMy 2nd cocktail was the Club Exotic Martini.

ClubExoticMartini Intercontinental golf resortThe most stunning sunset to enjoy while drinking our cocktails.

Fiji sunsetStill a bit of light in the sky while we waited for our dinner at Toba Bar & Grill.

Toba Bar & GrillStill not finished with the drinks, I ordered a Nova Breeze – it really wasn’t my thing.

Nova Breeze cocktailSo I had to order another drink, this time it was a Pina Colada. I think I described it on the night as coconut oil in a drink version. Ha.

Pina Colada FijiWe got to spend heaps of time just hanging out poolside and because the ocean was a short stroll from where we were sitting I got to have a swim in the ocean…a first in about 10yrs. Australia is surrounded by water but we are so far south that it’s like bloody ice water so I NEVER go in. When we have gone up north near Cairns there are stingers in the water and the odd crocodile doing laps near the beach – yeah so I NEVER enter the water up there. So to finally walk into the sea and the water is the perfect temperature and it’s clear – so clear that I could see fish…FISH swimming up close to me.

The view we woke up to on our 2nd day! Spectacular and it was so warm outside.

Intercontinental golf resort club room


Fiji sunshineThe main pool and the ocean – the Pacific Ocean with all it’s ‘warm like bath water’ goodness.

Fiji Pacific Ocean


Intercontinental golf resort main poolI believe the resort was built on land that used to grow sugar cane. These are the railway tracks that would move the cane when it was picked.

Intercontinental Golf Resort & SpaSneaky sneaky…is that water or Vodka & Gin? hmmm.

Fiji WaterMy Darling Husband enjoying a swim in our private infinity edge plunge pool.

Infinity Edge Pool FijiI posted this pic on Instagram, there are bollards all around the resort and this one reminded me of Elvis. There was another that looked like Angus Young from ACDC.

Elvis in Fiji

In case you are wondering, yes I did my hair, makeup and dressed the way I always do every day. I got heaps of compliments which is always nice! The only time I changed was when I was returning from a swim & I would have my Mauritius sarong on.

On one of the nights we decided to go to the resorts ‘fine dining’ restaurant Tobu and had a wonderful dinner – we were there for about 2hrs but it really felt like about 30mins – good company & food I suppose! No pics because it was so dark, only a little tea light on our table.

A shot of the Mai Tai I ordered at the Navo Restaurant.

Mai Tai Cocktail FijiI also got the benefit of a massage or two. The first massage I had was on a nice day so I was a little reluctant to have to go indoors and have a massage but of course once I was in there I didn’t complain. They ask you to arrive 30mins before your treatment and I wondered why they asked you to be there so early – well that’s because they have this steam room that you sit in for 5-7mins, rinse off then go into a spa bath for another 5-7 mins and then you go into a cold room – it’s very cold, with a basin filled with crushed ice to rub over your body and then the ice shower. It’s cold and I did it on both visits but kinda ran through like a scaredy cat. Finally they get you to change into your robe and head into a waiting room where you are served a herbal tea – lemongrass, ginger & vanilla bean & a slice. The first massage my slice was an oatmeal & honey slice. The second slice was a sesame & honey slice. No pics but use your imagination…!

My massages were fantastic and I just wished I could have them go on an on but I have to pay for them so yeah…just 60mins both times.

During my second massage a huge…huge ass thunderstorm passed overhead and there was heaps of thunder and rain. It was awesome and really relaxing but to be honest I would have loved to have sat outside our room watching that storm roll in. A few times we got to see some amazing lightening shows courtesy of mother nature out in the Pacific Ocean, but still it was hot & steamy so a bit of rain didn’t ruin our holiday at all.

There is a storm brewing out over the Pacific Ocean. Still very hot & humid.

Stormy Pacific Ocean FijiThe sunset after that epic storm – every sunset was just sensational.

Fiji SunsetCocktail hour – Caprioska & Club View Martini

Fiji CocktailsNatadola Beach Cocktail & Club View Martini

Natadola Beach cocktail

Fiji sunsetCold Canapés – Seared tuna, Beef soba noodles, Mushroom soup, Creamy crab toasts & Gruyere cheese & almonds.

Intercontinental golf resort & spa cold canapes club roomHot Canapés – Lamb skewers, Eggplant fritters, Tandoori prawns & Chicken wontons.

Intercontinental golf resort & spa hot canapes club roomLast drinks. A selfie from the Club room during cocktail hour and watching the most amazing sunset & cloud formations.

Fiji selfiePost storm sunset clouds. Just breathtaking!

Fiji clouds sunsetI think this pic was taken day 3 or 4 at Cocktail hour another Mojito & the green cocktail was the  Toba Float.

Toba Float cocktailPoolside selfie. This was taken the day we were leaving.

Fiji selfiePic taken from the car as we were travelling back to Nadi Airport.

FijiIt was hard to leave our luxury holiday but we were both keen to see our babies and give them all the goodies we bought for them. It will be a few years before we get a chance to go back & I am sure our kids will really love it.




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