The Firehouse

Citrus flavoured drinks were the unexpected theme for the night with all the cocktails I ordered.

Arrrr she be havn’ er share o’ vitamin c to ward off that there scurvy!!! Arrrrr. Ok, that was pretty cheesy pirate talk.

Perhaps because it’s Winter in Australia and every other person has a cold the kind bartender thought it best that we get a top up of vitamin c in all our alcoholic beverages. Ha.

So, a night out with the girls to have a bite to eat, catch up on the goss – child free & see a dear friend of ours that was back in Melbourne for the week saw us at The Firehouse in Ringwood.

We have eaten here a few times, always enjoyed the food. The staff are fantastic & our waitress was brilliant.

Hmmm what would I like to drink tonight?


My first drink for the night was the Sherbertini. Wow. Ok…so my friend & I have arrived early our other friends were on their way so we snuck in a cheeky drink and my friend is animatedly telling me a story. My drink is in front of me & I have taken my fair share of pics. My friend has my full attention & I reach for my drink, take a sip and my face erupts into the perfect example of a sour puss – cat bum – squinty – sour face. Even though I couldn’t see it I knew it was funny. My friend squeals with laughter & my eyes water & my saliva glands go into overdrive.



What a reaction!!! I loved it. I had another sip & this time knew what to expect so the facial reaction was somewhat reduced but this drink smelt like sherbert and tasted very lemony, very tart but the sugar-rimmed edge of the glass helped cut through that tartness. A sipping drink not designed for swallowing in one gulp.

Next on the list was the Raspberry Pisco Sour. Another foamy drink courtesy of egg whites and this was really nice with the raspberry & lime flavour. As I was taking my last sips I was getting these teeny tiny bit of raspberry gems I suppose you could call them in my mouth & it was very moreish. I enjoyed it & would order 10 of them if they weren’t $17 each and made my head cloudy the next day.

Raspberry Pisco Sour.


Finally I ordered a jug – yes a jug at $22 each of the Pink Pineapple Mai Tai. My first Mai Tai and it was good. Between 4 people we all got a serve in a glass as pictured and it was nice – perfect Summery drink. I could make this & easily chip away at a jug of this at a bbq or just kicking back on a hot Summers day. Grapefruit juice was the boss in this drink, it kinda overtook the orange & pineapple juice that was also included in the cocktail.

Pink Pineapple Mai Tai being poured from the jug.

Cocktails_06Pink Pineapple Mai Tai.


After my 3 drinks I wasn’t drunk. I was happy not tipsy & I felt great. Then I did something stupid. I ordered a glass of wine. Red wine. I love red wine but I probably shouldn’t have had that glass because it made me feel a bit blurghhh. I had the wine with my main meal – the Wagyu Beef Burger that was so tasty and yes it was noticed by everyone on the table that I had been quiet since my meal arrived – too busy eating to talk!!!! Chips & a pickle on the side completed my delicious meal.

Yes – I had a cheeky bite of the pickle BEFORE taking the pic.


We shared desserts but I didn’t take any pics of that. We ordered the apple crumble and the chocolate brownie. I only tasted the brownie and omm nom nom. I love anything with salted caramel on it and well..salted caramel ice cream just made this brownie perfect. We ate it all!!

Oh and I included a cheesy selfie – my hair didn’t quite do what I wanted. I put it in hair roller but only for 5 hours or so. About 1 minute after I took the rollers out the curls dropped. Boooooo. So into a pony tail & just a simple forward victory roll.

Cocktails_02As we were leaving the restaurant they had this backlit sign near the entrance.


I hope you all had a fabulous Friday night.





Friday night cocktails – Espresso Martini

Nespresso Martini / Espresso Martini

Call it what you want. I call it Nespresso Martini because – yep, I have a Nespresso machine & I popped my pod into the machine & RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR fresh coffee.

I used about 3 pods of coffee, not really sure how much I would need for this recipe so figured that should suffice (for the record, I didn’t need that much but I am hosting a party tomorrow night so it should come in handy!!). I read a few recipes online but decided to wing it and see what happens.

This is the result.


I enjoyed my version of an espresso martini, although it was probably a touch too sweet so adjust the amounts listed below to suit your own taste. This is super easy to make, I spent more time cleaning the kitchen than actually making it.

I must also point out that the crema at the top of the espresso martini – a must. I guess it’s supposed to look like an espresso but an alcoholic version. I have a smoothie blender type device so I kinda cheated and rather than shake the hell outta that shaker I blitzed it to bits (with a bit of ice to help cool it) and then added it to my cocktail shaker to cool it even more without diluting any further.

Then I strained it into my martini glass and sipped until it was all done. You can garnish this with some coffee beans or chocolate covered coffee beans. I had none so I just grated some dark chocolate on top.

Delicious, just remember it’s got caffeine in it. So if you are thinking of heading to bed early – don’t have an espresso martini. This drink is a perfect pick me up when you are tired & you HAVE to be out for the night, trust me!

A note on the sugar syrup in this recipe – equal parts caster sugar & water, in a saucepan over high heat until the sugar is dissolved. You can let it boil for another 5mins or so and then remove off the heat to let it cool. You don’t want toffee.


Nespresso Martini / Espresso Martini – my version!

Serves 2

60ml Vanilla flavoured vodka (you could use plain old standard vodka)
30ml Crème de Cacao White
30ml Espresso coffee (cold)
30ml Sugar syrup (equal parts sugar + water boiled & cooled see above)


Combine all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker or blender. Add a few ice cubes and blend until all combined. Add additional ice cubes into a cocktail shaker and then pour your combined espresso mix over the ice to assist in making it even colder.

Strain into martini glasses and add coffee beans or shaved chocolate & enjoy but remember you have to go to bed tonight so try & have this early in the night.



Friday night cocktails (+ a Thursday night cocktail or two)

Should I start with last nights cocktail or Thursday nights cocktail.

Thursdays first!

I had a visit from my Brother who resides in Perth. He hit Melbourne town on a very cold and rainy night so naturally we headed out to catch up with him and have a bite to eat. We had a few dining options but decided to go to Cookie on Swanston Street and we weren’t disappointed.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any pics of our meals because it was so dark and well…I didn’t want to look like a dick with bad iphone lighting trying to take pics of my food!

I did however look like a dick with bad iPhone lighting taking pics of my drinks!

My first drink – crap picture, crap lighting but tasted delicious was the Singapore Sling. Wow! This was just amazing, I could easily have had 5 of these, yes I would have been under the table but meh yummy cocktail.



I almost ordered a second but our waitress convinced me to try a Clover Club Cocktail. This was good but nothing compared to the Singapore Sling. The Clover Club Cocktail has egg white in it to make it frothy and it wasn’t overly sweet but had a nice hit of citrus flavour to it. Both of these cocktails I will attempt to make – one day!



Ooh look at the pretty pattern on top of my cocktail!!


I also wanted to add that having a quick read through the cocktail menu I came across this monster of a cocktail $30 for a ‘Dry-hopped Chocolate Zombie’. How full on is that last line of the description ‘Only one will be served per customer per evening’. I will try this one eventually.



Friday nights cocktail. Well, because of our lousy weather I really wasn’t in much of a mood to go to buy supplies so I just checked out my cocktail recipe book and what I have on the shelf and taa daa Strawberry Margarita! I much prefer to use real strawberries & lime juice (come Summer time I will make my real version) but decided to follow the recipe I have & yeah…this baby isn’t really rockin’ my boat.

Ok, it’s nice and it packs a punch and two or 3 of these bad boys and you will be very light headed but it’s just doesn’t have that…thing. I don’t know, hard to explain but I much prefer fresh strawberries than strawberry liqueur.

Strawberry Margarita



Strawberry Margarita

Crushed Ice (I just used ice cubes and blended the whole lot together)
30ml Tequila
30ml Strawberry liqueur
15ml Cointreau
30ml Lime cordial (I use Bickfords Lime Cordial)
30ml Lemon juice (freshly squeezed!)

Frost the rim of the martini glass with salt (just run a cut lemon around the edge of the glass then dip that into salt, I put salt onto a saucer and then sit the martini glass upside down onto the salt and gently move it around so the salt sticks to the lemon juice).

Mix the ice, tequila, strawberry liqueur, Cointreau, lime cordial and lemon juice in a blender and mix together.

Pour into a martini glass and garnish with pretty things like a slice of lemon.


I get my cocktail recipes from this cheesy cocktail book. I bought it in the mid-late 1990s and it has come in handy quite a few times. I must see if there is a updated version of this cocktail book. In the meantime this is my recipe source and I will quote it when I use it.





Gin Martini

Yay! My first cocktail post.


It’s Friday!!

I don’t drink during the week and save myself for 1 or 2 drinks on a Friday evening with dinner.
Tonight I decided it’s only fitting that I should make my very first cocktail post be a Gin Martini.
I don’t drink them as often as I used to but I still really enjoy slowly sipping on a martini. In particular I really love a dirty martini with 3 olives. A friend of mine introduced me to the dirty martini many years ago. 3 olives are important because it’s kinda like having a meal with your drink. Ha ha!
So, I have listed the recipe I have used below and to make it dirty just add a teaspoon or two (to taste, I guess) of the brine that the olives are sitting in.
I prefer to have something to snack on (other than the olives!) while I drink so tonight I made cheats nachos with guacamole & sour cream.
I have ice & my martini ingredients inside my cocktail shaker.
Gin Martini Recipe
45ml gin
15ml vermouth
5ml olive brine/olive juice (the stuff the olives were soaking in before you yanked them out of the jar!!!)
Pop some ice in your martini glass if you haven’t chilled it in the fridge already, once you have made up your martini the ice gets the toss and your glass should be nice & cool.
Over ice (more ice) in a cocktail shaker pour all your ingredients. **DON’T SHAKE!** This will break up the ice and water down your martini. Just a gentle stir and then strain it into your ice less martini glass.
Pop your olives onto a toothpick, toothpick with olives goes into the martini glass and enjoy…responsibly. You have to get up tomorrow and too many of these bad boys will mean a very sore head tomorrow.
See the 3 cheeky olives!!!
Now for my cheats nachos. This is not a gourmet recipe, this is a slap it together quick meal with extremely stupidly high calorie count and is to be shared with friends or family.
Cheats Nachos
1 bag of your choice of corn chips – I used Doritos
1 jar of salsa – I used the Doritos brand
Jalapeños – The pickled version (you can find them near the olive section in the supermarket)
Cheeeeeese – I had pizza cheese in the fridge so I used that.
Heat the oven, I give it a good 200 degrees Celsius to heat up and then when the nachos are ready to be put in the oven I drop it down to 180/160.
In a heat proof dish, add the corn chips, then add the jar of salsa using a spoon to distribute the salsa evenly.
Add the Jalapeños (I cut them to smaller pieces) and then smother with cheese.
Stick it in the oven for about 5-10mins – keep your eye on it because the corn chips will burn. If you have a grill option in your oven you may want to turn that on to brown/melt the cheese, but please don’t leave it unattended.
I added homemade guacamole to the nachos when they were out of the oven (mash together avocado+salt+pepper+lime juice+tabasco sauce+chopped coriander) and some sour cream.
It’s hot so don’t start scoffing it yet, please let it cool down a little.