Oooh fancy new brooches!!

Oh my gosh…I have been busy. Between kids, helping out at kinder & school and arranging Miss 4 turning 5’s birthday party and the usual guff around the house I have been trying *TRYING* to get some new brooch designs under my belt.


I swear these babies just took forever. I have the ideas, I do a really really rough sketch and then illustrate it pulled apart and visualise my concept in 3D and visualise all the bits that are needed to create it and then I have to put all that stuff in my head and the rough ideas on paper into a vector format and then…..fix it and fix it again and re-fix it and then alter it and stuff around with it some more and then finally get it ok and THEN lay out the artwork in all it’s bits so that everything once cut onto acrylic or bamboo all fits together.


My dress for those playing at home is made my Retrospec’d and amazing AUSSIE dressmaker (yes I am barefoot…I was tired!!)

The artwork gets quoted, I pay and cross my fingers and toes that it will all work. Can you imagine paying $$$ to get something created that *MAY* or *MAY NOT* work.

Stress…some more grey hairs to add to my glorious head of hair and when I open the box…shit can be really good or really bad. I hold my breath, I find the bits that fit here and there and IT ALL WORKS….!!! I was literally punching the air because all this worked. All my stress, late nights and stupid dreams (can we talk about that the dreams..once I used to get some pretty prophetic & awesome dreams and now…BROOCHES AND HOW THEY SHOULD FIT TOGETHER!!!!!) and it works.


I can honestly say that I am thrilled with how these have turned out and I hope you like them too, they are available on my online store