Delicious Chocolate Macarons

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My Son’s school had a Twilight Market on last Friday night. A letter went out to all the parents asking for baked goods to be donated for the Home Produce Stall. I decided to make Macarons, you know because they are just so damn easy to make!!! Pffft. I started baking the shells the day before the market & finished them later that same evening.

 I like to try and match up the shells prior to piping the ganache so they are similar in size.

Chocolate Macaron Shell

Ok, I have made them before and they do take a bit of time to make but I love Macarons & sometimes they work brilliantly and sometimes I have a whole mother load of macarons that I can eat because they just didn’t work. I have tried making the packaged versions. Once they worked and were awesome, although not enough of them. The second packaged batch I made was a different brand and absolute failure…I threw a tantrum. I bought the pack again and tried again and they failed again. No more packet mixes for me, they are full of shite that I would never put in my macarons anyway.

Chocolate Macaron ganache

So I took a risk and decided to try a new recipe. They worked really well and tasted delicious, of course I had to sample a few – just to be sure!!

chocolate macaron ganache

Chocolate macaron

Cellophane packaged macarons

I made up 45 in total (I think there were more but they weren’t pretty so ended up as ‘testers’!.) and put 5 to a cellophane bag with a cute ribbon & ingredients list. All 8 bags sold and I may…ok…I bought a bag of my own macarons and I am pleased to say they were the very last bag of my macarons! HIT!! yay!!