Our first visit from the Tooth Fairy

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First baby tooth loss

My recently turned 6 year old son just lost his first tooth. Can I tell you that I was soooo excited about this…more than he was.

Ok…he was excited but for me it was a whole other level of excitement. My son who I held through sleepless nights, who had the very normal very pooey nappies due to those very teeth that are starting to fall out, the same child who had the bright red cheeks and nappy rash because of those teeth is making a huge transition from ‘baby’ to boy.

I know…he is already a little boy but those teeth represent so much more. I can tell you I struggled for at least the first 19 months of my Son’s life with a child that never or hardly slept. And obviously the later parts of that time was because of the pain caused by those teeth breaking through the gum line.

It’s all good now. In fact it’s fantastic and on Saturday night we eagerly awaited the very first visit from The Tooth Fairy.

Fairy Door

We have a fairy door that is a very special secret door that allows instant access into our house and it’s even been used by Finnegan The Elf our ‘elf on the shelf’ that visits us during December.

Fairy door

I did a bit of a search on Pinterest to see if there are any creative tooth fairy ideas for kids – The Tooth Fairy wanted to leave some sort of a note but not something that I had to help write . So I found this receipt template & I downloaded it on behalf of The Tooth Fairy and let The Tooth Fairy add in the rest. First teeth are worth quite a lot these days…$10.00. Yup!!! $10.00!!! I also understand that subsequent teeth aren’t as valuable!

Tooth Fairy receipt money


The envelope was placed under the Oliver’s pillow by the Tooth Fairy and the kids tell me that there was fairy dust on the floor beneath the fairy door leading all the way to Oliver’s room!

He was so excited the next morning and ran into our room to show us the “ticket” and how much money he received. I’m really glad that I can create that little bit of magic in my Son’s life, he is growing up & it’s happening way too fast for my liking but I love the idea that I am creating some happy memories for him and that someday he might do the same  if he chooses to have any children.