Rat’s Tatts & PinUps Market Stall

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Ok, so I am still new to having a market stall and I am still all nervy about being there in front of people buying my brooches and talking directly to them about how they are made, but it’s something that I have to face head on and to be honest after putting Martinis & Slippers out there and contacting the event organisers and going through the motions of doing this stall at the Rat’s Tatts & PinUps event I was actually really looking forward to doing it.

We arrived relatively early and I had my Husband and kids as my special helpers and we quickly set up the marquee and table and my display and then it was time to add all my fabulous brooches oh and some earrings that I have just added to my range.

I also managed to buy a PayPal Here device so just in case someone wanted to buy & pay via credit card it wouldn’t be an issue (during my first market last year and lady that bought from me suggested that perhaps if I had had a credit card reading device she would have spent more!!).

Once we were set up it was then that my nerves started! Yeah..great…thanks!!

The stress that comes until you get that first sale…oh my faaaar out. I seriously started to have that stupidly annoying – actually it’s fucking annoying voice that goes…no one likes your brooches, what are you doing, why are you here. I shut that shit down quick smart and just focussed on having a good time, getting experience, the exposure and of course that first sale.

Once it happened the weight was off my shoulders and I could relax and actually start enjoying the day. Oh and did I mention that there were some cars!!!!

I’ll have one of you…



and one of you…


you can come home with me too.


You my dear are my dream car…1957 Chevy Bel Air (although I would have white wall tires).


If you know me you know that my love affair with 1957 Chevys started when I was just a little girl. I got my fix this past Sunday and I have no shame in telling you that I was squealing with delight EVERY time one of those babies passed me by. However…it wasn’t just the 57’s it was everything…all of them…almost every pre ’65 car had my drooling and my view from my ‘job’ was just spectacular. I seriously had that moment when I stopped and saw everything around me for what it was…THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD. I’m here…I am doing it. I have the best job in the world. I was working, selling my designs and ideas and working with my family around me while I got to watch some of the most beautiful cars in the world.

I see you baby…bugger off out of my shot taxi.


It’s like staring at the cool kids arriving to school.




Yeah…I need this car too.


Just perfect.


This was my view…if I faced forward I saw this car and if I turned around I got to see the parade of the most gorgeous cars on the planet. Really hard day at work for me…sob sob. It’s ok…I’ll deal.


This precious beast was parked near me just before we finished up. I believe it won a trophy. The rear passenger windows were totally blacked out. Illegal but cool…..Swooooooooon.



Then I had to come home and tidy up – reality!

I was aching all over, my feet were so bloody sore (I really struggle with the idea of sitting down when people are passing my stall – I just, I yeah…so I stand and then complain later..ha!

So I sold some brooches, I would have liked to have sold more but it’s still early days with my little business and I suppose the more people who know my brand, see my brand and see my brooches the more people will hopefully want to wear it too!