Luna 1878 Melbourne’s winter night markets

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I found a post on my facebook feed stating that Melbourne was having a night market called Luna 1878. A NIGHT MARKET IN MELBOURNE IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER. Ahhh ok.

So I dug around (click links really…no digging as if I would dig in this stupid cold weather!!) and found out that Winter markets were being held in Melbourne on Wednesday nights for the month of August.

Ok, so why not check it out. Brilliant idea!

It was a nice day so I figured I would pick my son from kinder and then we could make our way into the city, maybe go visit my Husband at his office so the kids to see the view of Melbourne from way up high and then we would go to the Queen Victoria Markets where the markets are being held.

It rained.

It rained a lot.

It poured with rain and the traffic was shocking.

It took over an hour to get to Collins street from our home and we sat on Hoddle Street for a lifetime after driving on the Eastern Freeway in the pouring rain with one fabulous driver that figured lots of rain meant they could drive 60kms on the freeway that most people are doing 100/90kms (the rain was falling but visibility was still ok). An accident just waiting to happen.

Vent over. We get to the city and it’s raining. Still.

Melbourne Australia

We took the kids up to level 45 so they could see the view and by this stage it’s dark so all the lights were on way down below and it was great. They loved it. They could see the trains pulling into Flinders Street Station and cars on all the various roads.

Melbourne Australia

Soon enough we pulled the kids from the windows and headed back to the car & on our way to QVM. We found parking and headed towards the markets and it was great. Despite the crappy weather (well…what do you expect in the middle of winter) it was well protected so I didn’t feel the cold.

They had big open fire pits for people to sit around and get warm.

Luna 1878 Melbourne

The smells of food was amazing, there were so many amazing choices and I would pick something and go…”yep, eating that” only to change my mind about 10 seconds later.

The Soup Factory.
Luna 1878 Melbourne

How yum do these stacks of cob loaves look @The Soup Factory.

Luna 1878 MelbourneSeñor BBQ – was going to get this…

Luna 1878 Melbourne

Ok, changed my mind…having a Philly Cheesesteak instead…

Luna 1878 Melbourne

Oh hang on…Filipino BBQ

Luna 1878 MelbourneMy Son wanted a burger so we got him a slider with a meatball from The Meatball Company and I got one as well.

Luna 1878 MelbourneThe Meatball Company – check out those pans & all those meatballs

Luna 1878 Melbourne

While we were waiting Miss A & I took a selfie.

Nightmarkets11These are the meatball sliders with fries that we settled on.

Luna 1878 Melbourne

Luna 1878 Melbourne

We had to get dessert of course – can’t remember the name of the guy doing the pancakes & I didn’t take any pics but these pancakes were delicious & fluffy and moreish. Covered with chocolate custard & ricotta it was perfect to eat & share with each other.

Luna 1878 Melbourne

Then the fighting started. My Son would have a drink then my Daughter wanted a drink and backwards and forwards it went before we called it a night and decided on another quick lap before leaving.

They had these pallet type tables set up to eat on as well as tables & bench seats.

Luna 1878 MelbourneNice Moroccan style lamps that were scattered throughout the markets & would change colours.

Luna 1878 Melbourne

Vintage Garage were there – why didn’t I see this when we arrived. Meltdowns are in progress, you can stop them once they start at this hour so I didn’t get a chance to browse their goodies.

Luna 1878 Melbourne

What’s this….COCKTAILS!!!!!!!!

Luna 1878 Melbourne

My super vision kicked in and the writing was on the wall (so to speak!!).

Luna 1878 Melbourne

Oh well, just have to grab one to taste and it was ok. Heaps of ice and on a cold rainy night it just didn’t work. I still drank it. While my daughter screamed because she wanted some and I didn’t give her any.

Green Apple Mojito

Luna 1878 Melbourne

So we had to hunt down a non-alcoholic drink. We bought one and wowser…$5.00.


More fighting & screaming & crying. She thought it was all for her, he wanted some, she didn’t want to share. Sigh.

Luna 1878 Melbourne

We went home.

Oh did I mention the silent disco….yeah…ahhh…I think you get headphones and then you can dance, without bothering the neighbours.


Excuse me while I silently giggle.

Overall it was fun – something to do in the middle of Winter on a school night. I am a Summer girl so the Suzuki Summer Markets are my first choice – it’s hot, icy drinks rock, there is still light at 9pm. I could go on but will save it for Summer time.

Night night my beautiful boy <3.