Directions hair dye

I colour my hair.

Yup…that red patch on the side of my head – FAKE. I know right, it looks so natural that you can’t tell that it’s fake but it is.



You see, that side of my hair is grey. Prematurely grey. Frizzy and uncool grey. Not the cool super hero kinda grey, if only it was then I would totally embrace my grey streak of wonder but alas it’s patchy and mottled and not cool enough for me to wear sans hair dye.

So, I have visits to my hairdresser to rectify this small issue and what was initially 3 patches of coloured hair (each side and the back) on my head has progressed to 1 patch of coloured hair that extends to the hairline. I love my hair like this. It’s different and it has taken me 4yrs to get to a stage where I am genuinely happy with the way it looks.

Between visits to the hairdresser I wash my hair (as you do!!), about twice a week and of course that red patch fades fast. It goes to a washed out pink colour and although I don’t mind it, around the hairline there are the very obvious grey regrowth popping out all over the place.

To temporarily cover the fade I have been using Paintbox in Cherry Red. It comes in a tube and is easy to apply to my hair – wait 15-20mins and wash it out…All ready. However, it doesn’t have that vibrancy that I was wanting and it lasts 1 maybe two washes before I have to reapply. It’s a cheap short term fix that has suited me well in the past.


I was going to try Manic Panic but reading a Facebook rockabilly buy/sell page a person asked a question about hair colour and suddenly there were heaps of responses and quite a few people mentioned Directions hair dye. So I figured I would skip Manic Panic and buy Directions and see how it is.




I bought Poppy Red and wow, it’s red. I love the colour. I don’t have a proper hair colouring brush so HA I used one of the kids paint brushes and it worked out great. The colour comes in a little pot and isn’t drippy. I painted it on, made sure the greys were covered and covered and covered. Waiting 15mins (stalking ebay) and washed it out.

Before – faded & sad, sorry about the crappy pics but it was hard to show how faded it was with the bright bathroom lights overhead. You can see the ends don’t look so ‘red’.





After – Well…it’s supposed to look different..the next shot maybe.




AFTER…Taa daaa much better shot of the side of my head. The colour looks great in natural sunlight.




All done and the colour is brilliant. It’s bright and vibrant and I will see how many washes I can get before it starts fading. Fingers crossed I get at least 2 washes.