Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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Merry Christmas!!

Wow…November & December was just a little crazy for us. End of Kinder for my little man, Birthday Parties, Christmas Parties, Farewell Parties and throw in some pretty hardcore respiratory infections, gastro & the odd snotty nose and there you have our the final months of 2013 for me & mine.

Honestly, I am dog tired. I have never been so sick for so long and it’s been months (see that ‘s’ at the end of that word..eeek) since I have been to the gym. I love the gym, it’s my special place for stress release and it makes me a happier person when I get to kick the shit out of the punching bag or lift weights and having not done that for 2 months is starting to get to me. Come January my only excuse for not doing any form of exercise will be death.


So I plan on seeing out the rest of the year /  week just eating (gorging even) and drinking and chilling with my people. A visit to the beach, maybe a bit of a tidy of our garden and then fingers crossed we can do something special to see in the New Year and then Jan 2nd I am on the bike again – literally on my bike!! Can’t wait.

I was spoilt for Christmas and I am actually wearing (although no full length pics…sorry!) one of my gifts. A fabulous strapless dress I got on sale from Peta Pledger. The dress is called ‘Lucky Diamonds’ in red and white stripe with the most gorgeous little nautical buttons on the bust! (I think they have one left in size 8!!!)

I wish you all had a fabulous Christmas and nothing but good health, lots of wealth & much happiness for 2014. Happy New Year!

It was Christmas Day and I had to have a few silly shots!!!