How to make a Long Island Iced Tea

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My first post for 2014, I know it’s a bit late but I have been busy doing NOTHING!!!

We have just finished school holidays in Australia. The kids are back at school and my oldest child has just started his very first year of school and I am so freakin excited for him. I thought I might cry but nah!!!

So, I have a few cocktail posts leftover from last year and I have to get through those before I can start adding newer stuff. I got super lazy & sick towards the end of last year and we have had some pretty hot weather in Melbourne (hmm sit in front of a computer or go out and enjoy life? hmmm I choose outside thanks!!) AND we also went away for a few days to an amazing part of my stunning country up on the border of Victoria & New South Wales, right on the mighty Murray River!

Ok so the infamous Long Island Ice Tea. Made right this drink CAN be amazing. I have had heaps of dodgy LIITs and a few that totally got me drunk – I mean…really really drunk (like…took me days to feel human again type of drunk – hey I was in my mid 20’s!!).


I had all the ingredients in my possession so thought why not. I never have cola in the house, we don’t drink it and if I buy a bottle it’s usually because I am hosting a party and want it on hand incase a guest asks for it. Sooo I had a bottle leftover from a party had to get rid of it so decided to whip up a Long Island Iced Tea.

My version was ok. It wasn’t mind blowing but I think that might be because I am not a huge fan of cola. I also made a few other cocktails at the same time so I was probably comparing the LIIT to the other drinks I made.


Long Island Iced Tea – Serves 2

30ml Light Rum
30ml Vodka
30ml Gin (mmm Bombay Sapphire, how I love thee!!!)
30ml Cointreau
30ml Tequila
Dash of lemon juice

In a tall glass add ice, rum, vodka, gin, cointreau, tequila. Top with the lemon juice & cola. Garnish it with a slice of lemon and wake up tomorrow morning with a shocking hangover!


Lime & rum cocktail

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Spiced rum…

Spiced rum & coke. Is that a cocktail? Nah no way.

Spiced rum…

Ahhh spiced rum & ?!?!?!

Ooh Long Island Ice Tea but I need eleventy billion other alcoholic drinks to mix with.

Dark spiced rum &…

Spiced dark rum and.


Oh bugger. I have nothing.


I should probably make something up but that could end in disaster AND I would have wasted precious spiced rum.


Ok. Maybe I could swap it out for another dark spirit like bourbon. I am in no rush to EVER drink Southern Comfort (first alcoholic drink I got drunk & vomited on. NEVER AGAIN EVERRR) so surely I could replace that vile demon drink with the pirates choice of liquor???




Ok, I did a bit of searching online and found a Lime & rum cocktail – it’s a little like a caipirinha but changing the cachaça for dark rum & adding some soda water? Meh anyway I decided to give it a go.


It was ok, not my first choice but still a quick and easy cocktail to make and would be great made up in a big batch in a jug for a party. I love limes in cocktails but I am not a fan of muddled limes. I just find that heaps of the lime gets wasted and stuck at the bottom of the cocktail shaker after being smashed to bits – there is still good juice in there and of course if you smash it too much it splashes out and makes a mess.


If I make this again instead of muddling the limes I will zest & juice the limes and add that to the shaker, add the other ingredients and perhaps use slices or wedges of limes in the glass. I also found the sugar didn’t quite dissolve so there was a pile of sugar sitting in the bottom of my cocktail shaker.

Lime & rum cocktail – can be found here

Back on the hunt for another spiced rum cocktail.


The ‘new’ Old Fashioned.

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Ahhh a new cocktail for me to try. This one is called Old Fashioned and well…given the way I dress & do my hair I guess it’s only fitting that I should add this to the list of cocktails to try.

Below is a YouTube video of a ‘mixologist’ called Jack Daniels…no joke…that’s his name…cool huh!

So I followed his instructions and…taa daaaaaaaaaa.

Most recipes of I have for this cocktail say to use Whiskey or any dark spirits and in the video above Jack Daniels uses Cognac. I used dark rum, because…well…I really wanted to try this Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum (how cute is the hula girl illustration on the bottle!!!) – so already I have totally changed the cocktail but…this is my baby, MY old fashioned.

Sailor Jerry Spice Rum

Sugar syrup – I posted the recipe here. Equal parts sugar & water on the heat to boil then simmer for 5 mins. Allow to cool.

Garnish with orange twist and maraschino cherries (ooh and cocktail with a cherry in it I love!).

Old Fashioned Cocktail

This drink is so freakin easy to make and you can use whisky, rum or bourbon and you have a quick easy cocktail to make. It was so good that we had 2 of them, I think using the spiced rum just gave it some depth – without sounding too cheesy.

This video is on the River Island blog – here is a link to River Island Style Insider Blog and here is a link River Island if you want to check out their clothing range.