Trick or Treating in Melbourne

I was a little more organised this year and had my darling husband put together a DL flyer that I could print up x 3 to an A4 sheet and then cut down to size  I bought 150 balloons from Spotlight and yes spent a bit of time sticking the orange balloons to the flyers with sticky tape. My friend Fleur and I took our kids on a very warm afternoon & delivered the flyers to let our neighbours know that we would be Trick or Treating on Halloween.
In September my son had chosen Darth Vader as his costume so for his birthday we got him a light sabre. He already had the costume so I didn’t have  to worry much about that. My daughter had chosen Queen Elsa (like pretty much every little girl under the age of 12). Then a bombshell…my son changed his mind on the Monday morning before Halloween. he didn’t want to go as Darth Vader, instead he wanted to go as a Vampire. Great!!!
I went back to Savers and for $14.99 I picked up a cape (with a red satin collar), vest, medallion, bow tie & white gloves. we did a makeup trial with a few photos & i spent about 5 minutes doing his make up & he looked awesome. My daughter THE NIGHT BEFORE HALLOWEEN says that she wants to be a witch. Sorry little chicken it’s too late to change.
 My costume wasn’t really a costume, actually it probably would be a costume to someone, I just picked out a poodle skirt from my wardrobe & went as a zombie cheerleader. In retrospect maybe I should have tried to organise a Princess Anna costume for myself & gotten an Olaf or Christoph for Oliver. Surely a grown woman walking around with a costume like that is scary??
So Friday 31st October in Melbourne was warm…31 degrees warm (87.8 fahrenheit) so yeah, not exactly layers of clothing & walking around the streets type of weather. We headed over to our friends house and started from there & worked / walked our way back towards home.
Oliver ‘The Vampire’ & his best friend Ruben ‘The Grim Reaper’
Me & Fleur rockin’ the red coloured hair.
 I really wasn’t sure what the reaction to my flyer would be like but it was awesome. Quite a few houses for us to trick or treat at, the kids received an impressive stash of lollies, to the point of me having to unload their buckets so they could fit more lollies inside.
This ‘wrestler’ was one of the Dads walking around with his kids. Undies on the outside!!!
Kids from our local school heading towards us. All the kids were so excited.
How clever were these Chupa Chups disguised as spiders.
One of the houses we went to was amazing. Two ladies inside cackled like witches and posed for photos & made delicious shortbread witches fingers. The kids were actually a bit scared and we had to tell them that they weren’t real witches.
Fabulous Witches – these ladies made my evening!
We got back home before the sun set & I managed to offload quite a few of the lollies that we had ready for trick or treaters. The kids had a very late night & were up to their eyeballs full of sugar. This is some of what Oliver had received.
All up it was a great night and I felt slightly off the next day (a few strawberry margaritas & walking around in such warm weather will do that to you).
This was the giant spider I had on my front door. Some of my friends children were very scared of him.
This was the lousy decorating at the front of my house. The web looked awesome when I first put it up, a freaky spring storm that had rain coming sideways wrecked the webs. I tried to fix it but it just made it look crappier. Up close there were black bats hung with fishing line.
Our carved pumpkin & even a headstone with some dead flowers!
If you celebrate Halloween, I hope you had a great time. I am positive we will do it all again next year. Anyway, all the Halloween decorations have been removed now & we can start getting ready for Christmas!

Strawberry & Vanilla Vodka Martinis

Yes yes yes…another Martini!!

Ok, so it’s not really a proper martini but it’s in a martini glass and I love martini glasses.

I have half a bottle of vanilla vodka left over from my Espresso Martinis so I figured I needed to find some other cocktail recipes to justify buying it again.

Here it is… Strawberry & Vanilla Vodka Martinis. I love strawberries and mix in a bit of alcohol and taa daaa another cocktail. I got this recipe from and they use a lot of ice so this would be absolutely perfect on a hot summer day/night.


Amazingly I managed to get strawberries that taste sweet in the middle of Winter. They are local grown too so I bought two punnets and my Daughter managed to eat one entire punnet on her own. I used the one remaining punnet in my mix tonight.



Strawberry & Vanilla Vodka Martinis

1 Punnet of strawberries – washed & hulled
1 Tablespoon of icing sugar or caster sugar (the icing sugar will dissolve faster)
125ml (1/2 cup) Chilled vanilla vodka
30ml Chilled dry vermouth
Ice cubes – I used about 6 ice cubes from my tray


Throw the lot into a blender and blitz the hell out of it, pour into martini glasses and enjoy!

AStrawberry01‘s version of this recipe serves 10, I halved the quantities and managed to fill two of these glasses and have about maybe half a martini glass left over!


Friday night cocktails (+ a Thursday night cocktail or two)

Should I start with last nights cocktail or Thursday nights cocktail.

Thursdays first!

I had a visit from my Brother who resides in Perth. He hit Melbourne town on a very cold and rainy night so naturally we headed out to catch up with him and have a bite to eat. We had a few dining options but decided to go to Cookie on Swanston Street and we weren’t disappointed.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any pics of our meals because it was so dark and well…I didn’t want to look like a dick with bad iphone lighting trying to take pics of my food!

I did however look like a dick with bad iPhone lighting taking pics of my drinks!

My first drink – crap picture, crap lighting but tasted delicious was the Singapore Sling. Wow! This was just amazing, I could easily have had 5 of these, yes I would have been under the table but meh yummy cocktail.



I almost ordered a second but our waitress convinced me to try a Clover Club Cocktail. This was good but nothing compared to the Singapore Sling. The Clover Club Cocktail has egg white in it to make it frothy and it wasn’t overly sweet but had a nice hit of citrus flavour to it. Both of these cocktails I will attempt to make – one day!



Ooh look at the pretty pattern on top of my cocktail!!


I also wanted to add that having a quick read through the cocktail menu I came across this monster of a cocktail $30 for a ‘Dry-hopped Chocolate Zombie’. How full on is that last line of the description ‘Only one will be served per customer per evening’. I will try this one eventually.



Friday nights cocktail. Well, because of our lousy weather I really wasn’t in much of a mood to go to buy supplies so I just checked out my cocktail recipe book and what I have on the shelf and taa daa Strawberry Margarita! I much prefer to use real strawberries & lime juice (come Summer time I will make my real version) but decided to follow the recipe I have & yeah…this baby isn’t really rockin’ my boat.

Ok, it’s nice and it packs a punch and two or 3 of these bad boys and you will be very light headed but it’s just doesn’t have that…thing. I don’t know, hard to explain but I much prefer fresh strawberries than strawberry liqueur.

Strawberry Margarita



Strawberry Margarita

Crushed Ice (I just used ice cubes and blended the whole lot together)
30ml Tequila
30ml Strawberry liqueur
15ml Cointreau
30ml Lime cordial (I use Bickfords Lime Cordial)
30ml Lemon juice (freshly squeezed!)

Frost the rim of the martini glass with salt (just run a cut lemon around the edge of the glass then dip that into salt, I put salt onto a saucer and then sit the martini glass upside down onto the salt and gently move it around so the salt sticks to the lemon juice).

Mix the ice, tequila, strawberry liqueur, Cointreau, lime cordial and lemon juice in a blender and mix together.

Pour into a martini glass and garnish with pretty things like a slice of lemon.


I get my cocktail recipes from this cheesy cocktail book. I bought it in the mid-late 1990s and it has come in handy quite a few times. I must see if there is a updated version of this cocktail book. In the meantime this is my recipe source and I will quote it when I use it.