How to make a Long Island Iced Tea

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My first post for 2014, I know it’s a bit late but I have been busy doing NOTHING!!!

We have just finished school holidays in Australia. The kids are back at school and my oldest child has just started his very first year of school and I am so freakin excited for him. I thought I might cry but nah!!!

So, I have a few cocktail posts leftover from last year and I have to get through those before I can start adding newer stuff. I got super lazy & sick towards the end of last year and we have had some pretty hot weather in Melbourne (hmm sit in front of a computer or go out and enjoy life? hmmm I choose outside thanks!!) AND we also went away for a few days to an amazing part of my stunning country up on the border of Victoria & New South Wales, right on the mighty Murray River!

Ok so the infamous Long Island Ice Tea. Made right this drink CAN be amazing. I have had heaps of dodgy LIITs and a few that totally got me drunk – I mean…really really drunk (like…took me days to feel human again type of drunk – hey I was in my mid 20’s!!).


I had all the ingredients in my possession so thought why not. I never have cola in the house, we don’t drink it and if I buy a bottle it’s usually because I am hosting a party and want it on hand incase a guest asks for it. Sooo I had a bottle leftover from a party had to get rid of it so decided to whip up a Long Island Iced Tea.

My version was ok. It wasn’t mind blowing but I think that might be because I am not a huge fan of cola. I also made a few other cocktails at the same time so I was probably comparing the LIIT to the other drinks I made.


Long Island Iced Tea – Serves 2

30ml Light Rum
30ml Vodka
30ml Gin (mmm Bombay Sapphire, how I love thee!!!)
30ml Cointreau
30ml Tequila
Dash of lemon juice

In a tall glass add ice, rum, vodka, gin, cointreau, tequila. Top with the lemon juice & cola. Garnish it with a slice of lemon and wake up tomorrow morning with a shocking hangover!


Tequila 2 ways

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My children & I have been sick over the past few weeks so making cocktails really wasn’t high on my list of priorities (I was way too busy disinfecting my house!!). So this week I am going to do Tequila 2 ways to make up for it.

I bought a bottle of tequila – check out that label!!! I know that the rule is ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ but really…I can’t help it. Who hasn’t gone to the liquor store and their purpose is to buy a bottle of wine for dinner and you have no idea what to get so you head over to the Cabernet Savignon section (cause that’s a safe choice, you’ve had it before and it kinda goes with most meals) and then just picked the best looking label. For us novices, sometimes that’s how it is.

Espolon Tequila

So I normally buy Jose Cuvero tequila and if I get blanco / white / clear tequila I have the standard shot of tequila with a wedge of lemon and some salt. If I have gold tequila then I mix it up a bit and have a wedge of orange with cinnamon mixed with caster sugar. So…what’s your choice sweet or savoury?

Cinnamon Tequila Shots

I served this a few years ago to family that were in Australia visiting for a wedding and they were all used to the standard lemon/salt/shot so when I served the orange/cinnamon sugar/shot version they actually liked it. One of them said it was like having your main and then your dessert.

Gold Tequila Shot

Shot glasses
Gold tequila
Ground Cinnamon
Caster sugar (super fine sugar)


Cut oranges into wedges, remove any seeds.

Mix 2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon into 4 tablespoons of caster sugar – lick your finger and dip it into the cinnamon sugar and check that it’s ok, you may be easy on the cinnamon or be like me and want shizen loads of cinnamon.

Fill shot glasses with gold tequila, lick your hand and sprinkle the cinnamon sugar over the freshly licked spot on your hand. Grab your wedge of orange and you should know the rest but just in case – lick the cinnamon sugar off your hand, swallow the shot of tequila and suck on the orange.

It’s different and a bit of fun. Enjoy

My next choice was to use the tequila for one of my favourite cocktails the Tequila Sunrise. This is super easy and you can make it as strong or as weak as you like. You can pick up a bottle of Grenadine from any bottle shop / liquor store and it’s handy to have in your liquor cabinet.

Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise

50mls Tequila
Orange juice
Dash of Grenadine
Maraschino cherry to garnish
Slice of orange to garnish


Add ice to a high ball glass.

Measure 50mls of Tequila, add tequila to your high ball glass

Top with orange juice and add a dash of grenadine (the grenadine will sink down to the bottom, creating that sunset effect).

Garnish the glass with your cherry and slice of orange. Add your straw and enjoy.
Tequila sunrise is great when you want a cocktail but you don’t want to stuff around with shakers and measuring some of this and some of that. You don’t have to put 50mls of tequila, you can have half that or ahem…double it!!


Friday night cocktails (+ a Thursday night cocktail or two)

Should I start with last nights cocktail or Thursday nights cocktail.

Thursdays first!

I had a visit from my Brother who resides in Perth. He hit Melbourne town on a very cold and rainy night so naturally we headed out to catch up with him and have a bite to eat. We had a few dining options but decided to go to Cookie on Swanston Street and we weren’t disappointed.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any pics of our meals because it was so dark and well…I didn’t want to look like a dick with bad iphone lighting trying to take pics of my food!

I did however look like a dick with bad iPhone lighting taking pics of my drinks!

My first drink – crap picture, crap lighting but tasted delicious was the Singapore Sling. Wow! This was just amazing, I could easily have had 5 of these, yes I would have been under the table but meh yummy cocktail.



I almost ordered a second but our waitress convinced me to try a Clover Club Cocktail. This was good but nothing compared to the Singapore Sling. The Clover Club Cocktail has egg white in it to make it frothy and it wasn’t overly sweet but had a nice hit of citrus flavour to it. Both of these cocktails I will attempt to make – one day!



Ooh look at the pretty pattern on top of my cocktail!!


I also wanted to add that having a quick read through the cocktail menu I came across this monster of a cocktail $30 for a ‘Dry-hopped Chocolate Zombie’. How full on is that last line of the description ‘Only one will be served per customer per evening’. I will try this one eventually.



Friday nights cocktail. Well, because of our lousy weather I really wasn’t in much of a mood to go to buy supplies so I just checked out my cocktail recipe book and what I have on the shelf and taa daa Strawberry Margarita! I much prefer to use real strawberries & lime juice (come Summer time I will make my real version) but decided to follow the recipe I have & yeah…this baby isn’t really rockin’ my boat.

Ok, it’s nice and it packs a punch and two or 3 of these bad boys and you will be very light headed but it’s just doesn’t have that…thing. I don’t know, hard to explain but I much prefer fresh strawberries than strawberry liqueur.

Strawberry Margarita



Strawberry Margarita

Crushed Ice (I just used ice cubes and blended the whole lot together)
30ml Tequila
30ml Strawberry liqueur
15ml Cointreau
30ml Lime cordial (I use Bickfords Lime Cordial)
30ml Lemon juice (freshly squeezed!)

Frost the rim of the martini glass with salt (just run a cut lemon around the edge of the glass then dip that into salt, I put salt onto a saucer and then sit the martini glass upside down onto the salt and gently move it around so the salt sticks to the lemon juice).

Mix the ice, tequila, strawberry liqueur, Cointreau, lime cordial and lemon juice in a blender and mix together.

Pour into a martini glass and garnish with pretty things like a slice of lemon.


I get my cocktail recipes from this cheesy cocktail book. I bought it in the mid-late 1990s and it has come in handy quite a few times. I must see if there is a updated version of this cocktail book. In the meantime this is my recipe source and I will quote it when I use it.