Birthday dinner

My Husband recently celebrated his birthday and chose to go out for dinner to our vey favourite Japanese Restaurant The New Yamagata Restaurant in Doncaster East.

We have a pre-schooler & toddler so we arrived early – 6pm so we could order, feed the ferrets & get out before they become over tired (sigh…how I long for the nights when you could eat dinner at 9pm!!).

I always order a Japanese Slipper when we eat here and I studied this version, especially after my stuffed up Japanese Slipper last week. This version is much sweeter than mine and I think….huge think…it’s sweetened with lemonade and not lemon juice. Although there are no bubbles on the inside of the glass, you get that distinct tingle on your tongue? Who knows either way it’s nice and sweet and a little too easy to drink.

Japanese Slipper cocktail

The second way too easy to drink cocktail I had was the Strawberry Margarita. Ahhh another very sweet cocktail with chunks of real strawberry in it and a bit of crushed ice. It was delicious and both of these cocktails were only $10.00.

Strawberry Margarita Cocktail

Finally with my dinner I stopped with the cocktails and went traditional and had the house Sake – served warm. My parents were with us and Mum tried some sake and pulled the ‘yukky’ face. She sipped it rather than throw it back (scull it – whatever you call it).

Japanese Sake Warm

We ordered the Yamagata special – sushi boat. Who doesn’t love a sushi boat, unfortunately we half devoured it before I got a chance to take some pics. Yum. The kids were keen to get stuck into all that sushi & sashimi.

Japanese Sushi Boat

Oh and it’s incredibly immature of me but I…snigger snigger I can’t help myself I look for mistakes on menus. Stupid things like misspelled words…ahhh typos. So, yeah…I know it’s stupid and childish but it kept me laughing.

Finally, something for the Vagetarians of the world. tee hee.

Menu typo

My Husband gots some bits & pieces for his camera so I jumped at the chance to have some pics of the outfit I wore. My Hell Bunny Vixen ‘Melanie’ bolero dress. I bought this on sale (can’t remember where from) a while ago and a combination of Winter & limited places to wear it out means this is the very first time I wore it out.

Also took my very cute vintage beaded purse out for the first time.

Hell Bunny Vixen Melanie Bolero Dress

I teamed it with a cropped cardi that I bought before Winter from Target and one of my op shop finds, the snowdrop brooch.

Hell Bunny Vixen Melanie Bolero DressI was watching the cat when this pic was taken.

Hell Bunny Vixen Melanie Bolero DressThe Hell Bunny Vixen ‘Melanie’ Bolero dress without my cardi.

Hell Bunny Vixen Melanie Bolero DressGetting tired and the giggles start.

Hell Bunny Vixen Melanie Bolero DressI was talking to the cat, he yawned at me.

Hell Bunny Vixen Melanie Bolero Dress

Oh and because it is cold I took The Alpaca out again. I can’t stop going on about how much I love this coat. The only reason I have for liking Winter is this coat…ahhh The Alpaca!!!

Collar down on The Alpaca.

Swing Coat AlpacaCollar up and this coat really is the best!

Swing Coat Alpaca


Day at the snow

It doesn’t happen often when you get a totally free weekend because of cancellations & rescheduling. I had a dentist appointment that was moved to next week.  A visit to a friends house cancelled at the last minute due to family commitments and a Winter BBQ at our house cancelled because our guest of honour had to change her plans. So aside from grocery shopping we had zero plans.

I decided that we should take the kids to see snow. Their very first trip to the snow and the closest snow fields are only about 2ish hours away from our home.

Now the trip up and back was marred by my car sick Daughter but we know what to expect these days so pack about 10 changes of clothes for her and have spew bags, towels and face washers all ready for action.

She didn’t disappoint and managed her first spew after we passed through The Black Spur – ie. A fabulous drive that twists and turns itself all the way up and then down a mountain range. It was only after we had finished the Black Spur and hit a nice straight road that she started vomiting.

The Black Spur – twisty roads but amazingly beautiful scenery.


After a short break to clean up and redress (poor little chicken was freezing while we changed her into dry clean clothes) we were on our way to Lake Mountain.

It’s starting to get really foggy, this is just outside of Marysville.


We paid to get entry into the national park – $51.00au CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!!!! We were initially ok with it because…well…they have to maintain whatever it is they maintain and the previous times I have been to Lake Mountain about 5 mins after you pay (and have been driving) you start seeing snow on the sides of the road and start getting excited. This time however, no snow.



No snow.


No snow.


Still no snow.

Finally we get within 200 – 300 metres of the resort and oh gee…what’s that teeny tiny little patch of white stuff. Sigh


We did check the snow report and it said that there was snow but maybe it melted overnight? Hmmm.

It was cold. Our car beeps at us to let us know when it hits 3 degrees celcius and it was beeping away. I think when we parked it was about 2 degrees celcius. We rugged up, gloves, The Alpaca made an appearance and didn’t disappoint (Thank you my lovely warm Alpaca!!). Once we were dressed we walked up towards the chalet and wait…what’s that…could it possibly be? SNOWWWWWWWWWWW.

My children enjoying snow for the first time.


It was packed, if I had to give an estimate I would say at least eleventy billion people where there. The last time I went to Lake Mountain there were hardly any people there. The time before that we tobogganed down a small run they have set just for that purpose and there were maybe 20-30 people. No chance of running into someone.

See…eleventy billion people using the tobaggan track

Snowpic06Lake Mountain Alpine Resort


We didn’t hire anything this time around, instead we watched our kids be fascinated by snow (ok…so it was fake but still!!) and they touched it & threw it and made snowballs. I was so excited for them.

Ooh look…it’s snowing (lol) man made style.


Our next step was the obligatory visit to the café for something laden with carbohydrates and yes…hot dog, chips & drink $12.50 and we split it 4 ways so we all got a bit to eat. No pics because I was still defrosting!

Back out to see the snow and then back to the car. I had managed to do a bit of forward thinking and made some hot chocolate, put it in a thermos, bought some cups along so we sat the kids in the back of the car & we each had a hot cup of cocoa and it was perfect. I even managed to find some marshmallows before we left home and it was great.

Snowpic09Om nom nom


It started to rain – well more like sleet. I haven’t experienced it before but it felt like rain didn’t melt so it was kinda like hail but not the damaging type hail – baby hail.

Those tiny white dots are the rain frozen to ice.

Snowpic11Our lovely view while drinking our hot chocolate.


Snowpic12I had to get up close to take a pic of the real snow.

Snowpic13Compulsory snow selfie pic – oh and my beautiful Alpaca kept me so warm!




After our little hot-choc-a-thon we headed home. A huge drive for such a short stay but to be honest we (I) don’t have the appropriate snow gear so it was cold. I did slip on the snow and I was holding Miss A when it happened, my shoes were totally inappropriate. At least my feet were dry.

On our way home – with everyone else.


A great day still and I was happy that my children got to experience the snow in Australia.